Modular Homes Price: Examples for Sale

Let’s see modular homes price, with examples for sale and their characteristics. The type of modular house that sells the most in the market: modular house designs built.

Container houses or prefabricated houses made from shipping containers can be up to 40% cheaper than traditional houses.

Container Modular Homes Price for Sale

It is very difficult to establish approximate prices for marine container houses, since different characteristics affect this, such as the size of the containers, the distance of purchase and shipping.

Modular Home Price examples for sale

It is not the same a new or second-hand modular home for sale, the quality of the design, architectural and interior design, or if they are houses with sustainable energy design.

Next, we’ll see several examples, among which their sale prices are discussed.

Container Modular Home Prices For Sale: Spain

Container houses might seem at first glance to be an unaesthetic option, however, each time, they manage to open up more space within the real estate market, due to their wide possibilities of design and customization.

Design of a Container House – House of 3 Containers

The following is a modular maritime container house designed in Spain, which has among its objectives, to reduce investment and construction costs for a home.

Container Modular Home Prices For Sale: Spain
Modular house with 3 shipping containers.

Among its main characteristics we have a modular housing construction from 3 maritime containers of 40 feet long, so it has a total useful area of ​​90 sqm.

This version of the “Kubo modular house is a Spanish project created by the firm Basoko, which states among its work premises: “how to innovate and how to incorporate new aspects into our projects”, says Jaime Garcés, promoter of the Basque company project.

modular container house
View of modular industrial container house.
modular industrial container house
Top view.

This PREFABRICATED HOUSE PLAN is made up of 3 shipping containers, arranged in a “U” shape, with the central container resting (as a kind of bridge) on the two end containers. 

In this way, there is an open space (central space) on the ground floor, which would function as a terrace or garden.

This modular house layout is over 2 floors with a metal STAIR DESIGN in L-shape that connects the two levels. 

The use of 2 floors offers day and rest separated zones, and different exterior and interior areas.

Modular Houses Spain
Central space as terrace (or garden).

The outdoor terrace of the house can be perfectly integrated with nature. Under the container, a rest area has been defined. 

On the other hand, on the roof of the upper container, a terrace with artificial grass has been set up.

Interior Layout of a Container House

Its interior spaces include a bedroom with a dressing room, a work area, a kitchen with an island and a living room with a fireplace.

Interior design of a container house.

The Kubo modular house has the following distribution:

  • Ground Floor: an open concept space with a living room, a fireplace, dining room and kitchen in the same container. In addition, it has a porch and terrace.
  • First Floor: has a terrace and a master suite , which includes a work area and a dressing room.
View towards the kitchen-dining room.
In the background, living room.
Living room.

Another of its characteristics is its interior lighting design, using modern-style luminaires.

Bedroom, interior decoration.
Kitchen-dining space.

Interior Design of a Container House

Kubo is a container house that has been decorated based on industrialized wood (with its particular textures and tones) in combination with elements in black, such as door and window frames, furniture and interior equipment.

The containers of this prefabricated house offer the possibility of great natural lighting, with large glass windows. Two terraces help to increase the luminosity of the interior.

Natural and indirect lighting, in the bedroom.

The interior design of the bedroom is very cozy. Using very few elements, a pleasant environment has been created, with natural elements and materials.

Interior of the bathroom , with the toilet in black, and the walls in industrial wood.

The furniture has been made to measure, combining the same range of colors and textures, in black and wood.

Careful interior design.
Possibility of wide views to the outside.

Energy saving is one of the benefits of this modular house construction. Inside, all the walls are covered with sheets of industrialized wood and in its interior chamber, it has thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing the thermal load that needs to be transformed.

For Garcés, promoter of the project, ” it maintains all the qualities of a conventional home, without losing comfort or exquisiteness in the design and interior decoration.”

Shipping Container Houses with Price

Modular House with a Container

This 34 sqm container house has a self-sustaining design, through the placement and use of solar panels on the roof . 

Its installation has just been carried out in the vicinity of Cuenca, a small town in Spain. The project comes from the Madrid architecture studio Delavegacanolasso and the consultant Ricardo de Zulueta.

Modular House with a Container
Small container house, with Nordic style interior decoration.

The 100% prefabricated modular house in Spain, by Tini® , is a type of modular construction that is very quick to carry out, with a delivery in just 60 days.

Modular House with a Container
Mini house that can be transported by truck, and be completely finished in its final place .

This design is a modular construction style similar to the one chosen by Elon Musk in his foldable house that assembles in one day.

Shipping Container Houses
The porch area is very interesting to spend the afternoon in the middle of nature.

The design and quality of the materials, both for the facades and the interiors, have been crucial in this project. 

Exterior view at dusk.
Shipping Container Houses
The facades of the container houses have been covered by sheets of corrugated galvanized steel, giving it a very contemporary expression.

The mini HOUSE DESIGN is very sustainabl ,  with great thermal insulation, installed in a raised area to make the most of natural lighting and solar radiation.

Exterior finish using corrugated galvanized zinc sheets.
View of the rear façade

Interior Design of a Modular House with a Container

Inside, the small modular construction has walls and ceilings covered in laminated wood, with a very characteristic texture.

Interior of a container house
Interior of a container house.

The floor is finished with oak wood and the furniture also uses wood with its warm textures and colors.

This type of interior decoration is very common in mini houses, obtaining very pleasant results in small portable houses.

View of the access to the mini house.
Modular Home Price with Floor Plans
Interior design of a modular single container house

Modular Home Price with Floor Plans

Looking at the floor plan, it is a unique interior space, with an open layout that allows you to cover the entire space at once.

Modular Home Price with Floor Plans
The floor has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The large steel and glass door area of ​​the main access allows great light and spectacular views from the interior. 

In this way, the natural environment and the interior space come together in total harmony.

The bedroom is very bright with enviable views to the outside.

The bathroom has been located behind the kitchen and is perfectly equipped with modern furniture and accessories, with a scandinavian style interior design.

Front elevation of container house.

The modular home price of a 40-foot container house, with these characteristics and quality of its finishes, is usually in the order of 45’000 EUR.

Design of the sink, with a wood finish.
Photos of interior decoration. Photo credits, Paco Marín .

40ft Container Modular Home Price for Sale

The following is an example of a cheap modular house with a container home typology, to build from a 40-foot long container.

40ft Container House

This is a beautiful shipping container home in a rustic interior decorating style. Homes with a 40 foot long shipping container typically have a usable area of ​​30 square meters.

The main premise of interior design is to make the best use of the reduced space that you have, combining it with a functional distribution and a decoration that accompanies you in an intelligent way.

In this example, a beautiful rustic decoration is achieved , creating a pleasant interior environment, especially by relying on the use of natural wood, a classic analogy with the rural environment that surrounds the house.

A door and window on the longest side of the container, and a sliding glass door on the far right, allow natural light to enter the social area.

The kitchen is equipped and furnished with top of the line furniture in a modern and comfortable style.

In the bedroom we can find a bunk-style bed, with wooden and iron shelves.

The combination of wood and white ceramic gives an elegant touch to the complete bathroom.

Manufactured Homes Floor Plans and Price

Steel and Wood Modular Home Price for Sale

This is a modular steel container house. It is made from 2 containers, one of 40 feet (bottom) and the upper container of 20 feet long. 

Modular Houses Prices and Models
Exterior view towards the entrance

According to Chinese manufacturers, it has a useful life of 20 years.

The price of this 2-story modular home is 46’625 EUR and has a surface area of ​​60 square meters (1m² costs 710 euros).

The house has 2 floors that are connected by an external staircase. It has a main room with bathroom, and a terrace.

prefabricated modular house side view
Side elevation.

From an aesthetic point of view, its exterior design is very attractive and modern.

Steel and Wood Prefab Modular House
Modular House Designs, prices and model.

It can be personalized, either by adding new spaces or by modifying its interior layout.

This PREFABRICATED HOUSE is available on AliexPress .

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