20×24 House Floor Plans with Dimensions

Different ideas for 20×24 house floor plans with dimensions, of one and two floors. Tiny house ideas to build on small lots of 20×24 feet.

The architectural programs includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom(s), closet, porch, among others.

20x24 house floor plans

20×24 2 Bedrooms Floor Plans

Different variants are shown for 20×24 2 bedrooms floor plans with one floor. Distributions of functional spaces although somewhat reduced.

20x24 2 Bedroom Floor Plans
Idea for a 24×24 ft apartment floor plan.
20×24 HouseAreaArea
Dining room122.7 sq ft11.4 m²
Bedroom 265.6 sq ft6.1 m²
Bedroom 1109.8 sq ft10.2 m²
Bathroom 238.7 sq ft3.6 m²
Kitchen room25.8 sq ft2.4 m²
Corridor50.6 sq ft4.7 m²
Total413.2 sq ft38.4 m²
20x24 2 Bedroom house Plans

20×24 Cabin Plan Variant 2

Another example of a simple house plan with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

20x24 cabin plans

In a useful area of ​​38.3 square meters, there are two rooms (one of them for a double bed), an integrated living room and dining room, and an independent kitchen. 

The bathroom is located with the common wall to the kitchen. From the kitchen you can go out to the backyard.

Dining room128.1 sq ft11.9 m²
Bedroom 267.8 sq ft6.3 m²
Bedroom 1105.45 sq ft9.8 m²
Bathroom 232.3 sq ft3.0 m²
Kitchen room54.9 sq ft5.1 m²
Corridor22.6 sq ft2.1 m²
Total412.1 sq ft38.3 m²
20x24 cabin floor plans

20×24 1 Bedroom Floor Plan Variant 3

More ideas of house models with living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. In this case, it has a single bedroom, its dressing room, and an internal closet where the washing machine can be located.

20x24 1 Bedroom Floor Plan
20×24 Floor plan with 1 bedroom
20×24 Floor planAreaArea
Living room89.3 sq ft8.3 sqm
Dinning room kitchen125.9 sq ft11.7 sqm
Bedroom97.9 sq ft9.1 sqm
Dressing room30.1 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bathroom44.1 sq ft4.1 sqm
Closet11.8 sq ft1.1 sqm
Total399.1 sq ft37.1 sqm
20x24 small 1 Bedroom Floor Plan

20×24 Tiny House Plan with Measurements Variant 4

This variant shows small living room, dining room and kitchen together, modern style. The kitchen has a direct exit door to the outside. In addition, it has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

All spaces add up to a useful area of ​​35 sqm.

20x24 Tiny House Plan Variant 4
House plan with living room, dining room and kitchen together throughout.
20×24 House
Living room66.7 sq ft6.2 sqm
Dinning room kitchen127.0 sq ft11.8 sqm
Bedroom 162.4 sq ft5.8 sqm
Bedroom 277.5 sq ft7.2 sqm
Hall16.1 sq ft1.5 sqm
Bathroom29.1 sq ft2.7 sqm
Total379.8 sq ft35.3 sqm
20x24 feet house plan with measurements

Floor Plans for 20×24 Cabin

A house plan with 2 rooms, living room and kitchen, with almost 40 square meters. The 2 bedrooms and the bathroom are protected from visuals from the main access to the house, as well as from the living room.

Floor Plans for 20x24 Cabin
24×20 House plan.
24×20 House
Porche45.2 sq ft4.2 m²
Living-Dining-Kitchen165.7 sq ft15.4 m²
Corridor15.0 sq ft1.4 m²
Bedroom 188.3 sq ft8.2 m²
Bedroom 263.5 sq ft5.9 m²
Bathroom35.5 sq ft3.3 m²
Total413.2 sq ft38.4 m²
Floor Plans for 20x24 with 2 bedrooms

20×24 2 Story House Plan Design

A 6 × 7 meter two-story modern house plan. It is a modern duplex house, with an attractive façade design. Compact and functional construction.

20x24 2 Story House Plan Design
Elevation design of 20×24 2 story house.
Facade design of 20x24 2 story house.
Aerial view

20×24 2 Story House Floor Plan with Dimensions

20x24 2 Story House Floor Plan with Dimensions
24×24 feet 2 Story house floor plan with dimensions.
20x24 house design
24×24 meters House plan with 2 floors
20x24 2 story floor plan with dimensions

24×24 ft House Floor Plan

An example of a 24×24 HOUSE FLOOR PLAN with 2 bedrooms on one floor. It is another feasible distribution to carry out in a land area of ​​about 50 SQUARE METERS.

24X24 House plan with dining room and kitchen in a single rectangular environment
House plan with living room, dining room and kitchen in a single rectangular environment.
7×7.3m House
Living room82.9 sq ft7.7 m²
Dinning room kitchen147.4 sq ft13.7 m²
Hall14.1 sq ft1.3 m²
Bedroom 161.3 sq ft5.7 m²
Bedroom 292.5 sq ft8.6 m²
Bathroom32.3 sq ft3.0 m²
Total430.4 sq ft40.0 m²
Plans of Houses of 6x7 Meters

20×24 feet 2 Story 3 Bedroom Floor Plan

Now we have another example of a TINY house plan of 6x7m with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms.

On the ground floor, the social area is separated from the service area (kitchen and bathroom), through the access and circulation hall and the stairs.

20x24 3 bedroom floor plan
Low level
20x24 2 story 3 bedroom floor plan
Top floor

On the second level, the master bedroom has a dressing room, and in addition, two other small rooms and the bathroom can be located.

20×24 House
Top floorArea Area
Hall25.8 sq ft2.4 m²
Bedroom 260.3 sq ft5.6 m²
Bedroom 189.3 sq ft8.3 m²
Dressing room68.9 sq ft6.4 m²
Bathroom 236.6 sq ft3.4 m²
Bedroom 357.1 sq ft5.3 m²
Circulation10.8 sq ft1.0 m²
Total Upper Floor348.6 sq ft32.4 m²
Low levelAreaArea
Hall65.6 sq ft6.1 m²
Dining room162.5 sq ft15.1 m²
Kitchen room68.9 sq ft6.4 m²
Bathroom 156.0 sq ft5.2 m²
Stairs39.8 sq ft3.7m²
Whole Ground Floor392.7 sq ft36.5 m²
Grand Total742.4 sq ft69.0 m²
20x24 2 story floor plan
20×24 2 story floor plan with 3 bedrooms.

Also you can SEE 20×30 FEET house plans with dimensions.

20×24 Small House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

6x7 two-bedroom house plans
House plan of 45 square meters
7.5×6.5 house
Entry22.6 sq ft2.1 m²
Hall64.2 sq ft6.0 m²
Living room93.6 sq ft8.7m²
Dinning room kitchen88.2 sq ft8.2 m²
Bathroom36.6 sq ft3.4 m²
Bedroom 181.8 sq ft7.6 m²
Bedroom 289.3 sq ft8.3 m²
Wardrobe5.34 sq ft0.5m²
Total483.1 sq ft44.9 m²
20x24 Small House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

To see interesting ideas of SMALL MODERN HOUSE PLANS meters, you can use this link. Modern designs of plans of TINY AND ECONOMIC houses, could be useful.

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