Modern House Plans

With various examples of Modern House Plans on one and two-story, with a balcony, where an integration of life inside the houses and nature outside is achieved. Views of the park or the garden are options to consider.

Two Story Modern House Plan with Garage

A modern house model of 10×10 meters with two floors is presented, with an imposing façade design, with lines and planes emphasizing horizontality.

Obtaining the best view of the street or the outside is one of the architectural requirements. To have this possibility, the design of at least one balcony on the façade is almost essential.

Two Story Modern House Plan with Garage
Two Story Modern House Plan with Garage.

Constructive elements of concrete are harmoniously combined with sequences of planes of aluminum and glass carpentry. On the ground floor, the planter is combined with the mezzanine balcony.

To the left is the covered garage, which at the same time constitutes the covered access to the house.

two-story Modern House Designs,
Two-story Modern House Design in 3D.

On the ground floor, access to the house is through the garage. Once you enter, we have the access stairs to the upper level and the bathroom for social use.

In this example of two-story modern house designs, the STAIRS are located next to the entrance hall, with good natural lighting and visuals to the outside of the house.

On the other hand, the living room is the space that articulates all the other areas and from it you can see the entire ground floor.

The kitchen and dining room are in continuous spaces, in a more private situation. From the garage, it would also be possible to directly access the kitchen, opening an access door from the outside.

THE MEASURES OF THE KITCHEN comply with the regulations and its design is very interesting: independent from the living room, open to the dining room, with a small bar and views of the exterior garage.

Both from the living room and from the dining room it is possible to access a back patio with an area of ​​10m².

Sala de estar de la casa moderna de 10x10 metros
Interior de sala de estar pequeña
comedor y cocina de la casa moderna de 10x10 metros
Cocina – comedor

On the upper floor there are 3 bedrooms, where each one could accommodate a double bed. However, in the third bedroom there are two single beds.

Diseño de Dormitorio principal con baño y walking closet
Diseño de dormitorio principal con baño y walking closet.

The master bedroom has a private bathroom with measures of a full bathroom and walking closet. For the other two bedrooms another small modern bathroom is interspersed.

10 x 10 two-story modern house plan.
10 x 10 Two-story modern house plan.

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