40 sqm House Design – 450 sq ft Plans

Ideas for 40 sqm house design with one and two story with built areas between 40 to 45 square meters of land. Different design options for 430 to 450 sq ft floor plans, apartments, wooden houses and tiny homes. Let’s take a look…

40 sqm House Design with One Bedroom

As shown in the image, it is very feasible to extend the house with a second bedroom.

40 square meter house design 1 story
40 sqm house design with elevation.

Generally, the colors used on the facades of houses are unsaturated colors, with the aim of creating more elegant views.

Floor Plans with 1 and 2 Bedrooms

40 square meter house floor plans

Despite this, it may be convenient to create a certain contrast, in certain elements of the façade, such as, for example, the parapet of the roof of this small house. This makes it more eye-catching.

Housing Plan of 9×9 meters

A plan of a small house with a floor of 9×9 meters, with the possibility of expansion for another room, without breaking the basic outline of the design.

A plan like this is what is called “progressive housing,” where your future growth is planned.

40 sqm house plan
430 sq ft floor plan.

450 sq ft house plan

40 square meter House Floor Plans

A first plan of a house of 40 square meters with 1 bedroom for a plot of land 6 meters wide by 7.5 meters long.

The entrance to the house is taxed to the living room – dining room – kitchen, which are integrated, gaining meters of useful area.

The interior design of this area is interesting, with the partition that delimits the kitchen and warehouse in an inclined way. This allows for an interior space richer in visuals and points of view.

40 sqm 2 bedroom floor plan
One bedroom house plan.
6×7.5m House 
Living9.2 sqm
Dining-kitchen11.3 sqm
Corridor2.8 sqm
Bedroom8.9 sqm
Cupboard2.6 sqm
Bath3.7 sqm
Closet1.2 sqm
Total39.7 sqm
Table of spaces for a small house with 40 meters

Despite being a small house, there is no lack of variety of spaces, with a bedroom, a full bathroom, a space to wash and a storage room or cupboard. This house has a total of 39.7 sqm of useful area.

450 sq ft house plan
Small house plans under 40 sqm.

House Plan with 45 square meters with Patio

The project of the house is on one level. The spaces are comfortable for a couple or for one person. It is planted in an area of ​​45 sqm.

This tiny house plan features 1 bedroom, one bathroom, and two interior patios. A nice and simple small house plan.

450 sq ft House Plans 1 Bedroom

450 sq ft house plan
Small house plan with one floor and one bedroom.
9×6.5m Small House 
Entry3.3 sqm
Living – Dining14.3 sqm
Corridor2.7 sqm
Bath5.0 sqm
Bedroom11.4 sqm
Kitchen7.7 sqm
 Area Total44.4 sqm
Table of premises of a Small One-Story House of 9×6.5 meters

40m2 House Plans with 2 Bedrooms

The following example of house plans of 42 square meters with 2 bedrooms with measures of 6×8 meters on one level. With small spaces, it is a well-distributed house plan.

450 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom
40 square meter house plan.

The small room allows for a TV set and 2 to 3 seats. The dining room with table and 3 seats and the L-shaped kitchen are in the space. The 2 rooms have privacy and ventilation and natural lighting.

An access portal and the bathroom complete the distribution floor. Without a doubt, an idea of ​​easy house plans to make.

450 sq ft House Plan with Measurements

450 square feet house plans 2 bedroom
6×8 meters house plan in one floor with measurements.

450 square meters House with 2 Bedrooms

Casa Pequeña 6x8 Una Planta
House plan of 450 square meters 2 bedrooms
2 bhk house plan in 450 sq ft
2 BHK house plan in 450 sq ft.

Plans of Houses of 450 square footage 2 Bedrooms

2 bhk 450 sq feet
2 BHK 450 sq feet
Porch4,5 sqm
Hall4,9 sqm
Living4.1 sqm
Dining-Kitchen13,3 sqm
Bedroom 17,1 sqm
Bedroom 26,3 sqm
Bath2,9 sqm
Total43,0 sqm
Table of small house premises of 450 m2
450 square feet 2 bedroom house plans
House plan with measures of 450 square meters

450 square meter Floor Plan

House Plan with 450 square meters 2 Bedrooms

450 sq ft tiny house plans
Hall5,5 sqm
Great Living20,5 sqm
Bedroom 17,2 sqm
Bedroom 27,4 sqm
Basin1,1 sqm
Bath2,5 sqm
Total44,2 sqm
Table of department spaces of 44 square meters
low cost 450 sq ft 2bhk house plans
Apartment plan of 44 square meters 2 Bedrooms

450 square meter House Design

Rustic 450 square meter House Design

Models of Simple Wooden Country Houses that can be built with little budget. They have one and two bedrooms with a bathroom.

Simple Wooden Country House of 6 x 8 meters with a useful area of ​​43.6 square meters. It has a light gabled roof with a 17% slope and a one-water portal roof with a 15% slope.

450 sqft 1 BHK House Plans

Exterior perspective of 40 sqm bungalow house design
Exterior perspective of 40 sqm bungalow house design.

The house has the following spaces:

Porch5.2 sqm
Living7.7 sqm
Dining room-Kitchen11.0 sqm
Corridor1.2 sqm
Bedroom 17.8 sqm
Bedroom 28.2 sqm
Bathroom2.5 sqm
Total43.6 sqm
40 sqm house design 2 bedroom
Front view of the 40 sqm house design with 2 bedroom.

450 sq ft House Plans 1 Bedroom

450 sq ft house plans
450 sq ft house plans with dimensions.

The interior rooms have been designed with light colors to give a greater feeling of spaciousness. Beige is combined with wood and white. The cushions and pictures highlight the marlin color.

450 sq ft House Interior Design

450 sq ft House Interior Design
Living room of a small wooden simple country house.
rustic wooden houses interior
Living room

There is a bathroom inserted between the two double bedrooms.

450 sq ft House Interior Design
Room interior. In the background the kitchen-dining room
450 sq ft house plans 1 bedroom
450 sq ft house plans 1 bedroom.

450 sq ft House Plan with Dimensions

450 square foot house plans
44 sqm house with measures of 6 x 7.5 meters
Hall32 sq ft
Great Living274 sq ft
Bedroom105 sq ft
Bath33.4 sq ft
Total445 sq ft
Table of department premises of 450 square feet
450 square feet plot design
Plan with measures of 44 square meters (445 sq ft).

40 sqm Floor Plan 2 Storey

House Plan of 40 square meters Lot Two Floors

450 square feet house plan 2 story
Low level
450 square feet house plan india
Top floor
450 sq ft 2bhk house plans

Floor Plan of 4×10.5 meters 1 Bedroom

1bhk plan in 450 sq ft
Architectural plan of a house of 40 square meters
Small House4,5x10m
Living10.2 sqm
Dining-Kitchen13.7 sqm
Bath3.4 sqm
Corridor1.6 sqm
Bedroom11.3 sqm
Total40.3 sqm
Table of home spaces of 40 m2
450 sq ft 1bhk house plans
Plan of small house with 4.5 x 10 meters with one bedroom.

40 sqm House Plan with 2 Floors and 3 Bedrooms

450 sq ft apartment floor plan
Low level.
450 square feet house plans 3 bedroom
Top floor.
building plan for 450 sq ft

House Plan of 40 square meters 2 Bedrooms

The following floor layout is somewhat tight, however, all its spaces are well distributed and delimited.

40 sqm house design 2 storey interior
40 sqm house design 2 bedroom.

The house measures 6×8 meters, has an access portal, living room, dining room-kitchen, a small hallway, a SMALL FULL BATHROOM LAYOUT and two bedrooms.

40 sqm house floor plan
House plans of 40 square meters.

All spaces have windows and natural ventilation. A very small but functional house plant.

40 sqm Bungalow House Plan

40 sqm 2 bedroom floor plan
Tiny House6,7×6,7m
Great Space22.5 sqm
Bedroom10.3 sqm
Bath2.4 sqm
Walk-in-Closet4.2 sqm
Washing1.3 sqm
Total40.8 sqm
Table of home spaces of 40 m2
40 square meters floor plan

Wooden Home of 40 m2

Small wooden house design with 430 sq ft. A wooden house of 40 square meters has excellent acoustic and thermal properties. Wood is one of the durable and ideal materials for the construction of living spaces.

A log cabin can be built in a very short time and at a relatively low price. They also offer flexibility and various design models.

This example of a 40 square meter ONE BEDROOM FLOOR plan has a pitched roof, which gives it a more modern look. The beautiful glass doors and windows contrast with the wood and reflect, in this case, the surrounding vegetation.

40 sqm house design2 storey interior
40 square meter cabin.

The access porch also serves as a covered terrace, to share in direct contact with nature.

floor plan design for 40 sqm house

The interior of the cabin has wide spaces, despite its small size. Access to the BATHROOM occurs from inside a BEDROOM WITH IDEAL MEASUREMENTS.

5,2 x 8,8 meters Cabin460 sq ft
Porch108 sq ft
Great Space215 sq ft
Bedroom95 sq ft
Closet16 sq ft
Bath41 sq ft
Total460 sq ft

Besides you can see 50 SQUARE METER house plans if you wish.

How to Distribute a 40 square meters House?

floor plan 40 sqm
30 x 20 ft House plan.
House Plan30 x 20 ft
Porch98 sq ft
Main Space161 sq ft
Corridor44 sq ft
Bedroom 151 sq ft
Bedroom 295 sq ft
Bath40 sq ft
Total489 sq ft
Small house spaces table for three people
house design for 40 sqm floor area
Plan to build a house of 45 square meters.

See more ideas of small HOUSE DESIGNS.

40 sqm house plan
Modern small house facade.
40 sqm house plan with measurements.
Small house plan with measurements.
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