Interior Decoration

Home interior designs and decoration: very important parts in creating an ideal living space. We will see ideas on how to decorate house interiors.

We understand the importance of personalizing your space to make it truly yours, and we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind rooms that you’ll love for years to come.

Interior Decoration

Whether you’re looking for a complete interior makeover or just want a few tweaks here and there, check out these posts, to help you define functional and interesting interior designs.

Apartment Decorating Ideas

Modern Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

House Interior Designs
Interior design of a small house, in Prague.
Interiors of Modern Houses
Interior decoration of a flat, in Bratislava.

Examples of interior designs for small houses, with functional spaces. See these small APARTMENT DECOR IDEAS

Ideas to Decorate Interiors with Mirrors Windows
Interior design of a living room with 3 mirrored windows.
Design Ideas for Modern Interior homes
Decoration with large window mirror and plants.

Interior designs with window mirrors, which can help create a sense of depth and dynamism in your room. Is your house small, or does it have little natural light input? See more MIRROR WINDOW decor.

How to Design your Own House Plans for Free

como hacer la distribucion de una casa

Before sitting down to design a house, we must know in detail how to distribute a house and know what parameters, strategies and concepts we must take into account.

Once we have determined the measurements of the area we have available to make the distribution of the house, and know how many people will live there, we proceed to make… READ MORE

25 Ideas for Placing TV on the Wall

Do you need ideas for placing the TV on the wall in the living room? Do you want to place the TV on the bedroom wall?

Watch this complete guide of ideas on how to place the TV on the wall, where we also give you some tips to make it work well. Many families prefer to decorate… READ MORE

Best Viewing Distance for TV

a que distancia debemos ver el tv

The distance to watch TV depends on the area and the space we have inside the house or in a certain room, whether it is the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom. Today we have the opportunity to watch at home, a large number of television channels… READ MORE

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