16×16 House Plan: 25 Ideas

25 ideas for 16×16 house plan (5×5 meter) with economic measures and facade designs. Check out these 5 x 5 meter house models for land and small plots.

16×16 House Plan

House plan with 18×18 feet on one floor, small and quite economical, which has 26.9 square meters of useful area and 32 square meters of construction land.

18x18 feet house plan, variant 1.
18×18 feet House plan, variant 1.

Despite the reduced space, it is possible to differentiate the day area from the night area, the areas for social use from the intimate spaces. All the functions of the small 26m2 house are reflected in specific spaces.

18×18 feet House
Living8.3 sqm
Dining-Kitchen5.8 sqm
Closet0.4 sqm
Bedroom8.9 sqm
Bathroom3.4 sqm
Total26.9 sqm

18×18 House Plan with 1 Bedroom Measurements

18x18 House Plan with 1 Bedroom Measurements
Layout of a 18×18 feet house, variant 2.

Starting from a similar concept to the previous 5×5 house example, but with a different distribution of areas and furniture.

Now we see how it is possible to have two entrances or exits to the house of 5 x 5 meters, even avoiding direct views into the bedroom.

There are spaces to watch TV, dining table and chairs, and kitchen. Access to the bathroom is from inside the room.

The measurements to the axis of the walls and interior dividing partitions are reflected. You can choose to build this small functional and comfortable home.

18×18 ft House
Living5.0 sqm
Dining-Kitchen7.6 sqm
Bedroom9.5 sqm
Bathroom3.7 sqm
Closet1.0 sqm
Total26.9 sqm

5.5 x 5.5 meters Floor Plan with 2 Bedrooms

Example of a 18×18 ft house sketch with 2 bedrooms. The largest room can have a double bed to sleep two people.

Plano de Casa de 5x5 con 2 Habitaciones
5.5×5.5 meter apartment plan, variant 3

The location of the bathroom is intercalated, being removed from the social use area. A housing option of just over 25 m2 with 2 bedrooms, which could work for many small families.

5,5×5,5 meters House
Living-Dining6.4 sqm
Kitchen3.5 sqm
Hall1.2 sqm
Bedroom 16.5 sqm
Bedroom 16.1 sqm
Bathroom2.7 sqm
Total26.3 sqm

16×16 feet Tiny Floor Plan

House model of 18 x 16 meters with one bedroom that includes an access portal. The bathroom is located at the back, next to the exit door to a possible exterior patio.

16x16 feet Tiny Floor Plan
16×16 house plan design
18×18 feet Home Plan
Porch1.9 sqm
Living-Dining6.4 sqm
Kitchen5.3 sqm
Bedroom8.0 sqm
Bathroom3.2 sqm
Total24.7 sqm

Two Story 18 x 18 ft Floor Plan

2 Story 18 x 18 small house plan
18 x18 Duplex, ground floor.
Two Story 18 x 18 ft Floor Plan
Upper floor.

Example of a 18×18 feet duplex house with almost 50 square meters. There is a clear zoning of the spaces and functions, both on the ground floor and on the upper floor.

A single bathroom works best if it is located on the second level, giving priority to the bedrooms.

18×18 ft Home Plan
Hallway4.5 sqm
Bedroom 18.2 sqm
Bedroom 26.4 sqm
Bathroom2.8 sqm
Total Upper Floor22.0 sqm
Hall2.3 sqm
Living6.4 sqm
Dining8.0 sqm
Stairs4.3 sqm
kitchen5.2 sqm
Wash1.2 sqm
Total Ground Floor27.4 sqm
Total General49.4 sqm

House Plans of 5.5 x 5.5 meters with Measurements

16x16 ft House plan with Measurements
16×16 ft House plan with Measurements

This could be a small country house of 5×5 meters, with portal space at the main entrance.

16×16 ft House plan
Entry2.4 m²
Hall1.6 m²
Livingroom6.0 m²
Kitchen-Dining6.8 m²
Bathroom2.7 m²
Bedroom6.1 m²
Total25.7 m²

16×16 Floor Plan

Small house of 16 x 16 feet with 1 bedroom. To gain space for daytime living, it might be convenient to put the entrance door to the bathroom from the bedroom.

16x16 Floor Plan with dimensions
16×16 One-story house plan, variant 1
16×16 One-story house
Living4.2 m²
Kitchen-Dining6.4 m²
Bedroom8.6 m²
Bathroom3.1 m²
Total22.3 m²

16×16 Cabin Floor Plans

Another example of SMALL HOUSE PLANS with 25m2 of usable area. Now it is possible to have an entrance and an exit from the house. The main entrance could also be on the front facade.

16x16 Cabin Floor Plans
16×16 house plan with just 1 bedroom.
16×16 House Plan
Living4.8 sqm
Kitchen-Dining5.8 sqm
Hallway2.4 sqm
Bedroom 6.9 sqm
Bathroom3.2 sqm
Total23.1 sqm

Following, more ideas of houses of 5 x 5 meters with their measurements are presented.

5 x 5 meter Simple Floor Plans

5 x 5 meter Simple Floor Plans
Economic house of 5×5 meters
5 x 5 m Simple Floor Plan
Hall2.0 m²
Kitchen5.1 m²
Living-Dining7.1 m²
Bedroom7.2 m²
Bathroom2.8 m²
Total24.1 m²

16×16 ft House Designs

16x16 ft House Designs
24 square meter House plan

In the following variant, the function of the bedroom and that of the living room are located in the same space.

The access to the house would be through the dining room-kitchen, leaving the possibility of a terrace at the back.

It is good to point out that in the studio space, it is possible to have a correct DISTANCE FROM TV TO THE SOFA.

16×16 House Plan
Hall2.0 sqm
Kitchen-Dining4.7 sqm
Great Room14.6 sqm
Bath3.1 sqm
Total24.3 sqm

16×16 2 Storey House Design

16x16 2 Storey House Design
16×16 floor plan, ground floor
5x5 meter 2 Storey House Design
16×16 floor plan, upper floor
16×16 Plan
16×16 Upper FloorArea
Hallway2.7 sqm
Bedroom 18.1 sqm
Bedroom 25.1 sqm
Bath3.8 sqm
Total Upper Floor19.7 sqm
Ground FloorArea
Porch2.6 sqm
Living-Dining12.3 sqm
Entry4.6 sqm
Half Bath1.6 sqm
Kitchen3.5 sqm
Closet0.3 sqm
Total Ground Floor25.1 sqm
Total44.7 sqm

16×16 Floor Plan Single Story

16x16 Floor Plan Single Story
5×5 one-story apartment plan variant 2
16×16 House
Living3.7 sqm
Dining-Kitchen8.3 sqm
Bedroom7.4 sqm
Bathroom2.9 sqm
Total22.3 sqm

16×16 Cabin Plan with Measurements

16x16 Cabin Plan with Measurements
House plan of 5×5 meters.
16×16 ft House
Great Room11.0 sqm
Bath3.0 sqm
Bedroom8.3 sqm
Total22.3 sqm

Do you need SMALL BATHROOM LAYOUT with dimensions?

18×18 ft Studio Plan

Plano Monoambiente de 5x5
House with measures of 5×5 meters
5,5×5,6 meters Home
Porch4.0 m²
Living6.3 m²
Bedroom8.5 m²
kitchen-Diningroom6.3 m²
Bathroom3.0 m²
Total28.2 m²

18 x 18 House Plan

18 x 18 simple House Plan
Country 18×18 house plan
5,5×5,6 House
Porch4.0 sqm
Living6.0 sqm
Bedroom8.2 sqm
Kitchen-Dining6.1 sqm
Bathroom3.0 sqm
Total27.4 sqm

In this way ends a tour of 5×5 meter house plans with measurements. If you wish, you can see other ideas of 20×20 FEET 2 story house, or one-story.

You could also see interesting options about ONE BEDROOM house floor plan.

There are more than 15 factors that you can apply to save resources in construction. You may be interested in knowing HOW TO BUILD THE CHEAPEST HOUSE.

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