Kitchen Floor Plans – Drawing with Dimensions

There are 30 kitchen floor plans and drawing with dimensions. Plans of small, modern, integral kitchens, L-shaped, U-shaped, with a bar, and other models in 2D and 3D… Kitchen plans and designs of different sizes and distributions.

The plan view is the basis for planning a KITCHEN DESIGN. A plan sketch of the kitchen, with its measurements, allows establishing work areas, circulation flows, locating door(s) and window(s), as well as defining the way in which furniture and electrical appliances should be located.

Below you will see many examples…

Integral Kitchen Plans with Dimensions

Integral kitchens are a trend. Among its advantages are that they usually have a greater variety and customized solutions, which allow better use of any size of space.

The diverse standardization of its furniture and drawers, make the general organization more efficient, being able to increase the storage space, both in height and in the base furniture.

Integral kitchen design in 3D
Integral kitchen design in 3D

The simple L-shaped design is enriched with details thanks to materials such as matte steel, granite, glass, wood… and indirect natural and artificial lighting.

Integral Kitchen Plans
Integral kitchen plan with measurements .
Useful Kitchen Area7.5m²
Work surface (plateau)2.0m²
% Work Surface26%

The total work surface area includes the sink and cooktop (as countertop areas). Refrigerator, microwave, and storage closet not included.

The percentage of the work surface denotes how much use is made of the kitchen area. A higher % means less circulation area, which is generally square meters of “without utility” construction.

The amount of storage volume (low cabinets and high shelves), can help to improve the use of the kitchen area in general.

Integral Kitchen Plans with Dimensions PDF

A wide range of modules and overhead furniture for the kitchen, a system of customizable columns in sizes with retractable doors, which shows large illuminated openings, where high-end equipment can be placed: pull-out tops, drawers and electrical appliances.

Integral Kitchen Plans with Dimensions PDF
Plans of Integral Kitchens with Measurements PDF
Integral kitchen plan, in L, with (almost) 8 square meters.
Useful Kitchen Area7.8m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)3.8m²
% Work Surface49%

Parallel Kitchen Plans with Dimensions

This kitchen scheme is ideal for making the most of the available space, since it saves square meters of construction.

A parallel kitchen plan takes advantage, with a single circulation corridor, to serve two work areas, and at the same time, circulate within the space itself.

In order to differentiate spaces, a change of material is made on the floor of the kitchen area, with mosaics of the same tone (to the wooden floor) but with different textures and decorative motifs.

Integral kitchen open to the dining room.

In the distribution, we see to one side, microwave, refrigerator, sink, drawers and storage cabinet.

On the other side, the worktop, with a hob and extractor fan, on a larger work surface, and low shelves. In this way, the well-known workflow triangle is created.

Plan of a kitchen in parallel
Plan of a kitchen in parallel with a useful area of ​​11.5m2.

It is noteworthy that, since the refrigerator is the appliance with the highest frequency of use in the kitchen, it is located at the end. This would bring with it, greater (time) travel, and a workflow in reverse.

Useful Kitchen Area11.5m²
Work surface (plateau and countertop)3.1m²
% Work Surface27%

Modern Kitchen Plans with Dimensions

Modern kitchens allow designs that are perfectly adapted to small spaces.

In this example, we see another kitchen with an integral, sober and elegant design. The work area attached to the wall has two storage columns: the refrigerator on one side and a closet on the other.

Modern Kitchen Plans with Measurements
Integral kitchen design with island, in black and white.

In the center, the hob is located and at the top, storage drawers.

On the island, the sink is placed, as a second work surface, and with the functionality of being able to sit down for breakfast or lunch, on the other side.

Modern Kitchen Plans with Measurements
Sketch of a kitchen on the ground floor, with a useful area of ​​15 m2.
Useful Kitchen Area15.1m²
Work surface (plateau and countertop)4.1m²
% Work Surface27%

Kitchen Plans with Island with Measures

It really is an attractive design, but functionally, it is more convenient to place the refrigerator and the forging area on the same side.

Kitchens with Island with Measures

In this example, it would be convenient to put windows between the high shelves and the sink area, since it is a long wall, with a wide work surface. However, natural lighting has been arranged, at least, from the opposite side…

Kitchen Plans with Island with Measures
Useful Kitchen Area20.8m²
Work surface (plateau, countertop, bar)6.44m²
% Work Surface31%

Small Kitchen Floor Plans

For a home that is not so spacious, you can still have a small, modern and functional kitchen in a small space. Let’s see examples.

Small Kitchen Plans in 3D

This is an L-shaped layout, a kitchenette including dining space. The design of the equipment is comprehensive, combining materials such as metal and wood.

A modern design, with many drawers for storage, arranged from floor to ceiling, highly recommended in small spaces.

Small Kitchen Floor Plans with dimensions
Plan of small kitchen and dining room, with an area of ​​13m2 .

It presents a correct workflow, with the refrigerator, sink, cooktop and microwave, in that order. Being a conceptual design, it is not specified, which are the contiguous spaces.

Useful Kitchen Area12.9m²
Work surface (plateau)2.5m²
% Work Surface19%

In this case, being an L-shaped kitchen, which leaves ample free space, it allows a dining table (area 1.13m²) with 4 chairs to be placed, making better use of the kitchen area.

Small Kitchen Plan with Measurements

This is an attractive design, but it includes a wide circulation area (two aisles), which is reflected in a lower % used.

small kitchen with island in 3d
Small kitchen plan with island in 3D.

The design of the island allows to store metal stools perfectly (and very decoratively).

Natural lighting has been conceived laterally.

Kitchen Plan with Measurements
Kitchen plan with 2 types of floors (total area of ​​24.0m2).
Useful Kitchen Area24.0m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)4.7m²
% Work Surface19.5%

Plan for Small Kitchen with Bar

Small and spacious kitchen open to the living-dining room, with natural lighting from the side, which enriches the combined use of colors and textures, between the wooden floor and the white drawers.

The navy blue painted walls and the shiny gray refrigerator complete the basic concept of the interior design.

Plan for Small Kitchen with Bar

In this kitchen design with a bar, you can adjust the length, depending on the space you have. The refrigerator, for example, could be moved to the left, making the kitchen smaller and with less passageway.

15 Square Meter Kitchen Plan

Plan for Small Kitchen with Bar
Dimensions of a kitchen of 15 square meters .

The bar located on one side could also be a dining table for 3 or more people, depending on the existing space.

Useful Kitchen Area15.8m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)3.5m²
% Work Surface22.1%

U- Shaped Kitchen Plans with Dimensions

This U-shaped kitchen plan is a prime example. It has abundant natural lighting input, as well as 6.6m2 of work surface

Two plant examples are shown, one of them with a better workflow.

U-shaped kitchen design with bar.
U-shaped kitchen design with bar.
U-shaped kitchen plan with measurements.
U-shaped kitchen plan with measurements.

It could be assumed that it is a configuration forced by the existence of the glass window and not being able to relocate it.

Useful Kitchen Area12.3m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)6.6m²
% Work Surface53.7%

In the following we see, a more cohesive workflow, going from the fridge, prep (which may include scrubbing) and cooking.

It is convenient that the sink is on the same side, plateau or close to the refrigerator, since they are very related.

kitchen plan with measurements

Kitchen Plans with Measures PDF

Kitchen plans with island and bar

Kitchen Plans with island and bar with Measurements PDF
Useful Kitchen Area17.9m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)7.5m²
% Work Surface41.9%

American Kitchen Plan with Dimensions

With a black and white design, certainly minimalist, we have this example of an American kitchen, with a bar, open to the living room.

There are several concepts that are mixed: American kitchen (with island), the minimalist design (in black and white, and remarkably symmetrical), and the open space towards the front of the kitchen.

Modern American Kitchen Design
Modern American kitchen design .

Wood flooring adds texture and “more” color, making the space look and feel a bit warm.

American Kitchen Plan with Dimensions
Kitchen plan of 20 square meters .

The kitchen and sink arrangement would be more functional if they were interchanged.

Useful Kitchen Area20.0m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)4.1m²
% Work Surface20.5%

Plans with Kitchen Designs

Kitchen designs in wood
Plans with Kitchen Designs
Useful Kitchen Area13.8m²
Work surface (plateau and countertop)3.30m²
% Work Surface23.9%

In this case, the area of ​​the table (1.13m²) has not been included, but it could also be considered at certain times, as an area to develop tasks. In that case the % increases to 31.2%.

Wood Kitchen Plans

Kitchen plan with large measurements, natural wood furniture, and black marble floors and countertops. There are two sinks and two bars.

In a TYPE OF KITCHEN LAYOUT, it is essential to reduce unnecessary routes. This is even more important, in large and spacious kitchens.

The perimeter of the triangle (of the main work routes) should not be greater than 7 meters.

Wood Kitchen Plans

The lighting comes from the center of the main wall, which is correct. With furniture and finishes in colors and textures that tend to be dark, lighting requirements increase.

Kitchen plans with island
Plan of a large U-shaped kitchen, with an island.
Useful Kitchen Area24.1m²
Work surface (plateau, countertop and bar)8.3m²
% Work Surface34.4%

If the work area of ​​the round table (0.95m²) is included, the percentage would be 38.3%.

L- Shaped Kitchen Plans with Island

One of the trends in KITCHEN DESIGN is the color green. In this example, we see a very nice interior decoration, combined with white and wood.

The symmetrical design and molded shelves give it a traditional look. Although it’s not bad, I would have liked the refrigerator with a finish, also in white, while keeping the stove in light grey.

L- Shaped Kitchen Plans with Island
L-shaped kitchen design with island

The natural lighting is reflected in the island, with a white countertop, increasing the luminosity.

L- Shaped Kitchen Plans with Island
L-shaped kitchen plan with island, just over 20 square meters .
Useful Kitchen Area21.9m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)6.9m²
% Work Surface31.5%

Small Kitchen Plan of 3×3 meters

Small Scandinavian-style apartment kitchen, which uses warm materials, such as natural wood, (painted and with visible texture).

3x3 kitchen design

All the furniture has been made of wood. The soft tones, together with the white color, and indirect artificial lighting, create a very cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen plan in d of 3x3 meters
Small Kitchen Plan of 3×3 meters
Kitchen plan of 9 square meters.

Being a kitchen of an apartment, it did not have the possibility of placing windows. However, it would greatly improve interior comfort by locating windows over the sink or attached to the column.

Useful Kitchen Area9.0m²
Work surface (plateau and bar)2.94m²
% Work Surface32.7%
Small kitchen of 9 square meters

An interesting example especially for SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS.

Kitchen Plans in L with Peninsula

This example corresponds to the renovation of a house. It can be seen, for example, through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, behind the kitchen peninsula, trying to gain more natural lighting, without losing the coherence of the exterior design of the façade.

House Plans with L-shaped Kitchen with Peninsula
House plans with L-shaped kitchen with peninsula .

We see an exception to the rule. With the cooking area, on the side of the refrigerator (usually the sink should be in that position).

This is because in this case, from the main circulation (from the dining room), the sink should be closer to us, and the cooking area further away, for reasons of functionality and safety.

Useful Kitchen Area8.4m²
Work surface (plateaus)2.8m²
% Work Surface33.3%
Rustic L-shaped kitchen with island.
Rustic L-shaped kitchen with peninsula.
Wood and cement, as kitchen finishes
Wood and cement, as kitchen finishes

To see all the STANDARD KITCHEN REGULATIONS, you can follow this link.

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