How to Build a House with no Money

How to Build a House with no Money… This is the question many ask themselves… Designing and building houses (even small ones) should not be underestimated or left to improvisation.

There are many tricks (I present 18 tricks) and proven strategies that you can put into practice and thus save resources when building your long-awaited house. 

  1. Organize each stage of the Construction Process, from the Plans to the Execution.

In order to carry out a work satisfactorily and saving resources, you must plan. The ideal is to hire a professional, experienced architect and build with plans. 

You must inform him of your specific wishes, for example, that you want a nice house, but you have a low budget. Ask him what strategies he proposes to save, both in the design stage and in the construction.

How to Build a House with no Money

  1. Request the Professional to apply House Design Regulations, which allow savings.

Since you have little budget to build the house and even little land area to build, you should find out about HOUSE DESIGN regulations , which you can apply to save, materials, labor, construction area and execution time of the house. This way you will also avoid improvisation. Building is a complex process, where the smallest details cost money.

  1. Design the House in 2D and 3D, from the very Beginning,

It is highly recommended. Thus, you will be able to plan the design of the materials, even use visible materials, which combine with the carpentry, the ceilings, among others, and reduce work and finishing materials. You can find many FREE FLOOR PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS.

  1. “Progressive Housing”

If you have little money to build, consider designing the house to be built in two stages. In a first stage, you can build the one-story house with a bedroom on the ground floor. Later, once you have more budget, you can build the second floor, with more rooms and bathrooms.

  1. Orient the House in the Best Way

Depending on the geographical area and the place where you live, you should give one orientation or another to the small house model you chose. An optimal orientation helps to capture the breezes and avoid, if necessary, a greater incidence of the Sun, reducing energy carriers.

In this same sense, you could consider a house design WITH INTERIOR PATIO. Surely you know that houses with internal patio offer many advantages.

How to Build a House with little Money
  1. Reduce Circulation Areas

One of the strategies to save, even from the design stage of the house plans, is to reduce unnecessary corridor and hall areas. It should not be more than 5-7% of the usable area of ​​the house.

  1. Continuous or Unified Spaces

For example, living rooms and dining rooms, as a single continuous open space. Thus we save building square meters of dividing walls and partitions, foundations and enclosures. MINIMALIST 2 FLOORS HOUSE DESIGNS are examples in this regard.

How to Build a House with Little Money
12X32 FT HOUSE PLAN with minimalist design.

  1. Multifunctional Spaces

If we want to have space to study, we should consider expanding a bedroom by 1 m2, instead of making a specific room for study, which would entail at least 6 or 7 m2 more. Recently, I published a post where I explain in detail, what are the MINIMUM BEDROOM DIMENSIONS .

  1. Light Covers

The light roofs with metal sheets allow to reduce construction times, materials and labor force. A concrete deck creates more cost, complexity, and materials for the foundation and structure. Light covers (metallic and/or wood) can be hidden, if you don’t like their aesthetics.

  1. Flat Land

Selecting a flat terrain, without notable slopes, will save you resources, labor and equipment. Sloping terrain requires earthworks or, failing that, higher material costs in the retaining structure to overcome the unevenness of the terrain.

  1. Build a Bath

The design of a small house of up to 100 square meters, can work well with a BATHROOM only. If you wish to have another bathroom or half bathroom for the social spaces, you can consider reserving the necessary space and its location, to build it in the future, when you have more budget.

  1. Hire experienced Construction Operators.

Cheap is sometimes expensive. Hire experienced operators, and thus you will avoid improvisation, execution errors, unnecessary waste of resources and poor quality.

In TWO-STOREY HOUSE DESIGNS it is necessary to build stairs. STAIRS are architectural and structural elements that must be carefully analyzed and designed. The best thing is that they are built to measure, especially in SMALL HOUSES.

Materials to Design and Build Houses with Little Money

  1. Have a List of Materials of the entire Work

A good execution and construction of the house involves planning the purchase of materials and controlling their use. You will buy at the beginning the materials of the structure and the civil works. Later you will buy the finishing materials. 

This way you will avoid delays due to lack of materials and theft, due to having them stored unnecessarily. It may be interesting that you know about the CONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR.

  1. Use Materials that abound in the area where you will Build your House.

It is another factor to know how to build a house with little money. In this way, you will use the materials that are less in demand and therefore cheaper.

  1. Use Materials that are accessible

To have an affordable house you should use materials that are available and close to the area where you will build your house. One of the largest expenses in construction is due to the transportation of materials and equipment from distant places.

  1. Concrete Structure House

Concrete (reinforced or reinforced) is a very good option for the structure of the house, specifically for houses with 2 or more levels. It is advisable to combine a reinforced concrete skeleton structure with BRICK or block walls. 

concrete structure design
Small house with concrete.

Although concrete is a bit expensive, it is cheaper than building with metal structures and hot rolled. In addition, concrete is very economical in terms of long-term maintenance.

  1. Pay for Work Completed

Pay the operators after the work has been executed and finished, in small stages. You must also, before starting each activity, establish requirements for the completed work. This should be done by the site manager.

I hope it has been useful to you, review these tips on how to build a HOUSES with little money.

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