Steel Prefab Homes

One of the reasons for the boom in steel prefab homes is their ease and speed of construction, and companies are constantly looking for and making new proposals in this regard. Let’s see examples below.

Steel Prefab Homes under 100K

Dev Desai Architects and Associates (DDAA) is a studio from India founded in 2020 that has designed various prefab house models with interesting architectural forms. 

Below we analyze a model that is assembled with all the furniture and interior equipment  in just a few weeks.

This model was originally created in response to a request from a couple of clients, who wanted to settle in a forest area, and take advantage of the existing possibilities of nature.

Prefab Steel Frame House
Conceptual model of the prefabricated house with steel structure.

The main façade stands out for the use of large glass areas, allowing you to enjoy unique views. 

According to the company, its ideal location would be in forests, mountains or coastal areas, fully integrating with the landscape.

View of the integration with the landscape.

This model of prefabricated steel houses has been named A24, a proposal for a prefabricated steel house with a useful area of ​​21 square meters.

Its design stands out for its volumetrics with a futuristic and innovative appearance, although it also recalls the traditional country cabin style.

Looking at the main façade, it has a pentagonal and glazed shape, reflecting the elements of the environment and in turn integrating itself into the environment that surrounds it, from the point of view of architectural design.

Construction Process of a Prefabricated Steel House

Below are photos of the construction process of this prefabricated steel house.

Construction Process of a Prefabricated Steel House
Hoisting of precast steel elements .
Steel Prefab Homes under 100K
Assembly of the prefabricated steel elements of the roof .

The main structural elements of the house, made up of trusses with steel profiles, have been built in the factory, to then be hoisted and assembled, like sandwish panels, in the final place where the small prefabricated cabin is implanted.

This undoubtedly brings savings in construction times.

Dev Desai Architects and Associates (DDAA).
Steel Prefab Homes under 100K
Finished house.

Interior Design of Prefab Steel House

Inside it stands out for its comfort and simplicity. The large glass panels allow spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, while letting light into the interior.

This mini prefabricated steel house also has an interior lighting design that gives it a modern and cozy touch.

Bedroom interior design.
Interior design of the bathroom and kitchen.

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are fully equipped with all the comforts, thus being a very modern small house.

The floors are made of walnut wood and the walls are covered with finishes in dark colors, making analogies with the materials and textures of the forest.

This is a ONE BEDROOM HOUSE DESIGN, with one bathroom and a living room with kitchen, as shown on the plan.

steel prefab house plant
Plan view.
Elevation of steel prefab house
Front elevation.

Despite its small size, the steel modular home also has a small storage space, which is accessed from the outside.

The exterior form, its structure and the general design remain fixed, although the client could redistribute elements of the INTERIOR DESIGN, adapting them to his own tastes and needs.

Section of prefab steel house
Architectural section.
Elevation b of prefab steel house
Side elevation.

An interesting option for a MODULAR HOME, to be installed both in rural areas and in the city. 

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