30 “L” Shaped House Plan Designs – Characteristics and Building Ideas

How to design an L shaped house plan? What advantages does an “L” shaped house design have? In this article we will answer these and other questions that clients usually ask themselves before requesting a house design.

L shaped house plan design defines functional relationships, marks advantages and disadvantages, and at the same time, greatly influences 3D design. However, this is sometimes overlooked.

Below we see a first L-shaped house design. This L-type house plan design is very interesting. It is an “L” house plan that has (almost) everything.

House Plans in L
L-shaped house on one floor with 2 bedrooms.
15×18 meter Floor PlanArea
Entry Hall5.2 sqm
Living – Dining33.1 sqm
Kitchen15.5 sqm
Hallway8.7 sqm
Bedroom 115.1 sqm
Main Bath9.0 sqm
Master Suite16.4 sqm
Dressing9.3 sqm
Garage24.0 sqm
Bath 12.7 sqm
Closet3.0 sqm
Closet0.7 sqm
Total142.7 sqm

Three main areas can be seen: on the right the social area (integrated living room, dining room and kitchen), on the bottom left the access area with a negative slope, to make its access function more noticeable (entrance, garage, hall, technical room and the social bathroom), and to the left above is the private area (2 bedrooms and a suite bathroom).

It is possible to realize that in this L-type house plan, each of the areas manages to have great privacy. This house plan could include a terrace.

3 Bedroom L Shaped House Plan with Garage

3 Bedroom L Shaped House Plan with Garage
54×82 ft PlanArea
Garage31.4 sqm
Entrance Hall5.1 sqm
Half Bath4.2 sqm
Living-Dining45.0 sqm
Kitchen11.5 sqm
Laundry7.9 sqm
Study11.5 sqm
Hallway4.8 sqm
Bedroom 117.4 sqm
Bedroom 28.1 sqm
Bath 23.9 sqm
Bath 33.6 sqm
Bedroom 317.1 sqm
Dressing4.5 sqm
Terrace13.1 sqm
Total188.9 sqm

What is an L-Shaped House Like?

L-shaped houses have an L-shaped floor plan. An L-shaped house is very functional, since it allows the social and service area to be distributed in a branch of the L and the private area (bedrooms and bathroom) in the other branch. 

Likewise, an L-shaped house allows an internal patio, garden or swimming pool to be located in the central area that can be seen from all rooms of the house.

Characteristics of L-shaped Houses

This TYPE OF HOUSES have very interesting characteristics that position them among the most desired by customers.

  1. They are very functional houses, since a great differentiation is achieved between the social and service areas with the private area (bedrooms and bathroom).
  2. L -shaped house designs allow great volumetric richness, as you can play with different heights and levels in each of its 2 wings or branches.
  3. The L-shaped houses allow the location (with great privacy) of an interior patio, garden or swimming pool, in its central area.
  4. An L-shaped house can be designed in such a way that the central patio is towards the interior of the plot or towards the street , allowing more variety in its conceptual design and configuration.
  5. An L-shaped house can be ideal to be located on the corner, since it would have the advantage of two important facades facing the street, without this entailing a loss of privacy.
L shaped house
L-Shaped one storey house plans.

Advantages of an L-Shaped House

One of the advantages of the L-shaped house plans is that in its internal functioning, it is possible to reduce the noise derived from the social and service areas. In addition, having the possibility of locating the bedrooms in an independent wing, privacy problems are considerably reduced.

Another advantage of L-shaped house designs is that a central, protected patio is created. In this sense, protection against solar incidence (in the morning and afternoon) can be achieved, especially in regions with a very aggressive hot climate.

L Type Floor Plan with 3 Bedrooms with Dimensions

l type house plan with 3 bedrooms with dimensions.
L Type house floor plan with 3 bedrooms with dimensions.
16×16.5 meter PlanArea
Terrace-Entry19.4 sqm
Living-Dining34.2 sqm
Terrace15.6 sqm
Hallway14.4 sqm
Kitchen7.3 sqm
Laundry6.8 sqm
Bath 12.3 sqm
Bedroom 113.7 sqm
Dressing7.8 sqm
Bath 22.1 sqm
Bathroom 39.3 sqm
Bedroom 214.7 sqm
Bedroom 316.2 sqm
Dressing3.1 sqm
Bathroom 43.8 sqm
Total Area170.8 sqm

Another type of protection, this time visual, is achieved in the courtyard, mainly in view of the views from the front of the main and lateral facades.

When the architect or even the client decides to make or request an “L” shaped house design or plan, they should be aware of these characteristics.

Houses in L Shaped

3D Modern L-shaped House with 4 Levels

This 3d L-shaped house design has 4 levels. Its 3d design is defined by an L shape arranged on a sloping terrain, which allows you to enjoy the views to the outside from different spaces within the house.

Modern L shaped house design 2 story.
Modern L shaped house design 2 story.

It is a house designed by the Danish studio ARDESS, for a Nordic family, located in Risskov, Denmark. The house has 372 square meters of useful area.

It is a house with a minimalist and sober design, which makes extensive use of materials such as exposed concrete, wide glass openings and fine white plaster that contrasts with the green color of the grass.

Two Story L-shaped Houses

An L-shaped house design can vary greatly depending on the size of the lot and the type of construction.

Some L-shaped houses have a pool, some have a garden. Other models of L-shaped houses may have a balcony. In short, there is an L-shaped house project for all budgets and tastes, it depends on what your needs are and the type of land you have to build on.

L-Shaped House with Functional Interior by Neuman Hayner Architects - InteriorZine
L shaped house with pool.
L shaped villa plan design.

Modern L-shaped houses

L-shaped houses achieve very good integration between the interior space and the central patio, garden or pool, by placing large areas of carpentry with glass.

Modern two-story L-shaped houses
Modern L-shaped houses with two floors

L Shaped House Designs

Having enough land area available, L-shaped house designs are better than compact house plans, where the private area is mixed with the social area, with all the problems that this can bring with it.

L Shaped House Designs
Beautiful L shaped house design with pool.
Modern l shaped house plans 2 story.
Modern l shaped house design 2 story.

Facades of L Shaped House Designs

L Shaped House Plan with Pool

In cold climates, L-shaped houses have the ability to shield the central courtyard (and pool) from major breezes. This would depend on the orientation with which the house is built in L.

Facades of houses in L
Modern L-Shaped double storey house plans with pool.
Modern L-Shaped double storey house plans with pool.
Facades of L-shaped houses with pool and garden
L shaped house design with courtyard and pool.

L Shaped House Plans with Side Garage

L Shaped House Plans with Side Garage
L shaped house plans with 5 bedrooms and garage.
64×80 ft PlanArea
Terrace 134.1 sqm
Hall6.1 sqm
Living26.5 sqm
Dining-Kitchen37.6 sqm
Hallway10.7 sqm
Bath3.3 sqm
Closet1.1 sqm
Gallery25.4 sqm
Bathroom 211.7 sqm
Bedroom 117.0 sqm
Closet2.3 sqm
Laundry6.2 sqm
Store4.6 sqm
Terrace 232.8 sqm
Bedroom 214.9 sqm
Bathroom 33.7 sqm
Closet1.5 sqm
Bathroom 314.9 sqm
Bathroom 43.9 sqm
Closet1.6 sqm
Bathroom 413.9 sqm
Dressing4.2 sqm
Bathroom 54.3 sqm
Garage41.4 sqm
Total323.5 sqm

L Type House Plans

Next we see another example of Plans of Houses in L with 2 Bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is a more compact “L” shaped house, measuring 10.5 x 10.5 meters, but which maintains the differentiation of its social and private areas into two groups, which is why it serves as a guide for the distribution of rooms.

Small L shaped house plan 2 bedrooms.
Small L shaped house plan 2 bedrooms.

House Plans in L with 2 Bedrooms

House in the shape of an “L” with one floor and 2 bedrooms

If we have an elongated lot size we could take this example of an L-shaped house plan with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. 

This L-shaped plant is just over 15 meters long and 7.5 meters wide. The bedroom area is well differentiated from the social area. In this example you will need a land of more than 130 square meters.

House Plans in L with 2 Bedrooms
House in “L” with 2 bedrooms.

L Shaped House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

The following example is an L-shaped house that has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage. In addition, this L-shaped house plan has a fourth room that could be used as an office or study room.

It can be seen that there is a direct access from the garage to the interior of the house , through a room that could function as a pantry, or to store tools.

House Plans in L with 3 Bedrooms
“L” shaped house with 3 bedrooms.

Following an example of an L-shaped house with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms. This plan design will need more land area, since it is 20 meters long by 18 meters wide. It has a social room and a room for intimate use, which accompanies the bedroom wing.

House Plans in L with 3 Bedrooms
L-shaped house on one floor with 3 bedrooms.

House Plans in L with Three Bedrooms

Another example of an L-shaped house, in this case with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. On this floor, the link between the bedrooms and the social area with the large terrace stands out .

House Plans in L with Three Bedrooms

L Shaped House Plans

Small L Shaped House

Now we will see SMALL HOUSE PLANS in the form of L.

This design is 9 x 8 meters. A small and simple house in the shape of an L.

Small L Shaped House

L Shaped One Story House Plan

The floor plan of a house, from a zoning and morphology point of view , is as important or even more important than the design of the façade or its volume, and the L-shaped house plans are an example of this, even when they are They deal with small houses.

This small one-story L-shaped house has the entrance located towards the center of the house, where the social and private areas converge.

L Shaped One Story House Plans
House plan in “L”, one floor.

1 Story Small L Shaped House Plan

Another example of L-shaped house with a small floor, which has the entrance through the private areaIt is not the most recommended, but for tastes the colors… The house is 8 x 8 meters.

L-Shaped Small Story House Plans
House plan with 50 SQUARE METERS in the shape of an “L”, 8 × 8 meters, one floor.

Plans of Houses in L of a Floor

A one-story L-shaped house plan that has the main access where one of the wings of the “L” begins. Undoubtedly, another interesting design.

L shaped 2 bedroom house plan.
L shaped 2 bedroom house plan.

House Plans in L Shaped

House in L with Gallery, Garage and 5 Bedrooms

Now we see an L-shaped house plan with a gallery. This L-shaped house plan has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Undoubtedly a spacious L-shaped house with all the necessary comforts. Well, it would need a pool.

The private wing houses 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the social and service areas are distributed in the larger wing. Some of the rooms and a complete bathroom could function as services to the house in general.

The L-shaped house is 14 x 20 meters.

L shaped 4 bedroom house plans
L shaped 4 bedroom house plan.

House Plans in L with Garage

It can also be noted that the houses in “L” adapt quite well to the unevenness of the terrain and different sizes of land. 

For example, where one wing of the house might be lower than the other; or one wing of the house may be smaller than the other. 

This is interesting if you want to differentiate even more, the private areas from the social ones.

The differentiation of levels is equally important, in L-shaped house plans with garage.

L shaped house floor plan with double garage.
L shaped house floor plan with double garage.
one-story L-shaped house plans
House plan in “L” of a plant, 20 × 16 meters with garage.

An objective that is achieved with the “L” shape is to create this private area, a patio with a garden and/or pool, which protects the family from external views of the house. 

In addition, in geographical areas with extreme weather seasons, this area constitutes a kind of protection, both against strong winds and low and high temperatures.

small l shaped house floor plans
Small l shaped house floor plan.

In the event that it is decided to use or build in the aforementioned free area, one option could be to build a pergola that serves as protection for the car or even build a garage, independent of the house. 

In this way, you can create a secondary access, more private access, through the free space between the two wings.

L Shaped House Design in 3d

Now we will analyze the project of a one-story “L” house plan with a 3d design, which has 2 bedrooms and a small pool, among its main features.

L shaped house design with pool and garage.
L shaped house design with pool and garage.

This example of an L-shaped house plan with measurements is ideal for those who want a simple 2-bedroom house model, as it has been conceived entirely in reinforced concrete and exposed bricks.

When looking at the front facade of this house model, we can see that its design is closer to country models. The façade is simple, emphasized by the large portico and finished with RED BRICK veneers.

Said portico provides covered access to both the garage and the main entrance. The characteristic color of the brick creates a pleasant contrast with the ash white of the walls.

L Shaped Floor Plans with 2 Rooms and Garage

This  L-shaped house plan with garage is 17.00 m wide and 12.00 m deep.

House Plan in L with 2 Rooms and Garage

In a useful area of ​​129.5 m², the house is distributed in the following spaces:

1Bedroom 114.2 m²
2Living-Dining24.2 m²
3kitchen10.8 m²
4Bathroom 15.6 m²
5Garage21.3 m²
6Bathroom 24.7 m²
7Room22.9 m²
9Terrace22.1 m²
Total 129.5 m²
Small l shaped house floor plan in 3d.
Small l shaped house floor plan in 3d.

The income is taxed directly to the living-dining room area. However, very close to this there is a small toilet, with sink and toilet, for more social use.

pool view from inside an L-shaped house

On the left, after the living-dining room, we find the kitchen. These three spaces, living room, dining room and kitchen, make up the left wing of the house in an “L” shape and are linked both to the front of the house and to the interior patio, where the pool is located. 

This link is given visually and physically, through openings: aluminum and glass windows and doors.

From the area for social use (common) we will have access to the backyard, where a portal or terrace has been designed, a kind of covered gallery, linked to the pool. You can also access the garden areas around the pool.

small l shaped house plans 3d
Small l shaped house plans 3d.

In the right wing of the house in “L” we have the private spaces: the two bedrooms and the full bathroom. 

As an element to highlight , say that, from the second bedroom, the master bedroom, you can see what is happening in the pool area, through the aluminum and glass window.

However, to protect privacy, a strip of garden is located between the pool and the master bedroom, which reduces the visuals to the interior, combined with the difference in the level of lighting, between the exterior and the interior, in daytime.

But we can still see other L-shaped house plans. Keep reading…

L Shaped Floor Plans with 4 Bedrooms

Now we can see an L-shaped house plan with 4 bedrooms and a garage. The kitchen space is tried to differentiate from the rest of the social area by means of a dividing wall.

The access to the house through a hall turns out to be very private.

house plans in l with 4 bedrooms
L shaped house plan with 4 bedrooms.

Another of the characteristics and advantages of an “L” house plan is that a free private area is created in advance, located near the center of the house.

houses in l with 4 bedrooms without measurements
L shaped house plans with 4 bedrooms.

House Plans in L with 4 Bedrooms and Pool

This area can be used for a patio, a garden or even a swimming pool. All these are characteristic of “L” houses, whether they are one story, two stories or more levels.

L shaped house plans with courtyard.
L shaped house plans with courtyard.

Large L House Plans

This is a large spacious 4 bedroom L shaped house plan that tends to become a compact “L” shaped house.

Large L-shaped House Plans with 4 bedrooms
L shaped house layout 1 story.

House Plans in L with 5 Bedrooms

In this example of 5 BEDROOMS house plan all the bedrooms have windows and natural ventilation from the outside.

House Plans in L with 5 Bedrooms
L shaped floor plan.

Plans of Small L-shaped House

Finally, we see this example of a TWO BEDROOMS house plan , kitchen, dining room and bathrooms, forming the L.

For those who like to have 2 bathrooms in the house (even if it is a small house), this could be a variant, but L-shaped house plan. This L-shaped house plan is 12 meters long by 7 meters wide.

Small L-shaped house plan.
Small L shaped house plan with 2 bedrooms.

This concludes our tour of the L-shaped house plans. You can see more FLOOR PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS and different shapes, following the link.

If you have questions, or want to comment something, do not hesitate to do it.

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