24’x24′ House (Floor) Plans with Dimensions

To build 24×24 Floor Plans, technical information is needed, with its exact measurements, expressed in feet or meters. The 24×24 small house plans with measurements (7×7 meters) that are shown are delimited along the axis of walls, ready to be laid out.

Let’s see house ideas of 24 x 24 feet (about 550 sq ft area).

24×24 Floor Plans

24×24 2 Bedroom House Plan Variant 1

Example of a small house with 2 bedrooms, the living, dining room and kitchen are integrated spaces.

24x24 2 Bedroom House Plan Variant 1
House plan of 7 × 7 meters with one floor and 2 rooms

On the front façade there is a small planter, with the goal of setting the entrance to the access porch and protecting the living room from external views.

Next, let’s see a second variant of this 7×7 meter plan.

24×24 2 Bedroom Floor Plan Variant 2

This variant has an access side porch, 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom inserted between both bedrooms.

24x24 One Story 2 Bedroom House
24×24 one-story house plan.

A good example to live comfortably in less than 600 square feet, with a living room small but functional. The straight kitchen is open to the dining room with a 4 chairs round table. From these two spaces you can access a possible backyard.

24×24 ft House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Porch42 sq ft3.9 sqm
Living-Dining-Kitchen193.1 sq ft17.9 sqm
Hall11.9 sq ft1.1 sqm
Bedroom 1111.0 sq ft10.3 sqm
Bedroom 212.9 sq ft7.2 sqm
Bath31.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Total466.8 sq ft43.3 sqm
Plan for House of 24x24 ft one floor

Free 24×24 Floor Plans Open Concept

Interesting example, with a very efficient use of the available area. We see that living room, dining room and kitchen are integrated and in this way, there is a spaciousness confortable.

Two bedrooms (one with space for a double bed and the second with a single bed), an interspersed bathroom and a general closet, complete the distribution of this 24’x24′ house idea on one level..

2 bedroom 24x24 house plans
2 Bedroom 24×24 house plan.

From the dining room and the kitchen it is possible to go out to a patio on the side.

24×24 Floor Plans 2BHK House

Another example of a 24×24 feet house plan with 2 bedrooms. House with reduced spaces in the living room and dining room.

24x24 2BHK House Plan
Small house 24×24 floor plan.

In addition to having 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, it has a small closet to place the washing machine.

The kitchen is independent, it is straight and has access to the backyard.

All spaces are naturally ventilated and illuminated through out windows on the walls.

24×24 ft House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Dining room134.8 sq ft12.5 sqm
Bedroom 1100.3 sq ft9.3 sqm
Bedroom 2105.6 sq ft9.8 sqm
Bath29.1 sq ft2.7 sqm
Porch51.7 sq ft4.8 sqm
Circulation21.6 sq ft2.0 sqm
Kitchen53.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Wardrobe7.6 sq ft0.7 sqm
Total504.5 sq ft46.8 sqm
House plan of 7x7 meters with 2 rooms
House of 7 × 7 meters with 2 bedrooms.

24×25 3 Bedrooms House Plan

More examples of a 24×24 ft house plan with 3 bedrooms, in this case on just one level.

The layout plan shows the main entrance on the left side. However, the main door could also be located on the front façade.

24x24 3 Bedroom House Plans
Small 3 bedrooms house plan.

It is an open social space, with an L-shaped living, dining room and kitchen.

A central hallway connects the social areas with the three bedrooms and the bathroom. One bedroom has a double bed and the other ones have a single bed.

24×25 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Dining room177.9 sq ft16.5 sqm
Kitchen57.1 sq ft5.3 sqm
Hallway33.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Bedroom 169.9 sq ft6.5 sqm
Bedroom 258.2 sq ft5.4 sqm
Bath32.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom 352.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Total480.8 sq ft44.6 sqm
Plans of Houses of 7x7 meters with 3 bedrooms

2 Bedrooms 24×24 Floor Plans

2 Bedrooms 24x24 Floor Plan
24×25 HouseNet AreaNet Area
Dining room184.3 sq ft17.1 sqm
Kitchen55.0 sq ft5.1 sqm
Hallway21.6 sq ft2.0 sqm
Bedroom 170.1 sq ft6.5 sqm
Hall19.4 sq ft1.8 sqm
Bedroom 272.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Wardrobe9.7 sq ft0.9 sqm
Bath47.4 sq ft4.4 sqm
Total480.8 sq ft44.6 sqm
small house 24x24 house floor plans

24×24 2 Story House Plans

When we go to a 2-story house plan, then you double your square footage using the same footprint. Nevertheless, we also need a careful planning for reaching the best space results.

House Plan of 24′ x 24′ with 3 Bedrooms

This example of 24×24 ft two-story home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. On the lower level, we can see how the social spaces are distributed in a fluid manner, without internal divisions, allowing for greater spatiality and a feeling of spaciousness.

24x24 2 Story House Plans
Low level

Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms, two of them with a single bed and one with a double bed. They are located around a stairs hall, which connects the different spaces, including the bathroom.

House Plan of 24' x 24' with 3 Bedrooms
Top floor

It is worth noting, in this 50 SQUARE METERS house plan, how the 2 bathrooms are located one above the other, concentrating the hydro-sanitary installations, which contributes to saving labor and material resources during the construction process, of the house

24×24 2 Story House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Top floor 
Hall28.0 sq ft2.6 sqm
Bedroom 1102.4 sq ft9.5 sqm
Bedroom 2139.1 sq ft12.9 sqm
Bedroom 395.9 sq ft8.9 sqm
Bathroom 253.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Low level 
Porch186.5 sq ft17.3 sqm
Living-Dining-Kitchen244.7 sq ft22.7 sqm
Circulation42.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Stairs49.6 sq ft4.6 sqm
Bathroom 136.7 sq ft3.4 sqm
Grand Total978.8 sq ft90.8 sqm
House plans of 7x7 meters with 2 floors
Plan of a 7x7m house with two floors.

24×24 2 Bedroom Floor Plan Layout

The following example can be considered as a 450 SQUARE FEET house plan with two bedrooms and a bathroom. To make the most of the available area, the living room, dining room and kitchen are in a single integrated space, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness.

24x24 2 Bedroom Floor Plan Layout

To access ​​private spaces (2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) there is a small hallway, which articulates the two main areas (social and intimate area) while providing some privacy.

From the kitchen and dining room it is possible to go directly to a hypothetical patio on the house side.

24×24 House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Living-Dining-Kitchen253.3 sq ft23.5 sqm
Bedroom 260.4 sq ft5.6 sqm
Bedroom 184.1 sq ft7.8 sqm
Bath45.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Hallway27.0 sq ft2.5 sqm
Total470 sq ft43.6 sqm
470 sq ft floor plan

2 Bedroom 24×24 Floor Plans and Pool

Interesting example of a plan for 24×24 ft house with two bedrooms and a pool in the background.

The layout have the living room, semi-separated from the dining room and the kitchen.

Floor Plan for a 2 Bedroom 24x24 and Pool
Floor plan for a 2 bedroom 24×24 and pool.

The floor is completed with 2 bedrooms, an interspersed full bathroom and the main access porch.

The small pool has different ponds, with different levels of depth, and a circulation slab between them. Over the pool, the construction of a pergola on 4 columns is proposed to filter the sunlight.

24 x 24 ft House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Living room128.3 sq ft11.9 sqm
Bedroom 287.3 sq ft8.1 sqm
Bedroom 175.5 sq ft7.0 sqm
Bath41.0 sq ft3.8 sqm
Porch50.0 sq ft4.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen111.0 sq ft10.3 sqm
Total491.6 sq ft45.6 sqm
House Plan of 7x7 meters with 2 Bedrooms and Pool

24×24 Two Floors House Plan

Example of a house plan of 24×24 feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

This 24×24 meters 2-story house design shows a simple and functional layout. The main entrance is through a covered porch and we immediately find the living room.

House Plans 7x7 with 2 floors
24×24 ft plan, ground floor.

The dining room and kitchen are integrated but independent from the living room, which gives these 2 spaces some comfort and privacy.

24x24 ft plan, upper floor
24×24 ft plan, upper floor.

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The main bedroom has a private bathroom inside.

24×24 House
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Hall58.2 sq ft5.4 sqm
Bedroom 189.5 sq ft8.3 sqm
Bedroom 2122.9 sq ft11.4 sqm
Bedroom 372.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Bathroom 143.1 sq ft4.0 sqm
Bathroom 231.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Total Upper Floor418.3 sq ft38.8 sqm
Low levelNet Area Net Area
Living room121.8 sq ft11.3 sqm
Kitchen- Dining room186.5 sq ft17.3 sqm
Cleanliness23.7 sq ft2.2 sqm
Porch57.1 sq ft5.3 sqm
Hallway46.4 sq ft4.3 sqm
Stairs46.4 sq ft4.3 sqm
Whole Ground Floor481.9 sq ft44.7 sqm
Grand Total900 sq ft83.5 sqm
Plans of Houses of 7x7 of Two Floors
House plan of 7×7 meters with 2 floors.

24×24 Floor Plan with Dimensions

24x24 Floor Plan with Dimensions
24×24 two-bedroom one-story house plan
24×24 ft House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Living room130.4 sq ft12.1 sqm
Bedroom 291.6 sq ft8.5 sqm
Bedroom 172.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Bath46.4 sq ft4.3 sqm
Porch50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Dining room kitchen116.4 sq ft10.8 sqm
Total507.7 sq ft47.1 sqm
House Models 7x7 with 2 rooms

See more ideas of SMALL MODERN HOUSES with measurements and facades.

House Plans with 50 square meters Area

modern small 50 sqm house plans
Houses in 50 square meters
Houses of 50 square meters
Modern small house plan.

Besides, you can see SEE 7×8 METERS house plans with measurements. Here you can find differents ideas about 25×25 FEET HOUSE PLANS (8×8 METERS).

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