2 Bedrooms House Plans Design with Measurements

Several ideas of 2 bedrooms house plans design with measurements and low cost 2 bedrooms floor plans, developed on 1 floor or on two levels.

These two bedrooms small house plans have in common that they have reduced areas but with affordable distributed spaces.

Let’s see examples of low cost 2 bedrooms house plans.

2 Bedrooms House Plans with Measurements
2 BHK house plan with 2 bathrooms.

2 Bedrooms House Plans with Measurements

Small House 6×7 meters Two Bedrooms

This is a one-story 6×7 meters house plan idea. It is a model of a small house that has 2 rooms and a total useful area of ​​33.5 square meters. In addition, it has a covered access portal.

All interior spaces have windows, so they have ventilation and lighting naturally. An economic house plan ideal for small families.

2 bedRooms Small House Plan
House furniture plan of 6 × 7 meters.

2 Bedrooms Floor Plans

10 × 8.5 meters Small House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

2 Bedrooms Floor Plans
Small house of 10 x 8 meters (33 x 26 feet).
Two Bedrooms small house plans pdf.
Two Bedrooms small house plans pdf.

Small House Plans 2 Rooms

9×10 House with 2 Bedrooms One Floor

More ideas, in this case a 80 square meters ​​house plans (860 sq ft). In this kind we have an access portal and also a terrace.

The common spaces, living room, dining room and kitchen are in a 4.5 x 6 meter area. The private spaces, two bedrooms, the bathroom and a laundry closet, are located in a second section (to the back to the right), which gives them more privacy.

Plan of Small House with Two Bedrooms and Terrace
2 bedrooms House Plan
2 Bedrooms house plan idea.
9x10 House Plan with 2 Rooms One Floor
2 Bedrooms small house plan pdf.

Single Floor 2 Bedrooms House Plans

The measurements of the following small 2-bedroom house plan with garage are close to a 10×10 meters plan. As you can see, the common spaces are integrated, including the open kitchen to the living room.

Example of how to distribute a house of 75 square meters with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. In addition, a covered garage area is included.

The small one-story house has an access porch and a reception hall. Later we find the living room – dining room, and the kitchen that is independent.

House of 75 square meters 2 Bedrooms

Plans of Small Houses 2 Bedrooms with Measurements in meters
How to distribute a 800 sq ft house plan.

It is important to note that the circulation areas are minimal, so there are more square meters dedicated to the functional spaces of the house. This is a characteristic of compact floor plan.

In this idea of ​​low 2-bedroom house plans, the 2 bedrooms have privacy in relation to the entrance door, and the bathroom is inserted, with a ventilation window into the interior of the garage, which also includes its own window to recirculate the air. 

Therefore, the ventilation of the bathroom is indirect, but it is something that works well.

House 10x9mArea
Hall2.0 sqm
Dining room20.7 sqm
Kitchen6.6 sqm
Bedroom 110.2 sqm
Bath3.8 sqm
Porch4.5 sqm
Bedroom 210.1 sqm
Hallway1.9 sqm
Garage15.3 sqm
Total75.0 sqm
2 Bedrooms small house plans with measurements.
2 Bedrooms small house plans with measurements.

How to Layout a House with 65 square meters (700 sq ft)

This is a variant of a floor plan that we have already seen before. In this case it is about how to distribute a 65 sqm house with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

In this example, a small bedroom and a service area (patio) for laundry are added. Likewise, the living room – dining room and the kitchenette are a little more spacious.

2BHK House plans with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
2BHK House plans with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
House 7×11.5m (23×38 feet)Area
Hall4.3 sqm
Living- Dining room21.8 sqm
Kitchen7.8 sqm
Hallway4.5 sqm
Bedroom 111.2 sqm
Bath4.0 sqm
Bedroom 26.5 sqm
Service yard4.9 sqm
Area Total65.0 sqm
House plan of 65 square meters 2 bedrooms.
House plan of 65 square meters 2 bedrooms.

Simple House Designs with 2 Bedrooms

80 sqm Small Houses with 2 Bedrooms

Simple House Designs with 2 Bedrooms
Small two bedrooms house plan, open concept.
Plans of Small Houses 2 Economic Bedrooms
2 BHK house plan with dimensions in meters.

Single Two Bedrooms House Plans

Let’s continue to see more ideas about plans and houses with measurements, and their distribution on the floor. Houses with 2 rooms.

2 Bedrooms House of 7 × 10.5 meters

Single Two Bedrooms House Plans
Example of house plans with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

Free Simple Two Bedroom House Plans

Free Simple Two Bedroom House Plans
2 Bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plans.

2 Bedroom 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plans.

8 × 7 meters House Plan

Another example. In this case, the bathroom is inserted between the 2 rooms, while the living room, dining room and kitchen occupy the entire right sector of the house.

2 Bedroom 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plans.
2 Bedroom house plans open floor plan.

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plans

Small House of 5 × 15 meters One Floor

Long narrow one-story house for narrow lots. The façade is 5 meters wide and the plant is 15 meters long. Small house with 2 bedrooms for families of up to 4 people. It also has 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has its own bathroom.

Small house plans 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
Small house plans 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

Two elements that combine perfectly as seen in these images of plans for small houses. Exposed concrete and light stone are used, with natural wood.

Small one-story houses with facade
Minimalist facade of small houses with one floor and 2 bedrooms.
Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plans
Plans for small houses of 5 × 15 meters.

2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans

This is a proposal for a house plan with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with measurements of just over 10x10m. In this case, it is a small house with a porch and terrace that has 121 square meters of useful area.

The social area has its spaces integrated into one, with a living room, dining room and kitchen open to the dining room.

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plans
House plan with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, open floor plan.

On the other hand, the 2 bedrooms are spacious, with the possibility of placing a study table or other types of furniture.

The design of this 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home allows the main entrance to be located at two different points, in front or in the back.

10x10m House
Porch16.4 sqm
Living-Dining-Kitchen44.1 sqm
Hall3.3 sqm
Bedroom 115.7 sqm
Dressing room3.3 sqm
Bath2.9 sqm
Bedroom 214.6 sqm
Going out2.7 sqm
Terrace16.9 sqm
Closet1.4 sqm
Total121.3 sqm
House plan with 2 bedrooms
House plan with 2 bedrooms, portal and terrace.

2 Bedroom Small House Plans

Small Houses with Measures Two Floors 2 Rooms

On the main floor, entering to the right, the social bathroom is placed, and then the kitchen. This allows savings in the construction of plumbing installations , since these would be concentrated in one or two walls.

2 Bedroom Apartment Plans

Small 2 Bedroom House Plans
Small house plans 2 floors.

The living room and dining room are facing the backyard, from where light and natural ventilation can enter, while at the same time achieving a greater exchange of visuals between the interior and exterior.

Small 2 Bedroom House Plans
Plans of small houses with measurements of 2 floors in 3D.

Two Story 2 Bedroom House With Pool

This 2-story two-bedroom small house plan with 3d modern facade design is presented with a family of 3-4 people in mind.

The modern design of the façade with a flat roof topped by a parapet around its entire perimeter stands out.

Facades of Small Houses with two 2 bedrooms and apartments

The combination of colors with light ocher and gray tones are combined with the stone-veneered column and the aluminum profile carpentry and large glass areas. 

All the walls are conceived to be built with concrete blocks, combined with the materials for the structure.

The constructed area of ​​the small duplex house is 81 square meters, while its usable area is 95.4 m2.

The social area of ​​the house has a higher ceiling, than in the kitchen and dining area. This is on the ground floor.

elevation of a small house with 2 floors and 2 bedrooms
Front elevation of a small duplex house.

Let’s move on to see the images of the small 2-bedroom house plans.

Free Simple Two Bedroom House Plans

The layout of the small duplex house is very interesting. It is a house plan for 4 people, distributed on two levels.

Entering we have the living room and to the right the dining room and the straight staircase. 

A dividing wall fulfills the function of separating these two rooms, at the same time that it serves as an accompaniment to the staircase and as a background for the TV unit.

The location of the staircase , towards a central point, allows quick access to it, both from the entrance to the house, from the living room, dining room or kitchen.

The large glass areas on the main façade allow excellent natural lighting.

House Plans with 2 Small Floors and 2 Bedrooms

The dining room and the kitchen are distributed in continuous open spaces, (integrated and fluid spaces), giving the sensation of having greater spatial amplitude. The kitchen and its furniture have a parallel design. At the end is the service patio with laundry room and storage closet.

Small House Plans with 2 bedrooms and two floors
2-bedroom duplex: ground floor.
Small House Plans with 2 bedrooms and two floors
2-bedroom duplex: top floor.

On the other side (to the back), we have the first bedroom with a double bed, wardrobe, set to watch TV and space to place 2 comfortable seats. 

The full bathroom on the ground floor is between the living room and this bedroom, but with the door facing the corridor, that is, without allowing direct views into it.

On the second level, to the right we have 3 private spaces that complement each other: a hall with furniture to watch TV, the master bedroom at the end and the bathroom.

In this distribution on the upper floor, the bathroom, with a countertop and double sink, constitutes a relaxation space with all the views (lying in the tub) towards the front of the house, the pool or the garden.

In the sector on the left, on the second level, the space is left as a roof terrace or for a possible terrace, which can be easily accessed from the hall.

7x11m HouseTwo floors
Top floor Area
Hall10.1 sqm
Bedroom 210.6 sqm
Bathroom 25.9 sqm
Total Upper Floor26.7 sqm
Low level Area
Living17.5 sqm
Dinning room16.4 sqm
Kitchen9.9 sqm
Yard Service3.6 sqm
Bedroom 118.2 sqm
Bathroom 13.1 sqm
Whole Ground Floor68.8 sqm
Total95.4 sqm

Following the link you can see more cheap 2 STOREY 2 BEDROOMS house plans.

House of 7 × 7 meters one Floor and 2 Bedrooms

House plans 2 bedrooms 1 floor with measurements of 7×7 meters on one floor. Here the portal has been placed laterally, thus allowing a part (or all, if desired) of the front façade to be protected by planters.

This small one-story house plan has 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. You can see the measurements of each room, under its description.

House of 7x7 meters one floor and 2 rooms

Small House 2 Rooms With Garden and Terrace

House Plan of 110 m2 with 2 Rooms

A larger house plan, 13.2 x 11 meters. It has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has a dressing room (walk in closet). In addition, the house would have a portal, a terrace and a garden area.

Architecture House Plans with Exact Measurements PDF
House of 11x13mArea
Access3.8 sqm
Hall Access4.7 sqm
Cleanliness1.7 sqm
Hallway6.3 sqm
Living13.3 sqm
Dinning room kitchen17.7 sqm
Terrace9.0 sqm
Bedroom 112.2 sqm
Bedroom 210.6 sqm
Bedroom 38.1 sqm
Bath3.8 sqm
Garage17.8 sqm
Area total110.0 sqm

List of premises of a house with measures of 13 × 11 meters

House Plan of 110 m2 with 2 Rooms

Besides, you can see more 2 BHK INDIAN STYLE house plans with american kitchen.

Two Bedroom Flat Plan

Apartment idea with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The living room is spacious, and the dining-kitchen space is independent.

2 Bedroom Apartment Plans
2 bedroom flat plan drawing.

In all houses, the KITCHEN SIZE must be established according to regulations. It is a social space and services, and must have a correct workflow. In this example we have a U-shaped kitchen open to the dining room, with the possibility of going out to an outdoor patio.

This apartment has 2 bedrooms with double beds and an interspersed bathroom.

The 7 meter wide terrace has enough space to decorate by placing potted plants.

House of 7 x 11.5 m
Living19.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen12.9 sqm
Hall1.7 sqm
Bedroom 18.3 sqm
Bedroom 28.6 sqm
Bath3.2 sqm
Terrace14.9 sqm
Total68.9 sqm
2 Bedroom Apartments
6x6 house plan
If you want to see many more SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS you can follow the link.

Besides, you can see more ideas about LOW COST 2 BEDROOMS house plans.

Two Bedroom House Plans with Garage

Plans of Houses with 2 Rooms and 1 Story

An elongated house with a garage in front. For these reasons, the largest number of rooms are located towards the center and back of the floor. The living room includes a TV set, and also functions as a circulation corridor.

Small 2 Bedroom House Plan with garage

2 bedroom house plans with garage.

Among its advantages is that great privacy is achieved both for the kitchen and for the intimate area.

House plans with 2 bedrooms with garage
Small house plan with garage.

10×10 METERS House Plans with 2 Bedrooms with Garage

Interesting distribution of a one-story house with 90 m2. In this example of 2  -bedroom house plans and a garage , the main access is through a corridor, so there are no direct views to common spaces, such as the living room, dining room-kitchen or bedrooms.

Small one-story two-bedroom house plans
Small one-story two-bedroom house plans.

The design proposes 2 small terraces, one corresponding to the living room and the other to the kitchen and linked to the garage.

The bathroom could also be located between the 2 rooms.

10x10 Small House Plan with Garage
Small house plans with garage.

Small House Plans 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom
2 Bedrooms small house design with modern facade and parking area.

By following the link, you can see 200 examples OF TINY house plans with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. You’ll see that dimensions are arranged along the axes of the walls, expressed in meters, millimeters or feet.

Small House Plans 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom with Measurements

This house plan design is suitable for a lot that is wider than its depth. One of its most interesting characteristics is that it manages to concentrate to a certain extent the area of ​​the hydraulic and sanitary installations (kitchen, bathroom and service patio), with a consequent saving of materials in its construction. This house plan with measurements has 110 square meters.

House of 10 x 7 meters with Exact Measurements
Small house plan 10×7

Another characteristic is that its two bedrooms are located towards the wall of the front façade of the house. Depending on individual tastes, this might not be entirely convenient.

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