Standard Kitchen Size and Regulations

Let’s see the standard kitchen size according to regulations and the best practices for its design and installation. Tips are included to achieve the best performance.

The measurements of a kitchen depend on a large number of factors, objective and subjective.

Objective FactorsSubjective Factors
-New construction or reform.-Culture and traditions.
-Budget available.-Personal desires and tastes.
-Number of people.-Physical composition.
-Local regulations.-Offers in the market.
-Weather conditions.-Interior design of the house.

All these aspects, and others, must be analyzed to carry out the design, construction and installation of a custom kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen design with island.
Minimalist kitchen design with island.

It is very important that the design adapts to the existing space, the style and the wishes of the family members. To do this, you have to select the BEST KITCHEN LAYOUTS and take advantage of its characteristics.

Standard Kitchen Size and Regulations

Kitchen Area Measurements

Kitchen Built AreaMinimumRecommended
For 1 person5.0 m²6.0 m²
For 2 persons7.0 m²8.0 m²
For 3 people8.0 m²9.0 m²
For 4 people8.0 m²12.0 m²
More than 4 people9.0 m²+ 15.0 m²

Minimum Side of a Kitchen Space

For kitchens with a single front , it can be from 150 cm (60 cm worktop plus 90 cm corridor).

For kitchens with two work fronts , it can be from 210 cm with two 60 cm worktops plus a corridor of at least 110 cm (small kitchens up to 9 m²) and corridors of 120 to 130 cm (larger kitchens with more than 9 m² ).

Minimum Kitchen Width

Smaller side of a Kitchen
Minimal, with a work front150cm
Two work fronts210 to 220cm
Two fronts with islandMore than 370cm

Minimum Aisle Width

For 1 work front90 to 100cm
For 2 work fronts120 to 130cm

Standard Kitchen Size and Regulations
Dimensions of a kitchen with an island .

Work Surface Area

In this aspect, the areas occupied by the sink and the hob would already be included, in addition to the work surface on the countertop. The area occupied by the refrigerator or other equipment is not included (they are not support/work areas).

Work surface (up to 4 people)AreaLongBroad
Work surface (more than 4 people)AreaLongBroad
Minimum2.60 m²4.3ml0.60m
Recommended3.5 to 4.0 m²6.6ml0.60m

Work surfaces are used for food preparation. These are located between the refrigerator and the sink, and between the sink and the cooking zone.

It is recommended that the work surface have both natural lighting and artificial lighting (general and direct on the work space).

Must have at least one double outlet.

kitchen measurements
The countertop height must be between 85 and 95 cm. The standard width of a countertop is 60 cm. The depth of the kitchen furniture must match the countertop.

Next to the refrigerator there must be a free surface on a plateau of 30 x 60 cm.

On each side of the sink there should be a free counter surface 45 to 60 cm x 60 cm. The sink should be 2 bowls, and with a drainer.

On each side of the stove there must be a free surface (on a plateau) of 30 to 40 cm x 60 cm.

Storage Volume

The volume or storage space will depend on the number of people in the home. A minimum volume of 0.25 m3 per person should be considered. It can be considered in a closet or kitchen furniture.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Measurements

The following image shows at what height the kitchen furniture should be. It is a full kitchen with 8 modules of 60 cm.

Measurements of a kitchen
Standard measures of a complete kitchen online.
Standard Kitchen Cabinet Measurements
Measurements of a linear integral kitchen in plan.

Standard Kitchen Size according to Regulations

The length of the countertops depends on its material. Granite, quartz and marble countertops allow greater lengths, reaching up to 3.60 meters.

At the same time, the length of the countertop adjusts to the number of modules or shelves that make up a section of the kitchen, and to their quantity.

You can also purchase countertop pieces and request a cut to size and vice versa.

The thickness of a kitchen countertop (cover) ranges from 2 to 3.8 cm, depending on its material.

Standard Counter Height

The typical counter height must correspond to the height of the person. The average height of people ranges between 1.65m (women) and 1.80m (men).

Standard Kitchen Counter Height

Minimum Counter Height85cm
Standard Deck Height90 – 92cm
Maximum Counter Height95cm

If you want to make your plateau with a custom height, divide the height by 2 and add 5 cm.

The most common modules are 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm long. The length of the countertop will be adjusted to the sum of these measurements, plus a 2 cm overhang.

How Long is a Typical Countertop in the Background?

The width or depth of a countertop ranges between 62 and 63 cm. These cover 58 cm of low shelf, the thickness of the door (2 cm) and 2.5 cm of overhang.

How much Does the Kitchen Counter stick out?

They generally protrude 2 cm, and can vary from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm.

To size steps, doors and corridors we must take into account that a person transporting a tray needs between 85 and 90 cm wide to pass comfortably.

Typical Standard Measurements of a Kitchen Bar

Height of a Kitchen Bar
Minimum Bar Height90 – 95 cm (level with the counter)
Maximum Bar Height110 – 115cm
Kitchen Bar Width
Minimum Bar Width40cm
Recommended Bar Width50 – 60cm
standard height of bar counter
Standard height of bar counter.

The correct separation between the surface of the bar and the upper edge of the seat (stool) is 30 cm. The bar should not be too thick (6 to 8 cm) so that it does not bother the thighs.

How much should a bar measure for 4 people?

How much should measure a bar for 4 people
The stool measurements shown are 41 cm wide, 45 cm deep, and 81 cm high.

Below are different measures and prices of stools.

Measures of Kitchen Cabinets by Modules

Locating drawers at a height increases the storage volume. It is appropriate to install the cabinets from floor to ceiling, leaving no gaps between the cabinets and the ceiling. This prevents dirt and damage to the interior design.

Adequate handles, comfortable closing mechanisms, and space to store the necessary portable ladders (to access the upper shelves) must be provided.

Kitchen Cabinet Measurements
Front view of a kitchen with an island and a bar. Height of the bar is (115 – 120 cm). Kitchen island height is (90 – 95 cm) .
Minimum height of the extraction hood above the cooking surface.

Space Between Kitchen and Counter

The ideal space between the kitchen and the counter is 120 cm, and may be a little larger (130 cm) for long kitchens and (150 cm) for kitchens with two fronts and with a circulation corridor function.

In small kitchens , with two work fronts, but with low shelves on only one work front, the width between the kitchen and the counter can be from 90 to 100 cm.

Minimum height of the extraction hood and width of the circulation corridor between 2 work fronts.
Minimum height of the extraction hood and width of the circulation corridor between 2 work fronts.

Measurements of a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island should be at least 30 to 60 cm on each side of the hob or sink.

Minimum Measures Kitchen Island
Height for support table85 to 95cm
Minimum Width of Kitchen Island60cm
Island width w/ sink or hob90cm
Minimum kitchen island length120cm
Island length with hob/cooking150cm minimum
Island length with sinkMinimum of 160cm

To see all the KITCHEN TABLE DIMENSIONS, please follow the link.

How Tall Should a Kitchen Bar Be?

The height of a kitchen bar can be different, in each house, depending on the design and its specific objectives.

Minimun height90 to 95cm
Maximum height110 to 115cm
Kitchen bar width45 to 60cm
Long60 to 70 cm per stool
kitchen island measurements
A kitchen island with sink and bar. The minimum length will depend on the length of the sink.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Refrigerator Measurements

Kitchen Sink Measurements

There are more and more offers of custom-made sinks (kitchen sinks with one bowl, two bowls, with drainer, etc.).

However, you can define what are the minimum and recommended measurements for a kitchen sink, simple sinks, with bowls, with grills included, etc.

These are suggestions according to regulations. The possibilities to buy, exceed it. When it comes to remodeling, and for building small houses with limited space, it’s good to have plenty of kitchen sink deals.

How Big is a Sink

Single Sink
Minimum measures40x30cm
Standard Measurements60x40cm
Double Sink
Minimum measures70x35cm
Standard Measurements80x40cm
Depth15 to 22 cm.

More Standard Sizes of Kitchen Sinks, Single, Double…

Main measures of kitchen sinks.
More functional measures of kitchen sinks .

Standard Sizes of Kitchen Sinks

Dishwasher Measurements

There are also many possibilities to choose from. It is about choosing according to your dimensions, design and kitchen style. Let’s see some minimum recommended measures.

How Big is a Dishwasher

Standard Measurements60cm

Measurements of a Small Kitchen on Two Fronts

measurements of a small kitchen on plan
Perimeter of the triangle: 365 cm.

Measurements of a Small Kitchen in Plan, U-Shaped

measurements of a small kitchen on the floor
Perimeter of the triangle: 344 cm.

You can see many KITCHEN PLANS with measurements, following this link.

Measurements of Stoves, Stoves and Cooking Plates

The cooking equipment, whether it is called an induction hob, an electric stove or a gas stove, can have two main design and placement options: resting on a countertop or resting directly on the floor. In the latter case, it can have an oven or the like incorporated.

  • Remember that it must have, at least on one side, a minimum support surface of 30 x 60 cm.
  • The cooking area must be at least 90 cm wide, even if the stove or hob is small.
  • The height of the cooking surface will be between 90 and 95 cm.
  • In the design of the countertop or plateau, the height of the burner must be considered, adding between the two (countertop height plus height of the burner or hob), a maximum of 90 to 95 cm, depending on the height of the person.
  • A greater height can cause discomfort and accidents.
  • There must be an extraction hood, separated at least 65 cm from the cooking surface.
  • Power outlets and voltage differ internationally. Some products may require an adapter. Please check compatibility before purchasing.
  • They must be easy to clean.
  • There must be a failure system that guarantees the gas automatically turns off if no flame is detected, to avoid gas leaks.

Below is a summary of some minimum recommended measures.

Measurements of a Cooking Plate

Minimum Length 1 Burner 40-50 cm
Length with 2-6 Burners 60-80 cm
Maximum Stove Height 90-95 cm
Minimum Hood Height 65 cm

How Big is a Stove

Measurements of burners and cooking plates.
Some measurements of burners, stoves and cooking plates.

How Big is a Stove?

Side view.
Front (top) view.

There are also many possibilities to choose from. Let’s look at a few options.

Kitchen Lighting

In any HOUSE DESIGN, interior lighting is essential. In the case of the kitchen, there must be natural, artificial, and direct general lighting, being distributed evenly. It must be neutral lighting.

Kitchen with general lighting in the ceiling. Hanging luminaires, for the island. Recessed luminaires, on high shelves, on a countertop. Natural lighting from the right.

There are two types of luminaires suitable for this, recessed luminaires or downlights, and surface luminaires. These should have a 60 degree cone of light, to achieve a better light distribution.

On an island with a cooktop, the exhaust hood must have integrated lighting fixtures.

How many Lumens are necessary to Illuminate a Kitchen?

Artificial Lighting in the Kitchen
Skirting Height Wall Tiles
RecommendedFloor to Ceiling

How Big Should a Kitchen Window Be?

The design and measurements of windows must be adapted to each situation.

The windows for the kitchen should try to capture the amount of natural light necessary. Of course, this depends on the location of the kitchen in the house, the design and layout of the kitchen, and its furniture.

It is also convenient to locate the windows giving good visibility to the entrance, a patio or garage. The height and its measurements influence this.

In integrated kitchens, the modules usually occupy an entire wall, and it is difficult to locate windows on it. So, you should try to position the window(s) so that natural light enters from the side, which does not cast shadows on the work area.

Doors in the Kitchen

Locating doors has the advantage of avoiding noise and odors from other rooms. Simplicity and functionality should be sought, so that it is not an obstacle.

The measurements of the door(s) must correspond to the size of the kitchen, its furniture and the width of the corridor. The width of the door must be at least 80 cm. In large kitchens, there may be two-leaf doors.

How Big is a Kitchen

Examples of Measurements of Kitchens with Different Sizes

How big is a kitchen
Perimeter of the triangle: 424 cm.
Examples of standard Kitchens with Different Sizes
Perimeter of the triangle: 581 cm .

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