Modern Kitchen Designs

Small Kitchen Designs

KITCHEN LAYOUTS: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Kitchen layout with island and bar.
Kitchen layout with island and bar.
L-shaped kitchen layout with corner cabinet.


Kitchen Designs according to their Style and Decoration

England Kitchen Style

England kitchen Style
They combine a traditional look with modern elements. Its decoration is warm, with ornamental panels, high baseboards, and solid wooden furniture.

Italian Style Kitchen

Italian Style Kitchen

It is characterized by a modern decoration, with simple lines, combining wood as a rustic element. They are usually open and spacious. White and natural colors.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen
They have neutral colors, wide and open spaces, construction materials, worn and recycled objects exposed, exposed beams and installations.

Kitchen with Modular Cabinets

Kitchen with Modular Cabinets
In a single piece of furniture they integrate all the equipment and utensils (by modules), managing to optimize the space very well.

French Style Kitchen

French Style Kitchen
Classic decoration, with bright colours, whites and pale tones. Shooters don’t usually stand out. Very elegant interiors.

Loft Kitchen

Loft Kitchen
Kitchens in integrated spaces, double height, open to the living room. For small apartments. With modern and industrial decoration.


Kitchen Floor Plans

Modern Kitchen Plans with Measurements
Sketch of a kitchen on the ground floor, with a useful area of ​​15 m2.

Drawing with Dimensions

Kitchen Plan with Measurements
Kitchen plan with 2 types of floors (total area of ​​24.0m2).

Modern Kitchen Styles

Cocina Tipo Puente

Cocinas Tipo Vintage

Cocina Tipo Office

Cocina Tipo Bar

Cocinas Tipo Nórdico

Cocina Tipo Shaker

Cocinas Tipo Rústica

Cocina Tipo Cabaña

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