Modern Prefab Tiny Homes

Modern prefab tiny homes have gained little popularity to date, as they offer great advantages for their buyers or owners, such as quick construction and lower sales prices, among other features.

The advantage of reducing costs compared to “normal” houses is striking for anyone who wants to have their own house without having to invest all their savings or go into debt for years.

There are really differents companies that are dedicated to building prefabricated houses, although there are some with interesting proposals.

Modern Prefab Tiny Homes
Modern prefab small home design.

On the other hand, there are many young people and families who want to have their own home, but it is the cost of the construction, the land and the materials that constitute impediments to their purposes.

Is it a Good Decision to Buy a Modern Prefab Tiny Home?

First of all, a well-designed and built prefabricated house offers the same guarantees as a conventionally built house. Really, there should be no skepticism regarding manufactured homes, as rather, it is a form of construction that offers benefits.

For example, the cost of building modern prefab tiny homes can be 30 to 40% cheaper than a normal house, including its finishes. A 60 sqm house can be built starting at 10’000 USD. 

If you want to know what are the PRO AND CONS OF MANUFACTURED HOMES, follow this link, it can clarify many doubts about it.

Having a modern prefab tiny home must be easy to find, as there are many companies with good experience and knowledge in this type of construction. 

Loans for this type of house may be scarce and little requested, so some banks may not have credit options for this type. Modern prefab home designs should increase, so there will probably be more and more options to obtain them.

Modern Prefab Tiny Home with Wood

Prefabricated wooden houses in are in fashion, and this is due to their cheaper prices and speed of construction, among other advantages of prefabricated wooden houses.

Industrially prefabricated wood has come to stand out in recent years as one of the most used materials for housing construction. Among its many advantages, the following can be mentioned.

  • it is an ecological material
  • energy efficient
  • durable
  • easy to work
  • nice to look at and touch
  • ideal for designing home interiors
  • functionally it is very versatile

Modern Prefab Tiny Home Designs with Wood in Mexico

Santa Fe Cabins

Santa Fe Cabins is a company located near the Azteca Stadium, in Comuneros Santa Ursula, Mexico City. Among their offers of wooden houses, there are wooden log houses, “giving the appearance of a cabin but actually being a strong, resistant and beautiful-looking house”, as they put it.

They have more than 50 models of wooden houses to choose from. Due to the speed they propose that they can install a wooden house, (very few days), it is comparable with prefabricated wooden houses.

Prefabricated Wooden Houses in Mexico

The Andes Wooden Houses

The Andes Wooden Houses is a company located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Among its offers are the construction of cabins and prefabricated wooden houses. 

The company Los Andes Casas de Madera has its own manufacturing plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, which allows it to “deliver projects in real time,” according to themselves.

Sale of Prefabricated Wooden Houses in Mexico

As an interesting fact, they state that “all the wood used in the construction of our Prefabricated Houses and Prefabricated Cabins goes through a series of quality standards and  vacuum-pressure impregnation treatments , which allows us to deliver high-quality wooden homes and great durability.

How Much does a Modern Prefab Tiny Homes cost?

To get a better idea, a prefabricated wooden house of 60 square meters has an approximate cost between … Continue Reading

Cheap Modern Prefab Tiny Homes

Modern Tiny Prefab House

Here I propose an interesting option of prefabricated houses in Mexico. Specifically, the company is based in Mexico City, and offers very interesting and modern designs of prefabricated houses from containers.

Modern Prefab Tiny Homes

The houses that the company VMD builds and sells are simple but modern. They are primarily based on shipping containers, but achieve an admirable level of design and finish.

This type of house is to a certain extent economical, since its construction is carried out quickly and implies a low ecological impact. They are houses that can be easily modified and can even be made to specific requests by the client.

Modern Prefab Tiny Homes in mexico

VMD company offers include Models of various sizes. For example, houses 12.3 meters long and 37 square meters.

 This prefabricated house model has 1 bedroom, 1 full bathroom, living room – dining room, kitchen and laundry center. In the case of the terrace, it is quoted separately.

3d prefab house plan in mexico

Prices of Modern Prefab Tiny Homes in Mexico

The price of this prefabricated house model with 37 m2 is about 550 USD. They also offer other models of different sizes, at a lower price.

What is included in this VMD Prefabricated House

This prefabricated house not only includes the container, with its doors and windows, but also all the interior finishes, lighting, floors, insulation, closets, and furniture and equipment for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

modern prefab homes inside

In addition, the exterior includes basic lighting, a heater for two people, the high-quality finish of the façades (Viroc ®), acoustic insulation, anticorrosive, double acoustic glass, among others.


If you are interested in acquiring a new modern prefab tiny home, you should study well the characteristics of this type of housing and construction, and try to find good suppliers like this VMD.

At least, to say from the images of the PREFABRICATED HOUSES that they offer in their different models, and the level of quality of their finishes, they can be a great option.

When making your final decision, you will have to take into account your needs and those of your family, the available budget and the amenities offered by the manufactured home builder.

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