Kitchen Layout Ideas: 8 Types of Configuration

There are 8 types of kitchen layout ideas according to the configuration on the floor, but we could also classify the distribution of a kitchen, according to its size, design and decoration, way of use…

Kitchen and bathroom renovations currently account for 50% of the housing budget. This is because they almost always involve a comprehensive reform of plumbing, electrical and gas installations, as well as floors and coverings.

This gives the measure of how important it is to define, with the best possible solution for your needs, the distribution of the kitchen.

The type of plan design of a kitchen must be adapted to the characteristics of each house or apartment, its size, orientation, general distribution of spaces, and decorative style.

Distribution of modern integral kitchen, in the form of U.
Distribution of modern integral kitchen, in the form of U.
Parallel modern kitchen design.  Great lighting.
Modern kitchen design with bar. Great natural lighting.

At the same time, the way of distribution must bring “positive energy” to our home, with its functionality, adequate lighting and ventilation, ergonomic design…

Types of Kitchen Layout

We recognize 8 types of kitchen configurations, according to their plan layout, which are listed below.

Tipologías de Cocina

One-Wall Kitchen Layout
Galley Kitchen Layout
L-Shaped Configuration
U-Shaped Configuration
Kitchen with Peninsula
Kitchen Island Layout
American Kitchen Layout
U-Shaped Configuration
Kitchen layout ideas

From these 8 main kitchen layouts, we can create multiple variants, highlighting the design and decoration, both in large and small spaces, regardless of the size of the budget.

Workflow Triangle of a Kitchen Layout

Kitchens are made up of a variety of elements, such as equipment, countertops and countertops, cabinets, etc.

Within these, the location of the basic elements (refrigerator, sink, cooker) is a fundamental design factor to achieve the best results.

work triangle in the kitchen

Between the 3, they make up the so-called triangle of the workflow of kitchen activities.

An smallest perimeter in the triangle of activities will always be preferable, meeting the needs of work surfaces, equipment and storage.

It is recommended a maximum perimeter between 6 and 7 meters (adding the 3 sides), depending on the kitchen size (according to the number of people living in the house).

kitchen work triangle
Kitchen work triangle .

In the distribution of the basic elements, the best option will always be to locate the sink between the refrigerator and the hob, since it is closely related to these.

Likewise, it is better to locate the sink on the same tabletop or next to the refrigerator, so that any part of the refrigerator can be removed, and immediately find a contiguous support surface (countertop), and then the sink, without having to turn or cross corridors (when we have an island).

Next we are going to see the different types of kitchens, their advantages, forms of distribution, and other characteristics.

Types of One-Wall Kitchen Layout

This is the simplest type of kitchen, since it places all the equipment attached to a single wall, with a well-defined corridor for circulation. They are also called a corridor-type kitchen, or a single-front kitchen.

single wall straight kitchen
Straight kitchen with a single front .

In a kitchen in line, the use of a triangle to measure the degree of efficiency of the distribution of the equipment, and the displacements, does not make much sense. In this type of kitchen, the movements are usually linear, on a single worktop.

Kitchen Layout Ideas
Type of kitchen in line, with entrance to the middle and side exit. The door can open inwards or outwards, depending on particular conditions and wishes.

In linear schemes, the way in which we distribute storage on low and high shelves does take on greater importance, since they are usually kitchens in small spaces.

Below are various kitchen distribution schemes.

Straight Single Wall Kitchen Layout Ideas

Linear kitchen, with side entrance
One-Wall kitchen layout.
Rectangular type of kitchen with exit door.
Linear kitchen with entrance and exit in opposite walls.
elongated kitchen distribution
One-wall kitchen with exit door.
Kitchen Layout Ideas
Enlarged kitchen with dining room.
Distribution of linear kitchens
Distribution of a rectangular kitchen with a single wall with a bar.
Single wall kitchen layout with bar.
Single wall kitchen with 2 cabinets.
Distribution of kitchens with a single wall online
Other variant of configuration.
Distribution of straight kitchens
One-wall kitchen with dining table.

As we can see, despite being very simple and practical, they allow different configuration options, presenting the following advantages:

Advantages of a Single Wall Kitchen Layout

  • Simple and functional, at the same time.
  • They are recommended for SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS and apartments with reduced spaces.
  • Easy to build.
  • Require less budget.

When decorating a linear kitchen layout, you can afford to overload the design, always in an orderly manner. In this way, you manage to enhance its simple expression.

In this same sense, lighting, direct and indirect, can be a determining factor to achieve its best expression.

simple straight Kitchen Layout Idea
Straight kitchen (in line) with integral furniture.

Use different colors and textures, create contrasts between the color of the shelves and their handles, use glass that reflects more light and expands the space.

Highlight the sink faucet and combine it with handles, and the extraction hood. Locate at least one window, with direct entry of natural light.

Galley Kitchen Layout Ideas

They have similar characteristics to the previous one, but the furniture and equipment are located in two bands. Need more building area.

However, it is one of the two types of kitchen with the most optimal design (later I will tell you which one is the other), from various points of view.

Kitchen Layout Idea in parallel corridor type with two fronts
Corridor-type parallel kitchen (two work fronts) .

From a single, straight corridor, you can quickly access each work area. This scheme reduces construction meters, travel times and waste of energy.

Type of kitchen in parallel, with entrance and side exit.
Type of kitchen in parallel, with entrance and side exit. Depending on conditions, there may be a door, window or closet at the end of the hall.

In this configuration, the workflow triangle already gains importance, to obtain the most optimal kitchen designs.

A smaller triangle (smaller perimeter) represents a more streamlined workflow.

The best configuration of a kitchen in parallel, is when the refrigerator and sink are located on the same side as storage, preparation and washing areas), and on the other side the cooking and delivery area (clean work area).

Distribution of Kitchens on two parallel fronts

Advantages of the Galley Kitchen

  • They can be short (and compact), having two straight plateaus, and without affecting the minimum necessary work area.
  • A single corridor and two work fronts.
  • Work flow with short routes.
  • Greater storage capacity.
  • Differentiation of work areas.

A disadvantage could be, in case of having the exit to a patio, through the kitchen (circulation corridor). This could hinder to some extent, their activities. To mitigate it, the circulation corridor (through the kitchen) should be at least 120 cm wide.

Parallel Kitchen Layout Ideas, Corridor type

Distribution of kitchens on two fronts
Distribution of kitchens in parallel
Kitchen Distribution Ideas
Kitchen Layout Ideas
Kitchen Distribution

Kitchen Layout Ideas with Island

This way of distributing a kitchen is more suitable for somewhat larger and more spacious spaces, since they require several circulation corridors.

Spacious kitchens, with a square or rectangular floor plan, are the most appropriate to opt for a space distribution with a central island.

Among its requirements is that there must be 120 to 130 cm free on both sides of the central island, to be able to circulate comfortably, that allows doors, drawers and drawers to be opened, and at the same time to be able to work on the other side.

It is not that the most critical situation always occurs, but when it does it is unpleasant.

Kitchen design with island and bar.
Kitchen design with island and barIt has the best layout.

The best types of island kitchens will be those that best adapt to the existing space, but above all, they are more suitable for rectangular spaces.

Island kitchen distribution plan
Island kitchen distribution

In rectangular spaces, 2 corridors (opposite, not continuous) can be prioritized for circulation and work, while the other corridors (around the island) would only be for circulation.

This way you can always achieve well-distributed, proportioned kitchens, and therefore, easy to decorate.

There is the so-called island kitchen , which consists of locating both the scrubbing area and the cooking plate on the island, and on the other hand, the plate and the refrigerator would remain.

It really is not a solution that brings advantages, except in rare circumstances.

In this form of kitchen island layout, the workflow draws more than a triangle, and becomes a path with 6 or 7 segments.

Distribution of Island Type Kitchens
Kitchen plan with island.

In island kitchen layout, travel distances are greater, and corridor areas increase considerably without great benefits.

At the same time, there may be a greater chance of a burn or falling objects, since the island is accessible from all 4 sides and there is no wall that serves as a facing.

Advantages of Kitchens with Island

Among the advantages of a kitchen with an island, is that they are flexible and multifunctional, being able to locate the island according to the space that is presented.

Other advantages of the kitchen design with island are the following:

  • They offer security in daily work, with short journeys, since there is a support surface, which is (almost) always close.
  • Provides an extra surface for handling food.
  • Expand the storage space.
  • The island can be used from 2 or 3 sides, depending on its size.
  • The most common option is to leave the countertop at one end, allowing you to sit comfortably and store the stools in the lower part.
  • An office area can be located on the island, integrated or attached, perfect for informal meals, or daily dining room.
  • It offers a wide variety of designs, spatial and decorative.
  • Kitchens with an island look very modern and with character. They lend themselves to hanging functional and decorative elements, such as lighting fixtures and extraction hoods.

Kitchen Layout Ideas with Island

Kitchen layout with island
kitchen plan with island
kitchen plan with island
Kitchen plan with island and attached bar.

Layouts of Kitchens with Peninsula

A kitchen with a peninsula is one that has the island attached to a wall. The fact that it is considered a peninsula is also given by having the sink or kitchen hob. Otherwise it would be a table or bar.

Kitchen distribution with peninsula and bar.  Kitchen in L
Kitchen distribution with peninsula and bar.

A kitchen layout with a peninsula (they are generally L-shaped) also offers functional benefits, without the need to have two access corridors to enter the kitchen work areas. This makes the use of kitchen space more efficient.

In this type of kitchen, all the advantages of the kitchen with an island can be considered.

American Style Kitchens

American kitchens are distinguished by various architectural and decorative elements. Among them, it should be mentioned that they are large kitchens, generally in spaces open to dining room and/or living room. They usually have an island, with a bar and stools.

They are also distinguished by their correct distribution of space, their optimal
equipment and their marked personality.

Interior view of a traditional American kitchen.
Interior view of a traditional American kitchen.

Classic or traditional american kitchens have a remarkable decoration, which uses various materials, including wood, metal and glass shelves, and in turn a variety of colors.

The entry of natural light is an element that also distinguishes them and therefore increases their spatial comfort.

As part of its culture and development, this type of kitchen (American) is almost always linked to access from the garage of the house.

American kitchens have been transported and reinterpreted in different countries, which is why they can currently be found in different decorative styles.

Modern American kitchen with bar
Modern American kitchen with bar

Advantages of an American Kitchen

In addition to being spacious and generous, they have other interesting advantages:

  • They constitute a meeting point for family and friends, thanks to their spaciousness and the presence of several seats.
  • Ample cooking space.
  • It can include a wide variety of furniture and equipment.

As disadvantages, they may require a large investment to build at least 20 square meters of kitchen.

There is also the fact that they are (generally) open spaces. This can cause a greater amount of noise, in different spaces and in both directions.

Regarding the possible affectation by odors, it will depend on whether they are pleasant or not… Likewise, customs and idiosyncrasies influence. It is common to find them with large extractor hoods.

Wooden and glass partitions, sliding, could solve these two aspects.

Distribution of American Kitchens with Island

Distribution of open kitchens
Distribution of American Kitchens with Island

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

Another way to distribute a kitchen is in L, which also has several advantages.

The distribution of a corner kitchen is perfect for combining with all other types of kitchens, adapting to large and small homes, open and closed spaces, rectangular, square and irregular rooms, in corners with different angles, among others…

L-type kitchen layout
Distribution plan of a L kitchen type.

Another of its characteristics is that it will always allow a large storage capacity. This is because at least one wing will always be against a wall, where you can have numerous modules, with an option from floor to ceiling, shelves and drawers, with plenty of storage space.

Advantages of L-shaped Kitchens

  • It adapts very well to spaces of different sizes and characteristics of ALL TYPES OF HOUSES.
  • It is usually combined with other kitchen schemes, for a better use of space.
  • Great storage capacity.
  • It associates very well with the different STYLES OF KITCHEN DESIGNS .
  • There can be 2 people working at the same time in the kitchen, without mutual affectation.

The main disadvantage that it could have is that it requires a larger construction area. In case of not placing an island or peninsula, you can lose useful space in the house.

Another possible drawback is that there may be too much distance between one end of the L and the other, in large kitchens.

L-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

L-shaped floor plan with closet in the corner
L-shaped plan with closet and exit door.
L-shaped kitchen with corner closet.
L-type kitchen with corner closet .
L-shaped plan with corner hob.
L-shaped plan with corner hob .
L type kitchen with corner refrigerator.
L-shaped kitchen with corner refrigerator .
L-shaped plan with diagonal wall.
L-shaped plan with diagonal wall.
L-shaped kitchen with office table.
L-shaped kitchen with office table.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

This is the other kitchen scheme that manages to better optimize the available space and you will have already realized why…

From a single corridor, 3 work sections can be attended to, all of which can be very close, depending on the distribution and the KITCHEN PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS that we want.

U-type kitchen layout
U-type kitchen layout .

Also called C-chaped kitchen , it is the distribution scheme that integrates (or can integrate) all the other types. It has 3 contiguous sections to distribute the furniture, equipment and decoration.

U-shaped kitchen model
U-shaped kitchen model

The best way of distributing a U-type kitchen is when the three work areas are located in different sections, placing the scrubbing area in the middle.

U-type kitchens adapt perfectly to wide and not so wide spaces, and are usually very functional. Let’s see its main advantages.

Advantages of U-Shaped Kitchens

  • They present a great use of the built space.
  • They are very functional, as their 3 wings or sections are distributed around a central displacement zone, making work easier.
  • Small work triangle and large work surfaces.
  • Ample storage possibilities.
  • They adapt to regular surfaces (square and rectangular) and also irregular (as in old houses that need reform).
  • They are used both for small houses and reduced spaces, as well as for LARGE MANSIONS .
  • They can be installed both in open spaces (kitchens open to the living room or dining room) and in closed spaces.
  • They allow great flexibility, variety of design and decoration styles.
  • The sale price or construction cost of a U-shaped kitchen can be variable (with average or higher prices), depending on its size.

As a disadvantage, as in L-shaped kitchens, there can be a very long distance between, for example, the refrigerator and the hob, if the U is very open, bringing with it greater costs of time, energy and discomfort.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Plans

U-shaped kitchens offer a wide variety of solutions, as we will see below:

U-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas
Kitchen Layout Plans in U
Ideal Kitchen Distribution Plans
Rectangular Kitchen Distribution Plans

We can see that some distributions involve larger displacements than others and should be taken into account.

Kitchen Layout Ideas with Bar

Kitchens with a bar can be included in other types or distribution schemes, such as L-shaped, U-shaped, galley kitchen, with island and peninsula.

Kitchen with island and attached bar.
Kitchen with island and attached bar.

For example, a kitchen with an L-shaped plan can include a bar attached to the counter. Also the kitchens in parallel, could include a bar in an area on one of its sides, as we have already seen.

The same is true for the U layout. In this case, a fourth section could be added specifically for the bar. This would only be possible by making a very large U-shaped kitchen.

Examples of Kitchens Layouts with Bar

Examples of Distribution of Kitchens with Bar
C-shaped kitchen with bar.
Distribution of Kitchens with Bar
Kitchen with island and center bar .
L-shaped kitchen with side bar.
L-shaped kitchen with side bar.

In kitchen designs, many factors must be taken into account that are important, such as existing conditions, size of the house, number of people living in the house, the available budget.

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

Kitchens with a G-shaped floor plan have 4 sides of countertop surfaces to carry out work and place equipment. So, they have similar characteristics and the advantages of U-shaped kitchens, but with a larger surface area.

G Shaped Kitchen
Kitchen plan in G
Type of Kitchen type G
Kitchen layout in G

This means that the kitchens in G are spacious and functional, with enough area and space to work, store and develop family activities.

kitchen type G

Advantages of G-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Among its advantages, we can mention the following:

  • Large work surface and storage volume.
  • Efficiency in work displacements (perimeter of the triangle that represents the workflow).
  • Appropriate for kitchen designs open to the living room or dining room.
  • Multifunctional space.
  • It allows the family reunion, with several participants.
  • Wide decorative possibilities.
  • You can place a bar in 3 or 4 different positions.

Among its Disadvantages:

  • It must be said that sufficient space is needed for its installation and subsequent exploitation.
  • By needing more area, work surfaces and equipment, they require a larger budget.
  • Its design and installation can be complicated, since it is necessary to conceive and assemble all its pieces in a functional and coherent way.

It is not advisable to include islands.


Review the possibility of exit to an outdoor patio or terrace, possibilities of window(s) and door(s) placement, possible access from a garage, cultures and traditions, desired decoration style, prevailing climate, amount of natural lighting that is receive, among others.

Classic kitchen design.  Parallel distribution.
Classic kitchen design. Adequate lighting.

The functionality of a kitchen design is the main objective, and at the same time, to take its aesthetics and decoration hand in hand. In the market, there are very good examples of KITCHEN DESIGNS.

After reading this information, you may have a more exact idea of ​​what types of kitchens are according to their layout, with their particular advantages and characteristics.

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