Apartment Decorating Ideas

Examples of interior designs for small houses, with functional spaces. small house interior decorating ideas.

Small Modern Apartment Decorating Ideas

Renovation of an Apartment in Prague

Interior design and decoration of a small apartment in Prague, The Czech Republic.

The existing small house was commissioned by the owner for its remodeling, seeking to renew its spatial distribution, making it more flexible in its operation, and more contemporary in its interior decoration.

Small Modern Apartment Decorating Ideas
Interior of the main space of the house, once renovated.

The house is situated at ground level, where the use of the reduced space depends to a great extent on the interior design. 

View from the sleeping area.

The premises for the renovation focused on making the best use of the available area, creating comfortable interior spaces, trying to create the sensation of a larger home.

For this, the existing distribution of the kitchen-dining room, and the only bedroom, with dividing walls, which made the rooms even smaller, had to be reconsidered.

Once these vertical divisions, reducing spaces and comfort, were eliminated, the interior design changed remarkably.

Spatiality took over the house.

Kitchen-dining room and bedroom were integrated.

Interior Designs of Small Houses
Efficiency space, after renovation.

The difference in level, from the floor of the bed, with the kitchen-dining room, creates a differentiation, within the new unitary space. At the same time, it makes it possible to take better advantage of the views, both towards the interior and the exterior of the house.

The sleeping area was designed to be multifunctional, where clothes are also stored, there is a book shelf, low storage drawers, a wooden seat, and it functions as a small living room and gazebo.

Sleeping area, with bookshelf, storage drawers, clothes closet and space for sleeping and living.
1 bedroom apartment decorating ideas
Sleeping area, multifunctional.

The material solution, with laminated wood as the main decorative element, significantly improved the interior design of the small ground-floor apartment. 

On the other side of the studio space, there is the kitchen, with a total renovation of its design (in the form of an S) and its materials.

View of the toilet closet, from the studio space.
Kitchen redesign.

The pink color, in matt metal and small-format tiles, creates a very pleasant contrast, and emphasizes the materials used, as a great interior decoration resource.

The use of the pink color is also a common thread, to unify the bathroom and the toilet closet, the access corridor, and the kitchen and living room.

Interior Designs of Small Houses
On the left, access corridor to the main space (studio). On the right, the bathroom.

In general, the accessories and decorative details include round shapes “to create a friendly INTERIOR DECORATION in small spaces.

The most notable improvement was in the elimination of the dividing wall, between the kitchen-dining room and the bedroom, thus increasing the spatial amplitude.

Floor plan with furniture, after renovation.

The house plan shows the result of the renovation. The main distributor hallway was maintained, as were the SIMPLE BATHROOM and WC.

Here you can see 25×25 FLOOR PLANS.

Detail views of the joints between the wooden floor and the tiled floor, in both cases renovated. Project: Czech Architecture Studio Neuhäusl Hunal .

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Interior Decoration of an Apartment in Bratislava

This modern apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia, presents an interior design, with 3 clearly defined functional zones.

  • Entrance area (access corridor, bathroom and storage closet)
  • Daytime area (living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony)
  • Bedroom area (2 rooms)
Interior decoration of a small apartment, Interior of the kitchen-dining room.
Interior of the kitchen-dining room.

The interior decoration draws attention, due to its sober appearance, dark colors and materials with visible finishes (wooden floor, unrefined concrete ceiling, wooden and black furniture).

small apartment decorating ideas on a budget
Living room and balcony.

The potential entry of natural light, through the balcony, and the placement of beautiful potted plants, contributes to soften the choice of finishes and materials.

Small Modern Apartment Decorating Ideas living room
Small apartment interior decoration: living room.

Despite this, the way in which the house is organized, with the integrated social area, and exit to the balcony, the distributor corridor, and the bedrooms with a lot of privacy, makes the interior design and its general comfort feel very cozy .

Apartment of 76m2.

It must be borne in mind that an appliance located in northern regions will need to capture the greatest amount of natural light to heat the interior spaces and illuminate them, thus avoiding higher energy consumption due to artificial light and heating.

View of the building, and entrance to the house.

The southwest-facing living area consists of a living room, kitchen with dining area and loggia, and the northeast-facing private area consists of the master bedroom and the children’s room.

Kitchen-dining room space.
Bathroom interior: sink.
Electric towel hanger.

Project: COOLSTOCK Architecture Studio.

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