Advantages of Living in a Tiny House, and Disadvantages

Undoubtedly, there are advantages of living in a tiny house. The same in big cities, as in the countryside, it is increasingly common to live in a house with little space. Next, we will see what are the advantages of living in a small house , and its disadvantages .

What does Tiny House Mean?

First, it would be interesting to try to define what a small house is. This concept may vary depending on the point of view being analyzed, or the region where you live.

It can be considered that a house is small, when it has less than 50m2 of area. However, certain conditions can make the 50 sqm look larger or smaller.

House of 50 square meters.
House of 50 square meters.

If the small house is located in a place where all are 50 SQUARE METER house designs , and complies with habitability regulations, then small is a normal size. If a large house or a mansion is built next to that same 50 sqm house, then it will be perceived as a tiny house…

What are Tiny Houses?

Many factors can change the perception of a small house, such as the number of people living in it, or the height of the ceiling, the interior design, ventilation and lighting, the climate of the place, if it has a garden, the expectations of the family, among others.

In some regions, low-income housing can be between 30 and 50 square meters, (for example, in ONE BEDROOM HOUSE PLANS and layouts). Something similar happens if we analyze the measurements of a LOW COST 2 BEDROOMS house design.

In the United States, “Tiny Houses” that are less than 50 square meters, in different types, are very popular. They can be PREFABRICATED HOUSES , mobile homes, wooden houses, among others.

Advantages of Living in a Tiny House, and Disadvantages
Tiny House.

What is it like to Live in a Small House?

Having a small house may not be so difficult if we do a good economic analysis, and prepare a good strategy to BUILD A TINY HOUSE WITH LITTLE MONEY. So, here’s one of the advantages of small houses: they cost less to build.

A great tip for living in a small house is to have a garden in front. Gardens can increase people’s quality of life, improving the physical and psychological environment.

Advantages of Living in a Tiny House

Among the advantages of living in a tiny house are the following:

  • Minor Lot. They require less area or plot of land to build, since all the spaces are close.
  • Best Location. It will be easier to live in a city center, or in a slightly more exclusive area. In city centers, the cost of land increases, so it would be cheaper to build a small house. If you plan to rent, you can opt for a small apartment of 40 square meters, for example. You will be able to live in the heart of the city, lowering rental costs.

  • More Economic . More economical houses, in terms of the use of the useful surface. Being houses WITH SIMPLE DESIGNS, they require less construction materials and labor. Likewise, its construction would be faster. They can be self-built houses.
  • They agree in cold climates. In places with cold climates, ECONOMIC AND COMPACT houses work efficiently, retaining interior heat and better protecting themselves from the cold outside temperature.

living in a tiny house of 1 floor , of 36m2.
Economic houses of 1 floor, of 36m2.

  • Introverts. For families who want introverted house designs, they are more convenient, since they have less carpentry area (especially windows), with the consequent economic savings.
  • Minimalist Small Houses. If you also opt for a minimalist or Nordic decoration , you will get a spacious look, and you will avoid feeling overwhelmed by being surrounded by a lot of things in small spaces.
  • Colors . The most appropriate colors are white, green or blue, the latter especially if they are light. Light colors give a more spacious feeling to a small space.
  • Less Furniture. We like our home to be comfortable, although it can be more expensive. It will be easier and cheaper to decorate modern TINY house designs. The less square meters, the less furniture.

It is recommended that you let the space breathe and do not overload it.

  • Easy Construction. This is one of the great advantages of living in a small house. Houses with few spaces and smaller area are easier to build. Similarly, you can choose to buy a small prefab house and customize it.
  • Less Power Consumption. By having only the necessary rooms and with the required area, you will need less electricity consumption, for lighting and ventilation. It is good to have large windows, and avoid the use of artificial ventilation (air conditioners).

Disadvantages of Living in a Tiny House

To do a whole breakdown of pros and cons of living in a tiny house, we have to consider the disadvantages too, and these are…

How does it Affect Living in a Small House?

“The houses, of the type of social interest houses, are being made smaller and smaller and they leave practically no green area to make the most of the land and then the quality of life of the person is greatly diminished because we are talking about that for A person needs an adequate physical and psychological environment to develop”, he affirms.

Custom Furniture. To optimize the space, in the best way, you should make your furniture to measure. For example, in the kitchen, you must be smarter with the appliances, so that everything fits comfortably.

Overcrowding. Even if the house is small, overcrowding should be avoided. Closed spaces often generate stress, affecting people’s health. It is necessary to leave free spaces and gardens, which delimit the property, improve privacy in a general sense, and therefore, the quality of life.

Lack of Privacy . Sometimes it can result in a loss of privacy, especially in the bedroom. Although the house is small, the necessary privacy must be guaranteed. Each person, sister or brother, couple of wife and husband, must have their own independent space, where they sleep and rest.

Spaces for Conversation. There may not be enough space to have an independent social exchange, inside the house. There must be a space that allows for private conversations, even family discussions. Certain conversations between adults can affect children, who do not understand what is happening. This influences your education.

To conclude, I suggest you see these SMALL MODERN HOUSE DESIGNS, with one and two floors. They can be very useful.

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