13 x 70 House Plans Design

13 x 70 House plans design for narrow lots. On 4-meter frontage lots, 20-meter-long houses are configured, with dividing walls and an interior patio with light, with 1 and 2 floors.

Distribution solutions are shown to build narrow houses with habitable and comfortable spaces, with garages and swimming pools.

13 x 70 House Plans Design

13 * 70 feet 2 Story House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and Garage

This first example shows an elongated 2-story house with the central area occupied by vertical circulation and a small skate, which separate the general floor into 2.

The small internal patio has the important function of ventilating and illuminating the central spaces of the house, which has been considered with dividing side walls.

Thus, the living room is in front (once we have passed the access with the garage) and towards the back, the kitchen-dining room, and a complete bathroom. Also included is the possibility of exit to the bottom.

12 by 70 house design
12 x 70 ft ground floor plan
12*70 House Plan
12 x 70 ft top floor plan

On the upper level, another bathroom is distributed, located in the center, in such a way that it is accessible from each of the three bedrooms.

Both from the front and from the back, you can go outside, through two small balconies. These, in turn, contribute to ventilation and natural lighting.

13×70 ft House 
Top floorArea Area
Circulation117 sq ft10.9 sqm
Study75 sq ft7.0 sqm
Bathroom 259 sq ft5.5 sqm
Bedroom 1163 sq ft15.2 sqm
Balcony 132 sq ft3.8 sqm
Bedroom 269 sq ft6.4 sqm
Dressing room29 sq ft2.7 sqm
Bedroom 3125 sq ft11.6 sqm
Balcony 313 sq ft1.2 sqm
Total Upper Floor691 sq ft64.3 sqm
Low levelArea Area
Garage174 sq ft16.2 sqm
Garden39 sq ft3.6 sqm
Living room191 sq ft17.8 sqm
Ladders58 sq ft5.4 sqm
Circulation36 sq ft3.3 sqm
Kitchen-dining room196 sq ft18.2 sqm
Departure29 sq ft2.7 sqm
Bathroom 141 sq ft3.8 sqm
Whole Ground Floor763 sq ft71.0 sqm
Grand Total1454 sq ft135.3 sqm

This type of elongated housing with blind side walls is common to find in the centers of large cities, where free space is scarce, and lots of land cost more.

House Plans of 4 × 20 meters 2 Floors between Blind Walls

Another example with blind side walls, for lots between party walls. The general distribution scheme is maintained with respect to the previous one, but it differs by having a straight staircase, which allows the central light patio to be expanded.

12 by 70 house design
4x20m house, first level
20 x 70 ft top floor plan
4x20m house, second level

On the upper level, now only 2 bedrooms and a bathroom are distributed, allowing for amplitude to be gained in each space.

The 2 balconies (which could have wider doors and thus gain natural lighting and ventilation) and the study area are maintained.

4×20m house 
Top floorAreaArea
Corridor81.7 sq ft7.6m²
Study102.1 sq ft9.5 m²
Bathroom81.7 sq ft7.6m²
Bedroom 1164.5 sq ft15.3 m²
Balcony 140.9 sq ft3.8 m²
Bedroom 2173.0 sq ft16.1 m²
Dressing room23.7 sq ft2.2 m²
Balcony 2129.0 sq ft1.2 m²
Total Upper Floor681.6 sq ft63.4 m²
Low levelAreaArea
Living room191.4 sq ft17.8 m²
kitchen-dining room189.2 sq ft17.6 m²
Cleanliness20.4 sq ft1.9 m²
Circulation66.7 sq ft6.2 m²
Garage168.8 sq ft15.7 m²
Pantry36.6 sq ft3.4 m²
Wardrobe10.8 sq ft1.0 m²
Whole Ground Floor684.8 sq ft63.7 m²
Grand Total1366.3 sq ft127.1 m²

Simple 13 x 70 House Plans Design with 2 Bedrooms

Interesting distribution of a simple 12 x 70 feet house plan on one-story.

The right side wall is left without holes, but opening a large part of the house towards an exterior side corridor, which functions as an internal patio, and naturally ventilates and illuminates 4 of the 6 spaces in the narrow house.

12 x 70 feet house plan
12 x 70 feet simple house plan

The plan shows 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms, located towards the ends, with the central core occupied by the social area: living room, dining room, kitchen.

The location of the furniture allows a comfortable circulation, without the need to generate extensive corridors.

The bathroom for common use, located near the entrance, would be ventilated through a skylight or skylight, attached to a closet intended for storage.

13x70m HouseAreaArea
Hall43.0 sq ft4.0 m²
Bathroom 134.4 sq ft3.2 m²
Bedroom 181.7 sq ft7.6m²
Wardrobe4.3 sq ft0.4 m²
Living room162.3 sq ft15.1 m²
Kitchen-dining room117.2 sq ft10.9 m²
Bedroom 2152.7 sq ft14.2 m²
Bathroom 236.6 sq ft3.4 m²
External Circulation69.9 sq ft6.5 m²
Total702.0 sq ft65.3 m²

12 feet by 70 feet House Plans with Garage

This 70 feet long (20-meter-long) design includes a garage, and its distinctive feature is that access to the house occurs in half. This would add a little more privacy in the face of the urban public space.

12 feet by 70 feet House Plans with Garage
4×20 house plan with one-story garage

Although useful interior area is lost, since the access is in the middle, it makes the different spaces closer (to the entrance), reducing the loss of area due to this concept of circulation.

At the back of the house there is an interior patio, to better ventilate and illuminate the spaces closest to it, considering the house with 2 blind side walls.

12×70 ft house Area Area
Dining room157.0 sq ft14.6 m²
Kitchen room68.8 sq ft6.4 m²
Bedroom 197.8 sq ft9.1 m²
Bathroom31.2 sq ft2.9 m²
Bedroom 292.5 sq ft8.6 m²
Total436.8 sq ft41.6 m²

12 Feet by 70 Feet House Map

20 Feet by 70 Feet House Map
12×70 ft house Area
Hall4.4 m²
Bedroom 17.6m²
Bathroom 12.8 m²
Living room15.5 m²
Dinning room kitchen15.0 m²
Circulation1.8 m²
Bedroom 28.7 m²
Bathroom 24.9 m²
Total60.8 m²

If you are looking for house ideas, you might find it very useful to review these HOUSE PLANS with facade designs.

Small 12 by 70 Feet House Plan Design

Another example OF 12 FEET WIDE house plan with one floor and 2 rooms.

Small 13 by 66 Feet House Plan Design
4×20m HouseAreaArea
Dining room281.7 sq ft26.2 m²
Kitchen room82.8 sq ft7.7m²
Corridor73.1 sq ft6.8 m²
Bedroom 1105.4 sq ft9.8m²
Bedroom 2119.3 sq ft11.1 m²
Bathroom34.4 sq ft3.2 m²
Total697.7 sq ft64.9 m²

Simple 13 x 70 House Plans Design

Plan of 1 Floor of 4 by 20 meters with Two Internal Patios

The following model has a living room – dining room, an interior patio and the kitchen, which is naturally ventilated and illuminated through the larger patio.

One bedroom and the bathroom also benefit from a small sled, with a door to access it.

4x20 one-Simple 12 x 70 ft House Plansplans with interior patio
House plan of 4 × 20 meters with measurements

This elongated house can also be built on land between party walls.

Plan of 2 floors of 4 by 20 meters with garage in front and 4 rooms

Two-story 4x20 apartment plan
4×20 plan, ground floor
Plan for Land of 4x20 with 4 rooms
4×20 plan, top floor
4×20m house 
Top floorAreaArea
Living248.3 sq ft23.1 sqm
Corridor115.1 sq ft10.7 sqm
Bedroom 2145.2 sq ft13.6 sqm
Bedroom 369.9 sq ft6.5 sqm
Bedroom 4140.8 sq ft13.1 sqm
Bathroom 244.1 sq ft4.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor763.3 sq ft71.0 sqm
Low levelArea Area
Garage248.3 sq ft23.1 sqm
Dining room215.0 sq ft20.0 sqm
Corridor51.6 sq ft4.8 sqm
Kitchen room69.9 sq ft6.5 sqm
Bathroom 144.1 sq ft4.1 sqm
Bedroom 1140.8 sq ft13.1 sqm
Whole Ground Floor769.7 sq ft71.6 sqm
Grand Total1534.1 sq ft142.7 sqm

 13*66 House Plan with Pool

12 * 70 House Plan
Low level
 13*66 House Plan with Pool
Top floor
13×70 ft House 
Top floorAreaArea
Circulation63.4 sq ft5.9 m²
Bedroom 1162.3 sq ft15.1 m²
To wash25.8 sq ft2.4 m²
Bathroom37.6 sq ft3.5 m²
Bedroom 2152.7 sq ft14.2 m²
Total Upper Floor442.9 sq ft41.2 m²
Low levelAreaArea
Garage215.0 sq ft20.0 m²
Living room148.4 sq ft13.8 m²
Cleanliness26.9 sq ft2.5 m²
Corridor28.0 sq ft2.6 m²
Dinning room kitchen182.8 sq ft17.0 m²
Pool area158.0 sq ft14.7 m²
Whole Ground Floor758.9 sq ft70.6 m²
Grand Total1201.9 sq ft111.8 m²

If you want to see many SMALL HOUSE PLANS, follow this link and you will find other interesting house models.

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