Modular Precast Concrete Homes

Different examples of modular precast concrete home. Models to manufacture and build a prefab houses, with different materials and construction technologies.

Modular Precast Concrete Home, to Live 100 Years

A modular precast concrete home, designed and built based on reinforced concrete. This precast house design, have a net area of ​​45 square meters, and could be perfectly inhabited for 100 years.

The modular concrete house has been designed by the company Grandio. The so-called HÜGA House, could be classified as MODERN PREFAB TINY HOMES, lofts, mobile homes or modular homes, since it has characteristics of all these types of houses.

Modular Precast Concrete Homes

Description of the Prefab Concrete House

The Grandio Company, which is directed by a group of professors and architects, states that it is a “safe and resistant, prefabricated house, with the added advantages of its price and flexibility”.

Argentine Prefabricated House

The measurements of this example of PREFABRICATED HOUSES of reinforced concrete are 11 meters long by 3.9 meters wide and 3.9 meters high.

Modular Precast Concrete Home, to Live 100 Years

With a design that allows it to be a 100 % mobile home, the mini house “is delivered fully equipped”, that is, “you only connect electricity, water and sewers”.

Considering HOW LONG DOES A MANUFACTURED HOME LAST, it could be considered a “nearly indestructible” mobile home, which “can be installed in a single day without the need for a foundation”.

According to Grandio architects, “the house can even remain intact after being buried”.

Prefabricated Houses Argentina interior

Grandio’s designers used their 77 years of combined experience to create a transportable small house, that could be placed anywhere. 

This modular concrete house is capable of withstanding weather events, such as heavy snowfall or large-scale tropical storms, and even terrain.

Inside a Modular Precast Concrete Home

indoor prefab house

The 45-square-meter floor plan is complemented by a set of large panoramic windows that give it plenty of natural light, making the interior space feel more spacious.

models of Prefabricated Houses Argentina

As can be seen in this photo, the interior of the Argentine prefabricated house has been designed with light colors, and an example of SMALL SPACE STAIR DESIGN.

space-saving stairs

As we had previously stated, it is a loft-style house model.

On the ground floor, we have a single integrated social space and double height (or better, height and a half), with the living room with a sofa, bar seats and the small kitchen. After these, the full bathroom and a room at the end are located.

modern Modular Precast Concrete Home

The sliding windows can be closed with folding metal screens that act like an awning when folded up.

On the mezzanine, “there is enough space for a small bedroom”, which completes the set of spaces of the Argentine prefab house Huga House, conceived by the designers of Grandio.

Prefabricated House Argentina bathroom interior

This Argentinian prefab house is available in one or two bedroom models, although both options include the additional mezzanine, bathroom, built-in storage, kitchen and living room. 

Undoubtedly, an interesting CONCRETE HOUSE DESIGN.

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