Economic Tiny House Plans

Ideas for economic tiny house plans. If you have a tight budget, it is convenient to find beautiful modern house projects, with well-distributed plans for small lots, especially in downtown areas, where the value of the square meter of land is higher.

It also has its advantages to live in very small and beautiful houses.

Economic Tiny House Plans… What are the advantages of an economical and compact house model? 

In this article we will answer these and other questions and we’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of compact houses. The design of models and plans of economic houses with 2 and 3 bedrooms.

cheap house plans

Cheap House Plans

1 Story Economic House Plan Designs

If the construction site is on urban land within a large or established city, the land may have a reduced area. Take these ideas for very small and functional houses to build on small lots.

1 Story Economic House Plan Designs
Facades of very small houses

For small and beautiful houses, architectural plans with well-designed facades are required , since the design options (in a facade of smaller area and size) are fewer.

20×24 feet 2 Bedrooms Economic House Plan

Below is an example of small house plans of 30 square meters of one floor. This small house or house plan 30 m2 on one floor has all the spaces to live, that is, it is a habitable house.

You can see the list of the different environments and their respective areas.

20×24 House
Entry3.3 m²
Living room3.9 m²
Kitchen room8.1 m²
Bedroom 19.3 m²
Bedroom 25.6 m²
Bathroom3.3 m²
 Total33.5 m²
cheap 1 story tiny house floor plan
Small house plan with 2 bedrooms with measurements

A beautiful example of very small house designs for comfortable living. A floor plan of a small house with measurements of 30 m2 (6×7 meters).

front view of small and economic tiny modern house design
Facade of a small modern one-story house
modern girl house plans
Aerial view of small and economic tiny modern house design

Facades of Beautiful and Economic House Design

We continue to see more small house ideas. Now the design of the facades is presented in 2D, that is, elevation views of the house.

Facades of Beautiful and Economic House Design
Front elevation of one story economic house design
Facades of Small and Beautiful Houses
Right side elevation of a small one-story house

It is an example of small but beautiful 2-bedroom house designs.

Facades of Small and Beautiful Houses
Perspective view of the facade of a modern one-story small house

Economic House Plan with Measures

In the following image you can better appreciate the measurements of this small but beautiful house plan design. Under the name of each room you can see the useful area it has.

Contemporary Tiny Home Design 1 Story 2 Bedrooms

20×24 HOUSE FLOOR PLAN with Dimensions
Cheap Small House Plans with measurements
Very small house plant 6×7 meters
modern tiny house design
Entrance to the property
Contemporary Tiny Home Design 1 Story 2 Bedrooms
Facade of small house with garden in front

Cheap House Designs to Build

The following example shows a simple and beautiful house design of about 32 square meters in area. The small house is distributed in 20×20 feet, occupying a land area of 400 sq ft (36 m2). Therefore, it can also be considered as a House of 36 square meters, 1 bedroom .

A façade with its one-story house plan that uses various materials, such as concrete, tile for the exterior wall, aluminum and glass carpentry, and cement smoothed with vinyl paint. The façade is also recreated with the landscaping design and an external access staircase.

Economic House Design to Build

Among the characteristics of this HOUSE DESIGN, the simplicity, comfort, use and distribution of space stand out.

Cheap House Designs to Build
Front of beautiful and modern houses
Cheap House Designs
Nice and small house facade

Free Cheap House Plans

Entering the house you have views towards the living room only, which is convenient to gain privacy. 

To the right is the bathroom, making a common wall with the kitchen. The door to access the bedroom is located in such a way that it does not visually affect the location of the bed.

An attempt has been made to make the bed dimensions and BEDROOM SIZE work as best as possible, taking into account the availability of space in a small house.

Free Cheap House Plans with dimensions
Beautiful one-story house plan

As is logical, the social area is integrated into the same space, in such a way as to take advantage of the greatest amount of useful area. The living room, dining room and kitchen are linked to a rear patio.

In total, the useful area is 33 square meters. That is to say, it can be considered as an example of house plans of 30m2 or House of 36 square meters with 1 bedroom .

20×20 ft HouseA floor
Entrance2.1 m²
Living room10.4 m²
Bath2.4 m²
Dining11.0 m²
Bedroom7.3 m²
 Grand Total33.2 m²

Compact Tiny House Plans

Plan of small one-story houses
One-story house with measures of 6 × 6

Following are other photos of the design of facades and elevations of the small one-story house with measures of 6 × 6 meters.

mini houses design with 1 bedroom
Front of beautiful and modern house
Modern girl house facade
Perspective view of a small but nice house
Front elevation of a nice and affordable house

It shows once again that there are ADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN A TINY HOUSE.

Cheap Tiny House Plan with 2 Story

Affordable Two-Story, Three-Bedroom Economic Tiny House Plans

A 5×12 design of two floors with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and with 3 facade designs is shown. The houses actually measure 4.6 x 12 meters and each one has a usable area of ​​105m².

3 different facade designs are presented for the same design of the plants as the volumetry of each house. In all three cases they have an open but covered garage or garage area.

Economic Two-Story Houses with Measures and Facades
Two-story small house facade
Affordable Two-Story, Three-Bedroom House Plan
View of a small two-story house
Plans of cheap two-story houses with measures and facades
Image of a small house with 2 floors

The exterior expression of the facades is simple. Due to its volumetric simplicity, it would not be difficult to build it.

The structure, foundations, beams, columns, slabs and stairs have been conceived with reinforced concrete in situ.

cheap two-story houses with balcony

This small and cheap house plan with two floors with 3 bedrooms, has an estimated budget of 840’000.00 mexican pesos (36’000.00 dollars). This budget does not include the price of the land or the technical preparation of the project.

2-story small houses
Cheap 2 Story Homes
Facades of economical Two-Story Houses with Measures
Facades of cheap two-story houses

Plans of Houses with Facades of 2 Economic Floors

In this cheap two-story house plans , the ground floor has a living room and dining room-kitchen in continuous spaces, thus saving space and meters of construction. 

For the social spaces, a complete bathroom has been designed, although it could only be a half bathroom.

In addition, a separate area for laundry is included. The kitchen has a standard “U” shaped design. The dining area is rather small, although a 6-seater table could also be included.

Upstairs it has 3 bedrooms and another independent full bathroom. The main bedroom faces the front facade and has views from the large glass window.

Small houses with 2 economic floors inside
Economic house plan in 3d
Cheap Two-Story House Plans with Measurements PDF
Cheap 2 story economic tiny house plans

Affordable Houses with 2 Stories Inside

economical 2-story house inside
cheap 2 story house inside
4.6 x 12 house interior

Economic Tiny House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

Plans of Economic Houses 2 Floors
Plans of Economic Houses 2 Floors

You can see more plans of SMALL HOUSE DESIGN, with interesting ideas.

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