20×60 House Plans Design

Interesting ideas for 20×60 House Plans Design with one and two floors with their measurements. Let’s see all the examples of 6×20 meters house designs with several bedrooms, garage, bathrooms, internal patios, among other features.

20×60 House Plans Design

This 20×60 feet house design shows a façade, where its large cantilevered roof stands out, which protects the access portal. It can be distinguished that it is a modern house, with an introverted expression, where the openings or holes for carpentry are minimal.

20x60 House Plans Design
Image of a house facade of 6 by 20 meters.

Facades of one-story 6x20 houses.
Facades of one-story 6×20 houses.

House Plans with Measurements of 6×20 meters

As can be seen in the floor plan, a wide terrace is projected along the entire length of the house, on the right side. The social area is differentiated from the private area by means of a wall that divides the side terrace.

6x20 house with terrace.
6×20 house with terrace.

The small house plan of 6×20 meters, has all the necessary spaces, which include a hall, two bathrooms and a laundry area.

In addition, space is left to build a straight staircase with one branch, for the possible extension to the second level of the house.

Plans of Small and Beautiful Modern One-Story Houses

Modern house design on 6x20 lot.
Modern house design on 6×20 lot.
fachadas modernas pequeñas de un solo piso
House model of 6 by 20.
Casa de 6×20 mun Piso
Hall2.6 m²
Sala – Comedor37.0 m²
Cocina7.8 m²
Galería14.4 m²
Baño4.1 m²
Pasillo2.9 m²
Recámara 113.4 m²
Aseo2.6 m²
Lavadero2.2 m²
Terraza7.6 m²
Portal10.7 m²
Pasillo2.1 m²
Total107.4 m²

Plans of Beautiful Houses with Measures

Facade of modern house of 6x20 meters
Facade of modern house of 6×20 meters

Free 6×20 House Plans

Planos de Casas de 6x20 Gratis con 2 cuartos y cochera
Casa de 6×20Area
Cochera22.1 m²
Sala15.9 m²
Cocina-Comedor12.9 m²
Pasillo4.8 m²
Habitación 19.7 m²
Habitación 213.5 m²
Baño4.3 m²
Galería Exterior9.2 m²
Patio de Servicio9.4 m²
Total101.7 m²

Two Story 20×60 House Plans

House plan with land of 20 feet in front x 60 feet dept and two floors. Being a house with two floors, in an area of 20×60 feet the different spaces can be distributed, achieving greater amplitude in them.

Two Story 20x60 House Plans
6 x 20 2-story house plan
Casa de 6x20m2 Pisos
Planta AltaArea
Pasillo12.7 m²
Habitación 115.8 m²
Balcón4.6 m²
Vestidor4.0 m²
Baño 13.8 m²
Habitación 212.4 m²
Baño 24.7 m²
Habitación 311.2 m²
Baño 34.3 m²
Closet2.2 m²
Total Planta Alta75.7 m²
Planta Baja Area
Sala19.0 m²
Escaleras7.9 m²
Aseo2.3 m²
Pasillo3.4 m²
Cocina-Comedor29.0 m²
Terraza7.0 m²
Closet3.0 m²
Cochera15.8 m²
Total Planta Baja87.4 m²
Total General163.1 m²

20 x 60 feet 2-story House Floor Plan

20 x 60 feet 2-story House Floor Plan
6×20 Apartment Plan
Casa de 6×20  Dos Pisos
Planta AltaArea
Pasillo18.3 m²
Habitación 211.8 m²
Habitación 114.6 m²
Baño 14.5 m²
Baño 24.8 m²
Habitación 316.9 m²
Vestidor4.3 m²
Baño3.4 m²
Total Planta Alta78.5 m²
Planta BajaArea
Cochera31.2 m²
Sala18.4 m²
Escaleras4.4 m²
Circulación5.8 m²
Comedor-Cocina22.5 m²
Lavar2.4 m²
Aseo2.6 m²
Total Planta Baja87.5 m²
Total General165.9 m²

6×20 m Plans

Plans of Houses of 6 Meters Front by 20 Background PDF

On a plot of 20 feet in front x 60 feet in the background, this one-story plan is shown, with space for an open garage, interior patio and 2 rooms.

Planos de Casas de 6 Metros de Frente por 20 de Fondo
House of 20×65 feet with 2 bedrooms

Para organizar y zonificar los ambientes interiores, se separa la sala de estar, quedando el comedor ligeramente retirado y la cocina un tanto independiente. Un patio de luz, separa la zona privada, que cuenta con dos habitaciones y un CUARTO DE BAÑO completo.

Casa de 6 x 20Area
Sala16.1 m²
Aseo2.1 m²
Lavar1.8 m²
Comedor14.2 m²
Cocina6.6 m²
Pasillo7.2 m²
Habitación 18.2 m²
Habitación 210.9 m²
Baño3.5 m²
Total70.6 m²

20 x 65 feet House Plans with Garage

Plan of House with Land of 6 meters of Front x 20 meters Deep

20 x 65 feet House Plans with Garage

Scheme to build a 6×20 house with a garage.
Casa de 6x20mArea
Sala-Comedor27.1 m²
Cocina9.2 m²
Pasillo5.4 m²
Habitación 110.4 m²
Baño3.7 m²
Habitación 211.3 m²
Total67.1 m²

6×20 House Plans with Garage and Measurements

Plan of a 6x20 two-story house with garage and interior patio.
Model of a 6×20 two-story house with garage and interior patio.
Casa de 6×20  Dos Pisos
Planta AltaArea
Hall14.8 m²
Bed 17.7 m²
Bed 29.9 m²
Balcony13.8 m²
Bath 23.9 m²
Living 29.9 m²
Corridor2.5 m²
Bed 36.4 m²
Master Bed 313.0 m²
WC5.0 m²
Bath 33.6 m²
Laundry3.6 m²
Total Planta Alta93.9 m²
Planta BajaArea
Garage29.4 m²
Hall6.7 m²
Bath6.2 m²
CL3.0 m²
CL3.8 m²
Stairs5.6 m²
Kitchen13.2 m²
Inner Yard9.5 m²
Dinning-Living32.9 m²
Total Planta Baja110.4 m²
Total General204.3 m²

6 x 20 meters SMALL HOUSE PLANS

House on Land of 6×20 meters

6 x 20 meters SMALL HOUSE PLANS
Casa de 6x20mArea
Cochera Abierta15.7 m²
Sala12.2 m²
Comedor-Cocina21.5 m²
Circulación5.8 m²
Habitación 19.8 m²
Habitación 25.4 m²
Baño 13.1 m²
Habitación 39.8 m²
Baño 23.0 m²
Terraza12.0 m²
Total98.3 m²

20×65 feet House Plan with Pool

The following example shows the plan for a 6×20 house with a pool and terrace. The social area is integrated, while the kitchen is separated by a partition, although slightly open to the living room.

20x60 feet House Plan with Pool

6×20 floor plan with pool
Casa de 6,5x20mArea
Entrada2.2 m²
Sala-Comedor28.9 m²
Cocina5.1 m²
Aseo2.0 m²
Lavar2.7 m²
Terraza-Piscina21.6 m²
Galería10.2 m²
Habitación 17.3 m²
Baño 13.2 m²
Habitación 38.2 m²
Habitación 211.5 m²
Vestidor4.9 m²
Baño 23.2 m²
Total111.1 m²

6×20 House Plans in One Story

In TINY NARROW AND LONG houses, having interior patios is essential to achieve a good internal climate in the different spaces, and in a general sense throughout the house.

It would be very useful to study the advantages and characteristics of houses WITH INTERIOR PATIO.

Let’s see another example of a house plan WITH 20 FEET WIDE.

House Plans 6x20 One Story
6×20 one-story house plans with garage
Casa de 6×20Area
Entrada2.6 m²
Hall1.3 m²
Sala-Comedor17.2 m²
Cocina7.3 m²
Aseo1.8 m²
Pasillo5.1 m²
Habitación 16.9 m²
Habitación 28.4 m²
Vestidor2.9 m²
Baño3.8 m²
Total57.4 m²

You can also review hundreds of ideas about FLOOR PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS for free.

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