Large House Plans – Big Floor Plans

We will analyze ideas of large house plans with measurements and different characteristics. Interesting designs of spacious 1 and 2-story homes, which we will study below.

Big House Floor Plans – One Story with Pool

Big House Floor Plans - One Story
20 x 21.5m House
Entry3.1 m²
Access Hall7.6 m²
Dining room41.2 m²
Kitchen room40.1 m²
Stock8.2 m²
To wash12.7 m²
Corridor7.9 m²
Bedroom 114.2 m²
Bedroom 212.6 m²
Bedroom 311.6 m²
Bedroom 416.9 m²
Bathroom 25.2 m²
Bedroom Suite16.2 m²
Dressing room5.9 m²
Suite Bathroom5.3 m²
Garage38.1 m²
Terrace39.7 m²
Swimming pool48.8 m²
Total335.5 m²

Plans of Large One-Story Houses

Plans of Large One-Story Houses
17.5 x 22 m House
Income8.2 m²
Access Hall10.6 m²
Cleanliness1.9 m²
TV room10.1 m²
Living room23.9 m²
Dining room17.6 m²
Kitchen room23.6 m²
Storage2.4 m²
Game room31.6 m²
Aisle 110.2 m²
To wash6.1 m²
Bedroom 111.1 m²
Bathroom 15.2 m²
Bedroom 211.0 m²
Bedroom 312.1 m²
Departure2.1 m²
Bathroom 23.1 m²
Bedroom Suite20.1 m²
Circulation6.1 m²
Dressing room4.3 m²
Dressing room3.9 m²
Suite Bathroom13.2 m²
Terrace41.1 m²
Garage53.1 m²
Total332.5 m²

Large House Floor Plans with Two-Story

Large House Floor Plans with Two-Story

Large Two-Story House Plan, Ground Floor Spaces

25 x 20m house
Entry4.4 m²
Dining room22.8 m²
Lounge kitchen47.4 m²
Ladders13.6 m²
Study18.6 m²
Stock7.4 m²
Aisle 31.9 m²
Social Bathroom4.1 m²
Hall6.9 m²
Bedroom Suite21.8 m²
Terrace Suite8.0 m²
Dressing room 23.0 m²
Dressing room 17.1 m²
Suite Bathroom16.0 m²
Terrace60.9 m²
Swimming pool26.1 m²
To wash6.4 m²
Aisle 25.8 m²
Garage43.7 m²
Tools8.1 m²
External Circulation13.2 m²
 Whole Ground Floor357.0 m²

Plan of a Large Two-Story House, Spaces on Top Floor

Large Single Story House Plans

Now we will analyze a large house plan with measurements of 17 x 20 meters on one floor. This model is interesting for several reasons that we will study below.

Starting with the zoning, we have the wing on the left, completely occupied by bedrooms and full bathrooms, that is, a private area, which houses 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. They can be accessed from the entrance hall and from the living room.

Towards the center of the h-shaped plan we have a social and semi-private area. That is, the entrance hall, a toilet with a social function and the living room, kitchen and dining room linked to the terrace, including a bar for 5 seats, all of them spaces with a social function.

Big Floor Plans with CourtYard

Big Floor Plans with CourtYard
House Plan of 17 × 20 meters of a Floor and 5 Rooms with measurements

But it also includes a study room for at least 2 tables, and a service space, which includes a pantry and a laundry room. All this social, service and semi-private area is distributed in 100 square meters, almost nothing.

A point to highlight in the kitchen is that it has a bar for a 5-seat mini-bar, and that it has direct access to the pantry and laundry room. Likewise, the kitchen communicates with the corridor of the covered gallery, and the landscaped patio on one side of the house.

To the right, of the plan of the large H-shaped house, there are spaces that would accommodate the main couple of the house, since we have the garage for two cars, a patio, with access from the communication gallery, the main bedroom ( bedroom suite), a dressing room and a spacious bathroom.

The bedroom suite is also equipped with a complete bathroom (separated into two sections) and a dressing room, essential environments to achieve greater comfort in a large house plan like this one.

This area, despite having several entrances, such as from the kitchen, the garage and the pantry, is a private area, since it is independent of the other spaces, and the covered gallery, with access to the garden, gives it even more privacy.

As you can see in the floor plan image, it would be a large one-story house measuring 17 x 20 meters.

Large One Story House Plans with Dimensions

Large One Story House Plans with Dimensions
16 x 35m House
Entry20.4 m²
Dining room30.1 m²
Kitchen room11.1 m²
Living room30.6 m²
kitchen hallway8.2 m²
Stock7.6 m²
To wash4.2 m²
Bathroom 23.4 m²
Bedroom 113.5 m²
Dressing room 15.8 m²
Bathroom 15.0 m²
Hall5.9 m²
Garage38.7 m²
Suite dressing room9.2 m²
Suite room14.4 m²
Suite Bathroom5.9 m²
Circulation 111.4 m²
Bedroom 418.5 m²
Circulation 23.9 m²
Dressing room 46.6 m²
Bedroom 315.0 m²
Circulation 36.1 m²
Dressing room 35.0 m²
Bathroom 33.0 m²
Bathroom 44.5 m²
Terrace 127.2 m²
Terrace 225.4 m²
Swimming pool39.7 m²
Stairs 29.6 m²
Stairs 14.4 m²
Total394.0 m²

House Plan with Large Windows and Doors

House Plan with Large Windows and Doors

Plans of Large Houses in 3D

Single Large House Plans with Studio and Garage

Plans of Modern and Large Houses
30.7×19.6m house
Entry5.4 m²
Hall15.0 m²
Circulation7.0 m²
Play room38.2 m²
Kitchen room15.4 m²
Dining room26.8 m²
To wash4.6 m²
Cleanliness2.2 m²
Storage3.2 m²
Aisle 15.6 m²
Dispatch11.8 m²
Suite room11.2 m²
Dressing room6.4 m²
Suite Bathroom9.8m²
Terrace 125.7 m²
Aisle 212.7 m²
Terrace 233.4 m²
Bedroom 211.1 m²
Bedroom 310.3 m²
Bedroom 415.4 m²
Bathroom 211.8 m²
Garage40.6 m²
Wardrobe5.4 m²
Atrium3.1 m²
Total331.8 m²

House Plans with Large Garage and Pool

House Plans with Large Garage and Pool
20x27m House 
Entry7.4 m²
Living room30.0 m²
Small Living26.3 m²
Dinning room kitchen41.4 m²
Suite room20.5 m²
Dressing room S5.0 m²
Suite Bathroom4.6 m²
Terrace-Pool107.5 m²
Bathroom7.4 m²
Gallery10.5 m²
Bedroom 114.3 m²
Bathroom 33.6 m²
Bedroom 214.7 m²
Bathroom 44.1 m²
Bedroom 313.5 m²
Dressing room10.4 m²
Bathroom 55.0 m²
Corridor6.5 m²
To wash4.0 m²
Bathroom3.5 m²
Auxiliary room11.3 m²
Garage48.4 m²
Total400.0 m²

Plans of Large Country Houses

House Floor Plan with Large Kitchen

House Plan with Large Kitchen
13.7 x 22.5m House
Entry3.9 m²
Hall5.1 m²
Study8.5 m²
Aisle 15.6 m²
Living room18.9 m²
Terrace 113.9 m²
kitchen-dining room35.6 m²
Terrace 226.5 m²
Main bedroom13.8 m²
Main bathroom7.4 m²
Dressing room7.0 m²
Aisle 28.5 m²
TV room12.2 m²
Bedroom 212.1 m²
Bedroom 39.0 m²
Bedroom 410.3 m²
Bathroom 22.7 m²
Sanitary1.3 m²
To wash3.7m²
Warehouse 14.3 m²
Warehouse 23.3 m²
Garage32.3 m²
Total246.0 m²

House Plans with Large Covered Back Porchs

house plans with large covered back porches
14 x 20 m House
Entry1.9 m²
Hall3.5 m²
Living13.5 m²
Study8.2 m²
kitchen-dining room44.1 m²
Service yard10.1 m²
Cupboard1.3 m²
Bathroom 13.7m²
Corridor11.9 m²
TV room12.1 m²
Bedroom 19.6 m²
Bedroom 210.2 m²
Bedroom 311.1 m²
Bathroom 27.3 m²
Bedroom Suite24.5 m²
Dressing room6.2 m²
Suite Bathroom8.7 m²
Terrace40.5 m²
Garage35.2 m²
Total263.6 m²

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