650 sq ft House Plans – 60 sqm House Designs

Those looking for 650 sq ft House Plans with one or two floors will probably find it here. With 20 examples of 60 sqm House Designs, with one, two and 3 bedrooms, small floor plans are shared in this post. Let’s see…

650 sq ft House Plans
2 Bedrooms 650 sq ft house plan.

650 square feet House Plans

In an area of ​​650 sqft, a simple house on one level has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom equipped with all services. The living room and dining room are integrated together with the kitchen.

The house is accessed through the private area, a corridor between the rooms, in such a way that the common spaces are totally protected from visuals from the entrance.

60 sqm House plans
650 square feet house plan.

However, there is also the possibility of entering the house through a portal, lateral or frontal, depending on the orientation that the building finally takes.

House with 11×6.5mAreaArea
Hallway63.6 sqft5.9 sqm
Living- Dining- Kitchen302 sqft28.0 sqm
Bath41.0 sqft3.8 sqm
Bedroom 193.8 sqft8.7 sqm
Bedroom 298.1 sqft9.1 sqm
Bedroom 392.7 sqft8.6 sqm
Total690 sqft64.0 sqm
House plan of 60 square meters 3 bedrooms.
House plan of 60 square meters 3 bedrooms.

650 sq ft House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

Interesting design of a 650 sq ft house with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The entrance hall is almost independent from the rest of the interior spaces, which allows the latter to be given a lot of privacy.

650 sq ft House Plan with 2 Bedrooms
650 sq ft House plan with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

Despite being a house of just 60m2, we have a large social area, with space for all the functions of a living room, dining room and kitchen, the latter with an island.

The two bedrooms allow having a double bed and natural ventilation.

12.4 x 7.3m House
Hall6.6 sqm
Living – Dining room – Kitchen34.3 sqm
Bedoom 19.6 sqm
Bedroom 210.7 sqm
Bath5.5 sqm
Total66.7 sqm

This example of a 60m2 plan could have an enlargement for a third bedroom, where the 2 shrubs are represented. Although it would be necessary to close a window opening and open another for one of the existing bedrooms.

60 square meter Floor Plan

Another idea for ​​a house with 60 square meters, and garage. On the floor there are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with a single bed.

The covered porch allows communication between the garage and the interior of the house.

The living room, dining room and kitchen in integrated spaces to make better use of the construction meters. From the room you can access a possible backyard.

Houses of 60 m2
House plan with 2 rooms with 60 square meters
House of 13 x 6.8 m
Porch7.4 sqm
Living room – Dining room – Kitchen28.7 sqm
Bedroom 17.9 sqm
Bedroom 212.0 sqm
Bath4.0 sqm
Total General60.0 sqm
60 m2 house with garage
60 sqm House with garage.

650 square feet House Floor Plan

650 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom
House plan 2 bedrooms 60 square meters.
60m2 plans
Plan of 60m2 with measurements.

650 sq ft House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

650 sq ft House Plan 2 Bedroom
Plan for a house of 60 square meters
7 x11.3m House
Dinning room kitchen21.4 sqm
Living8.7 sqm
Hallway3.3 sqm
Bedroom 110.0 sqm
Bathroom 13.5 sqm
Bedroom 27.9 sqm
Bedroom 37.8 sqm
Bathroom 23.5 sqm
Total General66.2 sqm
House plans of 60 square meters with measurements
House plans of 60 square meters with 3 bedrooms.

More ideas…

650 sq ft House Plans 2 Bedrooms

650 sq ft House Plans 2 Bedrooms
650 sq ft floor plan.
9.7 x 7.25m House
Kitchen – Dining room10.5 sqm
Hallway2.7 sqm
Bathroom 14.0 sqm
Bedroom 18.8 sqm
Bedroom 213.0 sqm
Bathroom 24.6 sqm
Terrace9.3 sqm
Living9.8 sqm
Area Total62.6 sqm
Plan of houses of 60 square meters 2 bedrooms
Plan of houses of 60 square meters 2 bedrooms

60 sqm House Design 2 Storey

House of 60 square meters 2 floors
Ground floor.
650 sq ft House Plans 2 floors
Upper floor.
House of 6.5 x 7.5 mTwo floors
Top floorArea
Hall5.5 sqm
Bedroom 18.0 sqm
Bedroom 210.5 sqm
Bedroom 36.1 sqm
Bath3.3 sqm
Low level 
Living15.4 sqm
Dinning room8.5 sqm
Kitchen6.1 sqm
Washing1.7 sqm²
Half bathroom1.7 sqm
Total66.9 sqm
House plans of 60 square meters 2 floors
Plan of 60 m2 two floors.

650 square feet Home Design

This small house that we are showing now, has 4 x 9.6 meters with 2 floors. This small duplex has 60.7 sqm, counting the two floors, and has a balcony, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Two-Story 60m2 House Models
Exterior view of small modern 4 x 9 meters two-story house.

It will be interesting, due to the interior staircase design, among other characteristics.

650 sq ft House Plans
House design of 60 square meters with two floors
View of a modern designer staircase

The house is implanted in a piece of land, 6 meters wide, by 18 meters long.

Aerial view of the garden
Aerial view of the garden of the house of 4 x 9 meters.

The garden has been designed, in correspondence with the facade of the house. In an area of ​​50 sqm, the symmetry in the design is remarkable, both in the garden and in the façade.

The sidewalk that leads us to the external staircase and the entrance door, is located on the axis of symmetry, leaving two strips of gardens on both sides of it.

650 sq ft modern house design with two floors
Exterior view of 650 sq ft modern house.

A three-step staircase, likewise, saves the 20 inches gap between the sidewalk and the finished floor level of the house.

If we look closely, there is a sequence of planes, which are arranged, moved and rotated, and it is what defines the design of the front view of the small house.

The yellow veneer and the white, together with the gray tones of the sidewalk and other elements, make a really nice combination.

Entering this small 4 x 9 meter duplex, the first thing that catches our eye is the staircase.

small two story house design inside with 650 sq ft
Interior design of the small two-story house inside.

With a contemporary design, its elegant straight and curved lines are obvious. It is a ladder, which is manufactured industrially, in plywood, or also known as plywood, or plywood.

two story small house stairs
Top view of modern design staircase .

This design has been adapted for a small house, like the one we are dealing with today. So, in this case, it’s 32 inches (750 mm) wide, on each of its two branches. It has 13 steps, including the landing, 240mm treads and 196mm risers.

When you want to have a sculpture inside the house, you can simply build elegant designer stairs .

It should be noted that this staircase design would not be suitable for families, with the elderly or children, for safety reasons.

If you want to know more about STAIR MODELS you can follow this link .

interior of the simple 650 sq ft two-story house inside
Living room

Accompanying the design of the staircase, we have the right side wall of the room. Two laminated wood panels, in the same orange color, are arranged in such a way that the horizontal fibers increase the sense of spatiality.

The indirect lighting, with LED strips, and the low cabinet reinforce the spatial sensation.

Interior view towards the entrance of the two-story house inside
Interior view towards the entrance of the two-story house inside.

The color of the double sofa is Prussian blue, and creates a pleasant contrast, with the elements in white and orange tones.

Inside view of the room
Inside view of the livingroom.

The dimensions of the double sofa are 2.30 x 0.85m (length x width).

Small House of 60m2 with 2 Floors inside

650 sqft 3D floor plan of the two-story house
3D ground floor plan

The dimensions of the bedroom are 3.8 meters wide by 4.1 meters deep.

The dining room is integrated into the kitchen. It is striking, THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE KITCHEN TABLE, with 2.5 meters long and 0.8 meters wide…

These dimensions give character to the dining room and the space in general, despite being a small space.

facade of the house of 60m2 with two floors 2 rooms
Modern facade of the two-story house with a balcony at dusk.

The balcony allows you to go out and contemplate directly the outside environment.

On the upper floor we have two small bedrooms, and a full bathroom.

650 sq ft House Plans
650 sq ft House plans in 3d

The first bedroom is double, with a useful area of ​​7.8 sqm.

Interior of the double bedroom

The second bedroom is smaller, a single bedroom, with an area of ​​5.2 sqm.

Small bedroom interior in 650 sq ft house design
Simple small bedroom interior design.

This is a small house but with well distributed and optimized spaces, thus achieving adequate functionality and comfort.

I hope you liked this BEAUTIFUL HOUSE PLAN DESIGN. Let’s continue.

What can be done in 60 square meters?


  1. Square Houses. It is very useful that your small house is square, since this way you will better optimize the spaces. Square and compact houses need less circulation area. Instead, a small but long house needs a lot of hallways, and this decreases the functional area.
  2. Minimum Aisles . Likewise, in square houses than in long houses, the corridors must have the minimum necessary measurements… just enough. At the same time, WELL DISTRIBUTED TINY house plans are required, which do not waste space.
  3. A Full Bathroom . Of course, a complete bathroom is necessary, but it must also have minimum measurements and an optimal configuration. Consider these MINIMUM BATHROOM MEASURESIf you want 2 bathrooms in a duplex house, the one on the ground floor does not have a shower, to take advantage of more space.
Minimum bathroom: 1.20 x 2.10 meters (interior )

Colors and Lighting

Minimum toilet: 1.60 x 1.70 meters (indoor).
  1. Good lighting. Having windows in each room will make the interior of the house look more spacious and comfortable. The windows must have the appropriate measurements so that they achieve adequate natural interior lighting. Do not put furniture in front of windows that will block the passage of natural light.
  2. Light Colors. It is known that light colors increase the reflection of light, thus improving interior comfort, especially in small spaces. Prioritize light colors on the floor and walls so that you can have furniture with different colors. Otherwise, a colorful floor will suggest light or white furniture. So you can achieve an interior design to your liking. Light colors expand spaces…
Colorful floor and light furniture
Round table.


  1. Small Furniture . If the space is limited, in a general sense, consider the smallest furniture for the different rooms. Perhaps you can afford a larger piece of furniture, in a place that allows it.
  2. Round Table . Round tables may require more or less space. For example, with diameters of 1.10 m and four chairs. Their arrangement, you can rotate them at 45 degrees, to achieve the best use and less area.
  3. Tall Cabinets . In a general sense, tall cabinets and shelves (from floor to ceiling) to increase storage capacity, without using a lot of usable floor space.

We continue seeing more plans for houses with 650 square feet…

Plans of 2-Bedroom Apartments with 60 sqm

More ideas for house plans of 60 m2 with one floor. In this the access to the house is through a hall and then we find the dining room, integrated with the kitchen. The latter is slightly independent although it maintains a great link with the living room.

The corridor does not lead to the 2 bedrooms, one of which has its own internal bathroom. A 7×12 meter house plan with just over 60 square meters.

Plans of 2-bedroom apartments of 60 m2
60 square meter flat
7 x11.8m House
Hall5.1 sqm
Dinning room10.3 sqm
Living13.9 sqm
Kitchen6.1 sqm
Hallway2.2 sqm
Bedroom 19.3 sqm
Bathroom 13.3 sqm
Bedroom 210.7 sqm
Bathroom 25.0 sqm
Total66.0 sqm

650 sq ft Duplex House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

Apartment Plan of 60 square meters with 3 bedrooms
Low level
Apartment Plan of 650 square ft with 3 bedrooms
Top floor
House of 6.5 x 6.5 mon 2 floors
Top floorArea
Hall2.5 sqm
Bedroom 18.0 sqm
Bedroom 210.4 sqm
Bedroom 37.1 sqm
Bath4.6 sqm
Low level Area
Living8.8 sqm
Dinning room7.3 sqm
Kitchen6.3 sqm
Cleanliness2.7 sqm
Porch4.6 sqm
Hallway4.2 sqm
Ladder2.9 sqm
CL0.9 sqm
Total70.5 sqm
650 sqft House plan with 3 bedrooms.
650 sqft House plan with 3 bedrooms.

Floor Plans of 650 square meters 2 Bedrooms

Floor Plans of 650 square meters 2 Bedrooms
House of 10.75 x 8.1 m
Dining room20.2 sqm
Hallway3.9 sqm
Kitchen11.8 sqm
Bedroom 111.5 sqm
Bathroom 13.3 sqm
Bedroom 211.1 sqm
Bathroom 23.8 sqm
Total65.6 sqm

2 Bedrooms 60 sqm Simple House Plan

2 Bedrooms 60 sqm House Plan
House of 7.5 x 9 m
Dining room24.2 sqm
Kitchen6.8 sqm
Hallway3.1 sqm
Bedroom 18.3 sqm
Hall3.2 sqm
Bedroom 28.2 sqm
Closet1.2 sqm
Bath5.0 sqm
Total60.1 sqm
House plan of 60 m2 with measurements

650 square feet 2BKH House Plan

650 square feet 2BKH House Plan

House of 7.5 x 10.7 m
Living Dining Kitchen28.6 sqm
Hall1.6 sqm
Hallway1.8 sqm
Bath3.7 sqm
Bedroom 28.1 sqm
Bedroom 19.6 sqm
Terrace7.5 sqm
Total General60.9 sqm
House Plan of 60 meters 2 Bedrooms

650 sq ft House Plans with 2 Bedrooms

650 square feet house plans 2 bedroom
Plans of Houses of 60 square meters 2 Bedrooms.

Small House of 8.6 x 8.5 mArea
Living13.1 sqm
Dinning room kitchen18.0 sqm
Hallway3.9 sqm
Bedroom 113.4 sqm
Hall2.7 sqm
Bedroom 28.9 sqm²
Bath5.7 sqm
Total65.9 sqm
Houses of 60 square meters 2 bedrooms
House plan two bedrooms kitchen dining room bathroom 60 square meters.

2BHK Small House Plan in 650 sq ft

2BHK Small House Plan in 650 sq ft
Floor of 60 m2
House of 10 x 6.5 m
Porch11.8 sqm
Living Dining Kitchen28.6 sqm
Bedroom 15.2 sqm
Bedroom 29.3 sqm
Bath3.0 sqm
Hallway1.3 sqm
Total59.2 sqm

 50 SQUARE METERS House Plans

House plans of 50 square meters
50m2 House Plans
tiny one storey house design with block
Designs for small houses
Small houses with two floors and 2 rooms
small two-story houses

See many examples of 2 BEDROOMS House Plans

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