25×35 House Plans

Build with 25×35 house plans on 1 and 2 floors and different characteristics. Space planning of 8×10 meters homes with measurements. You will be able to see 25×35 feet house layout with several bedrooms.

25x35 House Plans

25×35 Floor Plans with Measurements

With a wide access porch and a terrace at the back, we have a first example of a 25×35 house plan, with an area of ​​800 sq ft (74.2 sqm). 

A larger area would be recommended, and thus be able to allocate lateral and rear spaces for exterior circulation corridors, gardens and yards.

8×10 meters house plan with measurements
8×10 meters house plan with measurements.

It has a single bedroom, an integrated living and dining room, and an independent kitchen. A small terrace is located at the back, resulting in a functional and interesting rest space.

8.5×10.2 HouseNet AreaNet Area
Porch120.7 sq ft11.2 sqm
Dining room227.5 sq ft21.1 sqm
Bath41.0 sq ft3.8 sqm
Bedroom 1127.2 sq ft11.8 sqm
Kitchen71.1 sq ft6.6 sqm
Hallway59.3 sq ft5.5 sqm
Terrace163.9 sq ft15.2 sqm
Total800 sq ft74.2 sqm
25x35 1 Story House Plans  PDF

25×35 1 Story House Plans

House Design of 8.5 × 10.2 meters on 1 Floor

Next, we see this house design of approximately 8 × 10 meters, with a gabled roof and country-style exterior design.

On the main façade, the porch, the windows and the access door have a semicircular arch, which gives them an attractive visual expression. In addition, they are emphasized through color, with more intense tones.

House Plans 8x10 1 Story
27×36 House plan with dimensions.

Inside the house, the living-dining room is spacious, with the independent kitchen. These three spaces have a direct exit door to the terrace. The floor includes 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.

8.5×10.2 HouseNet AreaNet Area
Porch108.9 sq ft10.1 sqm
Living-Dining room270.6 sq ft25.1 sqm
Kitchen103.5 sq ft9.6 sqm
Hallway30.2 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bedroom 185.2 sq ft7.9 sqm
Bedroom 294.9 sq ft8.8 sqm
Bath48.5 sq ft4.5 sqm
Terrace103.4 sq ft9.6 sqm
Total845.1 sq ft78.4 sqm
House Plans 8x10 on one level
25×35 House plans 2bhk.

25*35 West Facing House Plan PDF

Another plane, in this case 10×8 meters on a floor. The day area is located in the center of the house, with bedrooms (3 in total) on both sides.

House plans of 10 meters by 8 meters
25×35 House plans 3bhk.

The living room-dining room-kitchen make up a fairly large central space, which articulates the rest of the interior rooms. At the back, we have 2 exit possibilities, with a service patio and a small terrace.

This is an architectural design for a 70 sqm house which strategically locates 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and pantry and 2 terraces.

10×8 HouseNet AreaNet Area
Dining room172.5 sq ft16.0 sqm
Kitchen70.1 sq ft6.5 sqm
Service yard66.8 sq ft6.2 sqm
Pantry43.1 sq ft4.0 sqm
Bedroom 1103.5 sq ft9.6 sqm
Bathroom 137.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Hall15.1 sq ft1.4 sqm
Bedroom 290.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Bedroom 368.99 sq ft6.4 sqm
Bathroom 235.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Terrace49.6 sq ft4.6 sqm
Porch21.6 sq ft2.0 sqm
Total775 sq ft71.8 sqm
Houses of 10 x 8 meters
35×25 House plan with dimensions.

25*35 House Plan East Facing with 3 Bedrooms

This example places the independent kitchen towards the front façade, which would allow gaining visuals while working on it. It is a standard size kitchen that allows the location of different base and wall units.

25x35 House Plan East Facing with 3 Bedrooms
25×35 House plan 3bhk.

This 8 × 10 m house plan also has two full bathrooms, one for common use and the other for the master bedroom. The main room could be any of the three shown.

25 by 35 One Story House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

Here we have a house of 8 by 10 meters and 3 bedrooms, which includes the useful area of ​​70.9 sqm.

The plan distribution allows access from the left side (or right if inverted). 

Once the entrance door is opened, the visuals will be towards the social area of ​​the house . The position of the kitchen, somewhat withdrawn, is more protected. There is the possibility of going out to a backyard.

25 by 35 One Story House Plans with 3 Bedrooms
8×10 meter house plan with 3 bedrooms.

The 3 bedrooms have space to place a double bed. The SIMPLE AND LOW COST BATHROOM DESIGN is certainly spacious, and it can even increase its interior space.

Another variant would be to place another bathroom, where the warehouse, (although without exterior walls), and grant the third bedroom, the second sanitary room. This solution would cause overhead lighting.

8×10 HouseNet AreaNet Area
Porch81.9 sq ft7.6 sqm
Dining room235.0 sq ft21.8 sqm
Kitchen53.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Hallway50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Bedroom 173.3 sq ft6.8 sqm
Bedroom 287.3 sq ft8.1 sqm
Bath41.0 sq ft3.8 sqm
Bedroom 3113.2 sq ft10.5 sqm
Warehouse27.0 sq ft2.5 sqm
Total764.3 sq ft70.9 sqm
House plans of 8x10 meters
Plan of 8 x 10 meters.

25*35 Duplex House Plan

25 35 plot house map
First level
25*35 Duplex House Plan with car parking
Second level
25 35 plot house map
8×10 2-story house plans

Continuing, we can see more options for houses of 8 by 10 meters with their measurements, on one and two floors.

25×35 2 Story House Plans with Car Parking

8x10 House Plans with 2 Floors with Garage
Low level of a 25*35 house plan with car parking.
25x35 2 Story House Plans with Car Parking
Top floor of a 25*35 feet house floor plan.
8×10.2 House
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Circulation70.1 sq ft6.5 sqm
Bedroom 2152.0 sq ft14.1 sqm
TV room147.7 sq ft13.7 sqm
Bathroom 255.1 sq ft5.2 sqm
Bedroom 4118.6 sq ft11.0 sqm
Bedroom 3134.8 sq ft12.5 sqm
Bathroom 338.8 sq ft3.6 sqm
Total Upper Floor718.0 sq ft66.7 sqm
Garage243.6 sq ft22.6 sqm
Living room151.9 sq ft14.1 sqm
Stairs83.0 sq ft7.7 sqm
Dinning room156.3 sq ft14.5 sqm
Kitchen65.8 sq ft6.1 sqm
Bedroom 1124.0 sq ft11.5 sqm
Bathroom 131.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Low level855.9 sq ft79.4 sqm
Total1573.9 sq ft146.0 sqm
8x10 House Plans with 2 Floors
25*35 Duplex house plan with car parking.

25×35 1 Story House Plan PDF for Download

25x35 1 Story House Plan PDF for Download
25 x 36 House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Entry61.4 sq ft5.7 sqm
Living room168.2 sq ft15.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Wash43.1 sq ft4.0 sqm
Circulation37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Bedroom 1107.8 sq ft10.0 sqm
Bathroom 143.12 sq ft4.0 sqm
Bedroom 292.7 sq ft8.6 sqm
Wardrobe24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Bathroom 242.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Total734.1 sq ft68.1 sqm
25 35 plot house map
25*35 house plan without car parking.

25×35 1 Story House Plan with Dimensions

25x35 1 Story House Plan with Dimensions
25×35 House
SpacesNet AreaNet Area
Porch83.0 sq ft7.7 sqm
Dining room267.3 sq ft24.8 sqm
Kitchen93.8 sq ft8.7 sqm
Service yard42.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Bedroom 1115.3 sq ft10.7 sqm
Bedroom 2114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Bath64.7 sq ft6.0 sqm
Total780.5 sq ft72.4 sqm
25 35 plot naksha

25×35 1 Story House Plans with Garage

25x35 1 Story House Plans with Garage
8×10 house plan with garage
25×35 House
EnvironmentsNet AreaNet Area
Porch112.1 sq ft10.4 sqm
Living room196.2 sq ft18.2 sqm
Dinning room kitchen138.0 sq ft12.8 sqm
Hall18.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Bedroom 1116.2 sq ft10.7 sqm
Garage161.7 sq ft15.0 sqm
Bath37.3 sq ft3.5 sqm
Yard63.6 sq ft5.9 sqm
Total844 sq ft78.3 sqm
Small House Plans 8x10 with measurements

Plans for 8×10 meters House

25 by 35 house plan one floor
8×10 House
EnvironmentsNet AreaNet Area
Porch59.3 sq ft5.5 sqm
Entrance175.7 sq ft16.3 sqm
Kitchen-dining room164.9 sq ft15.3 sqm
Bedroom 1125.1 sq ft11.6 sqm
Beroom 2118.6 sq ft11.0 sqm
Bedroom 391.6 sq ft8.5 sqm
Hall14.0 sq ft1.3 sqm
Bath35.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Total784.9 sq ft72.8 sqm
25 x 35 ground floor plan
25*35 House plan without car parking.

25×37 House Plans

25 x 35 ground floor plan pdf
25×37 House
EnvironmentsNet AreaNet Area
Entry34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Dining room204.8 sq ft19.0 sqm
Kitchen79.8 sq ft7.4 sqm
Terrace32.3 sq ft3.3 sqm
Hallway60.4 sq ft5.6 sqm
Bedroom 1128.3 sq ft11.9 sqm
Bathroom 136.7 sq ft3.4 sqm
Bedroom 23.2 sq ft7.3 sqm
Bedroom 372.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Bathroom 231.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Total760 sq ft70.5 sqm
25 x 35 ground floor plan with dimensions
8×10 house floor plan.

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