7×8 House Plan Design

Below we will see examples of 7×8 house plan designs with one and two floors. Ideas for 23×26 feet TINY house plans with differents bedrooms and their measurements.

7×8 House Plan

Houses Plans with 23×26 feet with Measurements

Example of a 7×8 meter plan with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. With a useful area of ​​52 sqm, the house can perfectly accommodate a family of 4 people.

7×8 House Plan
7×8 house plan with 3 bedrooms.

The social space is distributed in a harmonious way, with the living room next to the main entrance, the more secluded dining room, and the somewhat independent kitchen protected by a partition. From this, it would be very easy to move to a backyard with complete privacy.

The bathroom has also been left in a very suitable location, protected from visuals.

House of 8×7,2
Living17.1 sqm
Kitchen-Dinning8.6 sqm
Bedroom 19.0 sqm
Bedroom 29.9 sqm
Bathroom3.9 sqm
Porch3.5 sqm
Total52.0 sqm
7x8 house plan with measurements
7×8 house plan with measurements

Plans of Houses of 7 × 8 Two Floors

A 7×8 meter plan with 2 floors and 2 rooms. The space where the stairs are located is wide, as well as the living-dining room. The open kitchen with bar, is behind a wall, and is linked to the terrace.

23x26 house plan 2 story
Ground floor
2 story 23x26 house plan
Upper floor

In the background, a terrace is included, and it could have a backyard where other tasks, children’s games or rest in the open air can be carried out.

Upstairs, each of the 2 bedrooms has its own bathroom, typical SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGNS.

7.2×8.2 House
Top floorArea
Hall3.0 sqm
Bedroom 210.5 sqm
Bathroom 13.6 sqm
Bathroom 22.9 sqm
Bedroom 114.3 sqm
Dressing room3.4 sqm
Total Upper Floor37.6 sqm
Low levelArea
Hall-Stairs8.6 sqm
Dinning room12.3 sqm
Living11.6 sqm
Kitchen9.9 sqm
Bath 12.3 sqm
Terrace8.9 sqm
Washing1.3 sqm
Total Ground Floor55.0 sqm
Total92.6 sqm
7x8 small house plan 2 story

Following are different useful examples to build a 7×8 meter house.

House Plans of 7 × 8 meters

7x8 floor plan
7×8 floor plan with dimensions.
7.3×8 House
Livingroom10.4 sqm
Diningroom-kitchen12.3 sqm
Porch10.0 sqm
Bedroom10.6 sqm
Dressing room3.3 sqm
Bathroom3.9 sqm
Closet1.4 sqm
Total51.9 sqm
7x8 house floor plan
7×8 meters house floor plan.

House Plan 7×8

7x8 floor plan bungalow
7×8.2 House
Living18.5 sqm
Kitchen5.5 sqm
Corridor1.9 sqm
Bedroom 29.2 sqm
Bedroom 111.1 sqm
Bathroom3.6 sqm
Total49.8 sqm
7x8 House plan
7x8m House plan

7×8 Floor Plan Bungalow

7×8 House Design
8×7.3 meter House
Porch10.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen15.1 sqm
Bedroom 114.7 sqm
Dressing room2.6 sqm
Closet1.1 sqm
Hallway2.6 sqm
Bath4.7 sqm
Entry1.1 sqm
Total52.3 sqm

7×8 2 Storey House Plan Design

House Plan 7×8 meter with 2 Floors, 3 Bedrooms

House Plan 7×8 meter with 2 Floors, 3 Bedrooms
Low level
7x8 2 Storey House Plan Design with 3 bedrooms
Top floor
8×7,2 House
Top floorArea
Hallway4.3 sqm
Bedroom 17.3 sqm
Bedroom 212.4 sqm
Bedroom 310.0 sqm
Bath 24.3 sqm
Total Upper Floor38.4 sqm
Low levelArea
Living19.9 sqm
kitchen-dining room17.2 sqm
Bath 12.6 sqm
Terrace5.3 sqm
Stairs7.4 sqm
Whole Ground Floor52.4 sqm
Total90.8 sqm
Two-story 7×8 house plan with 2 bedrooms
Two-story 7×8 house

7×8 Plans

7×8 one-story house plan
7×8 one-story house plan
7×8 House
Porch3.4 sqm
Living8.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen14.9 sqm
Bedroom 17.3 sqm
Bath5.6 sqm
Bedroom 29.9 sqm
Closet0.7 sqm
Total50.4 sqm
7×8 floor plan, variant 1
7×8 floor plan, variant 1
7×8 floor plan, variant 2
7×8 floor plan, variant 2

You can also see so many ideas about 50 SQUARE METERS house designs, with plans and facade designs.

7×8 Small House Plan

7x8 Small House Plan
8×7 House
Porch4.0 sqm
Living11.8 sqm
Kitchen-dining room11.7 sqm
Bedroom11.1 sqm
Dressing room3.2 sqm
Bathroom4.2 sqm
Washing room2.4 sqm
Total48.5 sqm
7×8 floor plan

7×8 meters TWO-STORY House Plan 

Ground level.
Top floor.
7×8 Floor Plans
Top floorArea
Hall13.6 sqm
Hall1.4 sqm
Bed 113.6 sqm
Bed 210.7 sqm
Bath 28.5 sqm
Total Upper Floor47.9 sqm
Low level Area
Living10.3 sqm
Dinning-Kitchen14.2 sqm
Corridor4.7 sqm
Stairs9.0 sqm
Bath 12.9 sqm
Service Room7.1 sqm
Whole Ground Floor46.2 sqm
Total96.1 sqm
Two-story 7x8 house plan
Two-story 7×8 house plan

You can continue to see ideas of MODERN SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS and facades.

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