25 Ideas to Place TV on the Wall

Do you need ideas to place the TV on the wall in the living room Do you want to place TV on the bedroom wall? 

Look at this complete guide on ideas on how to place the TV on the wall, where we also give you some tips, so that it works well.

Many families prefer to decorate the living room in such a way that the TV center is the starting point in the interior design and, at the same time, the center of attraction in the living room.

Especially in small houses, placing the TV on the wall can take on greater value, since the interior space becomes reduced and we need to make the most of it, both functionally and aesthetically.

So, getting ideas to put the TV on the wall, whether in the living room or the bedroom, or even in the kitchen, is essential to be able to decorate the interior space in a beautiful and elegant way, adjusted to our tastes and customs.

Ideas to Put the TV on the Wall

Decorate the TV by Contrast

An idea to place the TV on the wall in the living room is to highlight it as the main focal point. You can achieve this with the colors, creating a contrast in the area of ​​the wall, where the television is located.

In this example that we see below, the area that is highlighted is in black, contrasting with the white elements around it and the orange floor that imitates wood. The sofa and the rug in gray tones make the neutral complement.

Ideas to Place TV on the Wall
Ideas to Place TV on the Wall

Next, another example of decoration, placing the TV on the wall. Undoubtedly, an interior design where monochrome elements are combined and highlighted is very likely to obtain good results.

Once again, decorating the television area with black, in contrast to the other furniture elements in white and gray. The low wooden shelf and the lamps on the table allow to complement the general decoration.

Ideas to Place TV on the Wall

Decorate the TV with Storage Shelves

Televisions have ceased to be those bulky drawers, to become active pieces in interior design.

In this way, it is already possible, and it is very useful in small and large houses, to place the TV in front of a storage cabinet, or a wooden shelf, to place books, pens and other decorative items. Thus, it is possible to make better use of the available space and achieve a decent decoration.

photo of an old tv

Next, we see an idea to put the television on the wall, in a modest and simple but very organized living room environment. Undoubtedly, an orderly space transmits tranquility and comfort.

A large storage shelf, which includes the TV in the center, forms the focal point in this environment. Storing electronics around the TV will help you create a functional environment that fits your lifestyle.

ideas to put the tv on the wall
shelves to put the tv on the wall

In the previous image, an interesting example of how to decorate the TV with storage shelves is shown . Undoubtedly, it is a modern and elegant shelf, where the placement of the TV has been left with a more neutral character. Double sofas and a stove under the TV attract attention.

ideas to put the tv on the wall

This is an example of a TV on the wall with shelves, a shelf model with a built-in TV, which uses marble, giving the space a more classic character (although it doesn’t combine very well with the wooden floor or imitating wood).

Using a modern shelf to place the TV can result in an orderly and functional design, despite the abundant placement of dissimilar elements, such as books, drawers, small works of art, lamps, chandeliers, among other objects.

How to Mount TV on the Wall

How to put a TV stand on the wall

If you are going to place the TV on the wall, beforehand, you should check if you can drill the supporting wall, and if it is capable of withstanding the work required for installation.

Can you drill holes in the wall? In very old houses it may not be advisable to hang the TV on a wall. Another variant to place the TV on the wall would be to support it directly on a low cabinet.

Some details that you should keep in mind when you are going to place the TV on the wall are the following:

  • Hide the wires. It is highly recommended to hide the electrical cables from both the television and other electrical appliances, such as stereos, game stations, lamps, among others. In electronic stores there are cable cover solutions to hide the cables of the television. 
  • You must place the television at the ideal height.
  • Avoid placing the television in an area close to the fireplace. Although it may be elegant, this is not a good solution to locate the TV, because on the one hand, it can be very high, the placement of the television, and this is not appropriate in spaces such as the living room, where you watch television sitting in a sofa (I’ll explain why) .
  • On the other hand, if you place the TV lower, this can cause overheating, due to the heat given off from the fireplace.

How to Put a TV on the Wall without Holes

Place the TV supported on Low Furniture

Let’s see some ideas on how to place the TV supported on a low cabinet.

how to mount a tv on the wall
how to mount a tv on the wall
how to mount a smart tv on the wall
how to mount a smart tv on the wall

Placing the TV on Low Furniture – Hanging TV

One of the best ideas on how to place a Smart TV on the wall is using low furniture.

Placing the TV on low furniture is a great option, since it allows more comfort to watch television.

If you are thinking of renovating your living room or bedroom and want to enjoy watching TV in these spaces, be sure to look at this publication, where I explain in detail what DISTANCE THERE SHOULD BE BETWEEN THE SOFA AND THE TV, among other aspects of interest . .

how to put tv on plasterboard wall
how to put tv on plasterboard wall

A very important detail to take into account is that, obviously, the cables should not be seen. These can go through the wooden panel behind the TV.

The pleasant contrast between the color and texture of the wood, with the white base unit, and the glossy black color of the television screen, are very striking.

Hanging TV Shelf

The following image shows a spectacular storage shelf with the television placed in the center of it. Although it is not a home, there is no doubt that it is a good example of how to place a hanging television on a shelf.

Hanging TV Shelf

On a more home scale, this is a nice example of hanging the TV on a ledge. A sober and modern interior design.

Modern shelf for Hanging TV

In the next photo, the television hangs on the wall, with the mantel in the background, made up of sheets of wood.

Hanging TV Shelf

Ideas of Shelves to place Modern TVs

If your living room is small, you must analyze well to make the best use of the space. Although it is small, it is very useful to have the TV in the living room, even if we are not always watching TV.

At the same time, it is comfortable to have several sofas in a small room, with coffee tables, and well decorated and modern. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a complete cabinet behind the television, where “everything fits”, saves space and looks elegant. It has a lot of space for storage that would otherwise remain empty.

Ideas of Shelves To place TV on the wall

In this photo, the background of the television is made of transparent varnished wood and it is also located on a low shelf. Note that the TV is at an ideal height to be seen sitting on the double sofa.

You can see more about this small house design of 4 x 9 meters with two floors, in the link of the photo.

mount tv on wooden wall
See this house design OF 2 FLOORS AND 2 BEDROOMS.

Continuing we have a minimalist, elegant and sober interior design. The horizontal lines that give the space elegance and spaciousness stand out.

The TV is hung on the wall with a cabinet or shelf in the background. All ocher tones combine harmoniously.

In this example, it could be said that everything is fine, except for the height of the TV, which has been left slightly high, hanging on the wall.

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Floating Shelves Ideas for Modern TVs

In the following image, it is a floating shelf design, which is simple. The TV that is fixed to the wall has a height that is quite adequate.

Floating Shelves for Modern TV

An interior design where wood and marble are combined, with serious colors. You can notice the slight tilt of the TV hanging on the wall. Approximately 8 degrees of tilt towards the front is recommended, to avoid the reflection of ceiling light.

Floating Shelves for Modern TV

Another elongated interior space, and this is how the interior design has been raised, giving it great spatial amplitude. Once again, the television has been placed, slightly higher than what is recommended. Under the TV, a large low cabinet with indirect lighting.

Floating Shelves for Modern TV

Ideas to Place the TV on a Mural Wall

In  modern living rooms , hanging your TV screen on the wall not only  optimizes space , but also adds elegance, especially with large-screen TVs of 60 inches or more. In the following photo, it seems that the crack in the wall is to place a television with the largest screen.

Place the TV as a Wall

The following image is very interesting. White background, with an abstract painting and the television in black with shine. When the TV is turned off, it gives the impression of being a piece of abstract art. 

A very interesting contrast design. Perhaps it was more advisable to place indirect lighting, instead of the fireplace under the TV.

Put the TV on the wall as a work of art

Next, another photo where the television has been placed as part of a mural wall. A wide wall covered by sheets of marble with betas in gray, as a background, and the television screen in black, as the main figure.

On the right, a modern mantel with decorative objects and soft lighting. The height at which the television has been placed is quite adequate, taking into account the spaciousness of the room.

Perhaps the screen size could have been a little larger, considering the distance to view the TV and the size of the screen.

How to place a TV on a Hollow Brick wall ?

Many buildings or constructions are made up of brick walls or hollow blocks and have been the most used, since they offer good resistance and overload the structure of the building with less weight than other materials such as concrete.

Resistance of a Hollow Brick Wall

Hollow bricks generally have a resistance of 20 to 50 kg/cm 2 . This value can vary depending on the manufacturer, the production quality of the bricks and the purpose for which the hollow brick is being produced.

As this value can vary, it is another important thing to consider to consult a professional before placing a television in a hollow brick wall.

The strength of a hollow brick wall will depend on the type of hollow brick, the manufacturing quality of the bricks, the quality with which the bricks have been placed in the wall, and the thickness of the brick wall.

The bricks in a wall can be laid in various ways, such as citara laying (12.5cm wide), tiled laying (6.5cm wide), slat laying (25cm wide) and other FORMS OF LAYING BRICKS that makes the wall wider and more resistant.

brick wall laid to stick
Laying bricks to tailing (25cm wide).

So, is it a good idea to put a Smart LED or LCD TV on a hollow brick wall?

Perhaps not the best idea, placing the TV on a hollow brick wall and it would be preferable to place it on a solid brick wall or a cinder block or concrete wall. However, it is possible to place the TV on a hollow brick wall.

place tv on hollow brick wall
TV hanging on a brick wall.

How to Put a TV on a Brick Wall?

There are several types of bricks, such as hollow bricks, perforated bricks or solid bricks. Let’s see…

How to place a TV on a Solid Brick wall?

In case the wall is made of solid bricks , there should be no problem to install the TV stand on the brick wall and then fix the TV on the metal bracket, which should be a butterfly bracket, or that covers an area of larger wall, looking for more support.

Solid bricks offer greater resistance, since being solid, it has more own weight and will have more weight or counterweight to support hanging the TV on the wall.

brick wall placed to cite
Brick wall (solid or hollow) placed citara (12.5cm wide)

However, it is convenient that the brick wall or partition is at least 13 cm wide (placement of the brick to cite) and that the height of the brick wall is not greater than 2.50 meters, to avoid possible cracks due to flexion. and buckling. It should also be mentioned that the wall must be in good technical-constructive condition.

How to place a TV on a Hollow Brick wall?

In the event that the wall is made of hollow brick, more factors must be reviewed, so that the partition or hollow brick wall can resist hanging the television from the wall.

We are talking about hollow clay bricks with the following dimensions: 250x120x65mm or perforated bricks, which have the same dimensions.

Dimensions of a hollow brick

A hollow brick wall has empty spaces inside. The hollow bricks must have the technical-constructive quality established by the regulations in this regard, in terms of resistance, size of their holes, separation, etc.

By having holes, its own weight is less and can offer less resistance or counterweight when hanging the television from the wall, especially LCD televisions that are not so modern and therefore have a thicker screen.

Hollow bricks are generally not considered for load-bearing wall construction. They should be used rather for interior divisions or partitions.

In the case of interior dividing walls with hollow brick, it must be avoided that they are receiving load from the building structure, since they are not designed for that. At the same time, they should not be very slender or excessively long partitions. Columns and bracing beams are recommended every 3 or 4 meters.

All these requirements must be taken into account before placing the TV in a hollow brick wall. For this reason, if you have the opportunity to consult a professional, it is best for him to visit your home to assess the existing conditions in situ, and learn more about how to install a TV in a hollow brick wall.

Likewise, you must have the right tools for the job of installing the television on the brick wall. You could consult an installation technician who performs this procedure and is experienced enough.

Perhaps, the work can be done by yourself, but it is highly recommended to consult a professional who will describe guidelines and advise you.

Types of TV wall mount
Types of TV wall mount
Types of support to place TV on the wall

In the second step, the type of anchors or expansion plugs to be used must be analyzed. It is important to use the correct wall anchors or chazos.

In the case of placing a TV on a hollow brick wall, it is advisable to make holes, place plugs and use butterfly-type or other anchors, which cover a greater support area on the hollow brick wall.

The more area or supporting surface the TV stand has on the hollow brick wall, the better support it will have, and the weight of the TV will be better and more evenly distributed over the entire hollow brick wall.

In the case of a concrete or concrete wall, this aspect takes less importance, due to the high compressive strength of concrete.

TV wall mount brackets
Types of TV wall mount
TV wall mount brackets

Most TV wall mounts have the right features to properly enjoy television. In addition, they are capable of supporting an approximate weight of 40 kg, with televisions up to 55 to 60 inches in size.

Ideas to Place a TV on a Pladur wall

In this image, an integrated living and dining room space can be seen. At the end, the television is located, hung from a brick wall and framed by a ledge. They combine the floor imitating wood and brick walls, both in orange tones with their respective textures.

Perhaps I would have liked the cushions to have been white or light grey. A matter of taste… Despite the correct height of the TV and its adequate size, the arrangement of the seats and the sofa is striking, which in no case are arranged based on watching television.

place tv on hollow brick wall

Then another picture the TV has been hung on the wall. In this example, it is easy to see that the wall is veneered with tiles that imitate a brick wall. However, sometimes it is not so easy to discern what material the wall has been built with, apparently bricks.

put tv on brick wall

I hope these ideas for placing the television on the wall will help you. As you have seen, there are many aspects that can and should be considered to achieve a decent interior design and combined with the way to place the TV on the wall.

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