Kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of our home, due to the amount of time we spend in it and the multiple functions that this space fulfills in our lives.

Currently the field of contemporary kitchen design focuses on the basic needs of users in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and functionality. 

It is essential that design and functionality go hand in hand, providing comfort and simplicity to spaces and different areas for preparing food.

Kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of our home, due to the amount of time we spend in it and the multiple functions that this space fulfills in our lives.

Modern Kitchens

Currently the field of contemporary kitchen design focuses on the basic needs of users in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and functionality. 

It is essential that design and functionality go hand in hand, providing comfort and simplicity to spaces and different areas for preparing food.

Modern Kitchens

Small Kitchens

small kitchens

Small kitchens can be a diamond in the rough, with the right advice you can take advantage of the smallest space available in your kitchen and also make it modern, attractive and functional.

Use low and floor-to-ceiling cabinets, light materials, custom-made shelves…

Kitchen Layouts: 8 Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Kitchen layout with island and bar .
Kitchen Distribution
L-shaped kitchen layout with corner cabinet.

The layout of a kitchen depends on the space available and the needs and preferences of the owners. However, there are some common distributions that can be used as a starting point:

  • Online kitchen – all kitchen elements are placed on a single wall.
  • L-shaped kitchen: kitchen elements are placed on two adjacent walls forming an L.

Would you like to know more about TYPES OF KITCHEN LAYOUTS?

Kitchen Designs

How to Get the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

small kitchens
Small kitchen with table with 2 chairs.
Small Kitchen Designs
Small kitchen with table for 4 people.

To get the most out of a small kitchen, it is important to take advantage of every corner and every available space. 

Perhaps it is  the kitchen, the space of the house, to which we must pay the most attention  when carrying out its design, renovation and organization. 

If, in addition, the area of ​​our kitchen is small, it will be necessary to have a special organization of the furniture, an adequate flow of work within it, and adjust the measurements in every detail.

In order to get the most out of this space, the center of our daily life, we will combine the functional requirements with an attractive and modern decoration, adapting them to our taste.

Layout and Workflow for a Small Kitchen

As we already mentioned,  organization is an essential requirement to achieve an optimal  kitchen design. All the component elements of the space must be organized according to a general flow of work with food.

Circulation and aisle(s) , both for entering and exiting, and for working, must be fairly dimensioned and will be correctly coordinated with adjoining spaces.

In general, a minimum corridor width of 1.10 meters is advisable, although it will depend on other factors, among them, the available area, if the corridor continues to another space, or the layout of the kitchen.

In this regard, it must be analyzed whether, with the area we have, a  kitchen with a “U” shape, in an “L” shape, with one or double battery is more convenient; And if we want to have an island . For each type, a particular analysis will be necessary.

On the other hand, having a good  workflow  will improve internal functioning, reduce the time of some activities and help us feel more satisfied. Generally, the closest element that there should be when entering the kitchen is the refrigerator, and from there, the activities begin to develop.

Equipment in the Small Kitchen

The three main pieces of equipment in any kitchen are the Refrigerator, Sink and Stove; and the distribution that we give them will influence the functionality, aesthetics and subsequent decoration. Between them it is convenient to create a circuit or route in the shape of a triangle. 

The smaller the triangle, the less travel time we will have and, therefore, the more efficient distribution of the small available space. This aspect must always be combined with the existing conditions, and they do not always coincide with the wishes raised, in advance, by the client.

Auxiliary equipment complements the operation of the main equipment and must be distributed accordingly.  Kitchen furniture and accessories, countertops and utensils, vendors, garbage cans and cupboards, complete our physical kitchen.

Having a small space, we must choose equipment and small furniture, which adapt to our tastes, particular needs and the available area. 

Using the largest space vertically should be a “must”.  The elements must be distributed from the finished floor to the ceiling or false ceiling, taking advantage of each space. Those of greatest use should be closer, making it easy to maneuver with them.

Modern or Traditional Decoration?

The hanging cabinets, and if possible, including the space above the refrigerator, will go a long way to define  the decoration and aesthetics  of the small kitchen. If you prefer modern kitchens or with a minimalist expression, we will choose cabinets with few edges, straight lines and a sober design.

In this sense, the kitchenware, utensils and other elements will follow the same trend or style of design and general decoration. A more traditional expression should avoid over-design, looking for simple aesthetic elements that do not overload the small space we have.

Finally,  we will choose light colors and pleasant textures  for the finishes, including the floor and ceiling. In this way, the sensation of spatiality and spaciousness would increase.

Artificial lighting must also be pleasant and arranged in such a way that it reinforces spatiality, and directly and indirectly affects all work areas. Natural lighting and ventilation will provide us with a more comfortable environment.

In future articles we will address in more depth the aspects discussed now. I hope it has helped you establish general and essential ideas for the design of your small kitchen. 

Types of Kitchens by Decoration Style

English Type Kitchen

English Type Kitchen

They combine a traditional look with modern elements. Its decoration is warm, with ornamental panels, high baseboards, and solid wooden furniture.

Italian Style Kitchen

It is characterized by a modern decoration, with simple lines, combining wood as a rustic element. They are usually open and spacious. White and natural colors.

Industrial Style Kitchen Designs – Loft

They have neutral colors, wide and open spaces, construction materials, worn and recycled objects exposed, exposed beams and installations.

Integral Kitchen

In a single piece of furniture they integrate all the equipment and utensils, managing to optimize the space very well. They are made up and marketed by modules.

French Style Kitchen

French Style Kitchen

Classic decoration, with bright colours, whites and pale tones. Shooters don’t usually stand out. Very elegant and chic interiors.

Nordic Style Kitchen

Nordic Style Kitchen

Kitchens in integrated spaces, double height, open to the living room. For small apartments. With modern and industrial decoration. A modern kitchen WITH BREAKFAST BAR.

Bridge Type Kitchen

Bridge Type Kitchen

Bridge-type kitchens are those that are characterized by having a structure that joins two areas of the kitchen, such as the cooking area and the washing area. The structure that joins both areas can be a bar or an island.

Shaker Type Kitchen Designs

Shaker Type Kitchen design

A Shaker-type kitchen is a style of kitchen that is characterized by being simple with a certain rustic air and elegant atmosphere. They are characterized by being made of wood, offering large storage spaces and earthy colors or those linked to nature.

Bar Type Kitchen

Bar Type Kitchen

Bar-style kitchens have a bar that separates the cooking and washing area from the dining area. This bar is usually tall and narrow, and is used as a breakfast area or for a light drink. The seats for the bar are stools or high seats.

Vintage Style Kitchens

Vintage Style Kitchens

Vintage-style kitchens are inspired by the furniture and decoration of old kitchens, but without giving up the equipment and comforts of today’s. Vintage kitchens are spaces with a lot of personality, which transcend trends and transmit warmth and serenity.

Office Kitchen

Office Kitchen

Office-style kitchens are those that have a dining area integrated into the kitchen. This dining area is usually separated from the cooking area and served by a bar or an island.

Rustic Kitchens

Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic kitchens are characterized by having a country and natural style, with materials such as wood and exposed stone. They tend to have a warm and welcoming décor, with elements such as wrought iron lamps, solid wood furniture, and tiled or natural wood floors.

Cabin Kitchen

Cabin Kitchen

Cabin-style kitchens are characterized by having a rustic and cozy style, with materials such as wood and stone. They tend to have a warm, natural décor, with wrought-iron lamps, solid wood furniture, and tiled floors. The rustic elements of the decor are even more remarkable.


Kitchen Floor Plans

Modern Kitchen Plans with Measurements
Sketch of a kitchen on the ground floor, with a useful area of ​​15 m2.


Kitchen Plan with Measurements
Kitchen plan with 2 types of floors (total area of ​​24.0m2).

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