5×6 House Plan Design (16 x 20 feet)

We are going to see ideas of small 5×6 house design with their measurements. Different examples of how to distribute a small house with 16 x 20 feet, in one or two floors.

5×6 meters 2 Storey House Design

It is a 5×6 house design with 2 bedroom in 2 floors, whose total useful area, including the two floors, is 47.6 sqm, (25.1 sqm on the ground floor and 22.5 sqm on the upper floor).

5x6 house design
2 story 5×6 house idea.

Simplicity and elegance can be seen in the facade design. The exit to the balcony from the corridor is protected by a small cover. You could also go out onto the balcony directly from the bedroom.

A façade with a balcony (4.00×1.00 meters) is functional and sometimes more elegant.

5x6 House Plan Design
5×6 meters duplex house with facade design.

5×6 House Plan Design with 2 Bedrooms

5x6 fllor Plan
Ground floor of a 5×6 meter house.
5x6 fllor Plan
Upper floor of a 5×6 meter house.
5×6 House
Ground floor
Entry 0.9 sqm
Living9.9 sqm
Dinning9.7 sqm
Bath2.1 sqm
Stairs2.5 sqm
Cl0.6 sqm
Total Upper floor25.1 sqm
5×6 House
Upper floor
Corridor3.9 sqm
Bed 17.8 sqm
Bed 25.3 sqm
Bath3.3 sqm
Balcony2.2 sqm
Total Upper floor22,5 sqm

The house has a total useful area of ​​47.6 sqm.

From the living room you can see what happens both in the entrance garden and in the backyard.

interior de la pequeña vivienda de 5x6 dos pisos
Living room interior design.
Living and dinning rooms interior design.

In this example of a small duplex house with two floors of 5x6m, sufficient and pleasant natural light can enter from the kitchen and dining room through the glass doors.

interior de pequeña casa de 5x6 dos pisos
Interior design of a 16 x 20 sq ft house with 2 floors
5x6 house design
Street view.
View from the pool.
interior de casa pequeña de 5x6 dos pisos
View from the dining room-kitchen.
3D ground floor plan view of 5x6 house.
3D ground floor plan view of 5×6 house.
3D concrete structure view of 5x6 house design.
3D concrete structure view of 5×6 house design.

Small Two-Story House Plans 5×6 meters

One characteristic that it possesses is the concentration of hydraulic and sanitary installations. This can be seen in the bathrooms on the ground floor and upstairs, coinciding vertically, which saves material resources and construction time for the small duplex house.

The back patio is 8 meters wide by 6 meters deep and the pool is 3.0 x 1.6m.

2 Story 5×6 meters House Plan

Planos para Casa de 5x6m 2 pisos
Ground floor.
Planos para Casa de 5x6m 2 pisos
Upper floor.

Interesting design of a small house with two floors and 2 bedrooms on a plot of approximately 30 sqm. It includes a toilet on the ground floor and the bathroom on the second level.

16 x 20 House
Ground floor
Entrance1.5 sqm
Living7.6 sqm
Dining-Kitchen10.0 sqm
Bath 11.8 sqm
Terrace3.6 sqm
STAIRS3.4 sqm
Total Area28.5 sqm
16 x 20 House
Upper floor
Hall5,2 sqm
Bedroom 16.8 sqm
Bedroom 25.8 sqm
Bath 23.6 sqm
Total Area21.4 sqm

This 5×6 meter duplex house has a useful area of ​​50m2, adding the two floors.

Below are images of different examples of apartment distribution of 30 sqm with measurements of 5×6 meters. They can be interesting for families of 2 to 4 people. Let’s see…

5×6 meters Floor Plan

One-story 5x6 meter house plans
One-story 5×6 meter house plans

Distribution of a house plan of 5×6 meters of 30 sqm of built area. The kitchen is integrated with the dining room, while the living room functions as a reception space. To access the bathroom, it is necessary to enter the room.

6×5 House
Living5.9 sqm
Dining-Kitchen7.4 sqm
Bedroom9.3 sqm
Bath3.9 sqm
Total26.5 sqm

16 x 20 feet One-story House Plan

Viviendas de 5x6 de un Piso
One-story 5×6 meter house plan.
6×5 House
Living5.2 sqm
Corridor2.0 sqm
Kitchen7.0 sqm
Bedroom8.4 sqm
Bath3.5 sqm
Total26.2 sqm

5×6 Single Story House Floor Plan

Planos de Casas de 5x6 metros
Single storey 5×6 meter house plan.


16 x 20 House
Porch2.0 sqm
Living4.9 sqm
Kitchen-Dining10.0 sqm
Bedroom7.0 sqm
Bath3.2 sqm
Patio2.2 sqm
Total29.2 sqm

You can see other options with 6X6 HOUSE DESIGNS or 5×5 METERS HOUSE LAYOUTS.


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