24×32 feet House Plan Designs

Interestings designs of 24×32 house plans with modern facades. 24×32 feet floor plans on one and two levels, which show architectural styles and forms that are currently very used.

Ideas for modern houses with 24 feet wide, which can be used for new constructions or house remodeling.

24x32 ft House Design
24×32 ft Modern house design.

24×32 1 Bedroom House Plans

The following house proposal is 24 x 32 feet (7 x 10 meters) home design on one floor with just 1 bedroom, that occupies a net useful area of ​​664 sq ft (61.6 square meters).

24x32 ft House Plan
1-story 7×10 meters House plan.
Porch – Garage201.6 sq ft18.7 sqm
Dining room155.2 sq ft14.4 sqm
Kitchen110.0 sq ft10.2 sqm
Bedroom118.6 sq ft11.0 sqm
Hallway19.4 sq ft1.8 sqm
Bath50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Wardrobe7.5 sq ft0.7 sqm
Total664.1 sq ft61.6 sqm
24x32 house plans with car parking
One-story house plan with car parking.

Facade Design of a 7×10 meter House

The façade stands out for its simple and modern design, using a large access portico that serves to protect the car parking space. The exterior lighting design highlights potted ornamental plants in a glossy black color.

Facade of Modern House of 7x10 meters
Nice 24×32 feet house plan design with modern elevation.
Modern House of 7x10 meters
Cute and modern 1 story house.

The materials: smoothed cement, veneer with high-relief pieces and wood in the access door, make up the façade design of this one-story small housing model.

24×30 2 Story House Plans

Cube-shaped house, conceived with red bricks, with two perforations in the volume main facade. This house design can be located on a 7×10 meter lot and consists of two floors, a covered access portal and a balcony on the top floor.

Exterior view of 24x32 2 story house design.
Exterior view of 24×32 2 story house design.

The design of the facade is based on the appropiate proportions. In the shape of a cubetwo perforations (porch and balcony) are distributed to give it certain geometric play. 

An example of house WITH BRICKS, forming the shell of the building. The exposed concrete combined with glass enclosures, give it modernity, and at the same time the traditional touch influenced by the red texture of bricks.

24×32 House Plans 2 Story with 4 Bedrooms

The interior design includes a bedroom on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor, as well as 3 bathrooms. Plan views are shown below.

If you liked this house design, and you want to have the furniture plan with measurements in PDF format, you can leave it in the comments, and it will be sent to your email.

24x32 House Plans 2 Story and 4 Bedrooms
Low level
Plans of Houses of 7x10 Meters with Measurements
Top floor
Two Story 7x10 House
7×10 meter house design with 3 bedrooms.
Plans of Houses of 7x10 Meters with Measurements
Plans for houses of 7 meters in front by 10 meters deep with two floors.

24×32 feet 3 Bedrooms House Plans with Garage

This model of a two-story house, 7 meters wide by 10 meters deep, does have space for a garage. The entire llot is a 7 x 15 meters land.

24x32 3 Bedrooms House Plans with Garage
View of the main facade

The façade design (in the completion stage) is modern, with a sloped parapet finish, giving it a simple and contemporary expression. The materials expressed in the façade are white smooth cement in combination with a walnut veneer.

24×32 2 Story Floor Plans with 3 Bedrooms and Garage

24x32 2 story house plans
Low level

This floor plan WITH GARAGE has 123 square meters (1325 sq ft) of net useful area.

On ground floor, the living, dining room and kitchen spaces are integrated (as american stye). The dining table is arranged as a kitchenette, so that it can be used as a support for work in the kitchen, which has a straight shape.

House Plan of 7x10 Two Floors 3 Rooms
Top floor

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The main room has its own bathroom and walk in closet.

The distribution of the interior spaces is as shown in the plans:

Plans for House of 7 × 10 Meters Two Floors PDF

24x32 garage apartment plans.
24×32 garage apartment plans.

Cute Modern House Plan Design 2 Story

Modern House of 7 x 10 meters Two Floors

House facade of 24x36 feet on 2 floors.
House facade of 24×36 feet on 2 floors.

As you can see, it is a 2-story, 4-bedroom modern house design, that has the possibility of being built during two stages, since it has a bedroom and a full bathroom on the ground floor. In this way, the second level can be built in the future.

Plans of 2 Story Houses with measures of 7x10
Plans of houses of 7 meters in front by 11 deep, on two floors.

To see more details about this FLOOR PLAN WITH MEASUREMENTS with 24×36 feet, you can follow the blue link. You can also review 24×30 FEET plans with interesting MODERN SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS.

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