Low Cost 2 Bedrooms House Plan Designs

Ideas to build low cost 2 bedrooms house plan designs. Simple houses that have only 2 bedrooms, on a single floor.

These house plans have reduced areas, but can be enlarged, adding another room.

Let’s see examples of house plans with two rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plan Designs

Simple 2 Bedrooms House Plans with Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom

Simple 2 Bedrooms House Plans with Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom
Internal distribution of a small 2 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plans
13.8 x 6.8 m HouseLittle
Dining room7.0m²
Kitchen room4.5m²
Bedroom 15.9m²
Bedroom 29.4m²
Total34.1 m²

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms House Floor Plan Design 3d, with Kitchen, Bathroom and Garage

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plan Designs
Furniture plan with axis measurements.
Entry1.7 m²5.76m
Dining room10.9 m²14.82m
Bathroom3.2 m²7.21m
Bedroom 17.3 m²10.64m
Bedroom 27.8 m²11.19m
Kitchen room5.9 m²9.96m
 Grand Total36.9 m²59.59m

House Plans with 2 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom

Elevation of Two-Bedroom House Living Room and Kitchen
Front elevation .
Elevation of a House with Two Rooms Living Room and Kitchen
Right lateral elevation.
Low Cost 2 Bedrooms Floor Plan Designs
Left lateral elevation.
Foundation 800×800 mm3.78 m³ 200mm2012 m²

Structure design of a house with two rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

3d structure of a house with 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom with garage.

3D structure design of a house with 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom with garage.

 Foundation beamsLongSection (bxh)QuantityVolume
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa400mm200x300mm20.008 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa790mm200x300mm10.032 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1600mm200x300mm10.082 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1660mm200x300mm10.089 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1700mm200x300mm10.082 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2000mm200x300mm40.420 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2100mm200x300mm20.111 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2200mm200x300mm20.235 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2900mm200x300mm20.159 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa3000mm200x300mm10.165 m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa3100mm200x300mm50.342 m³
 Grand Total   242,516 m³
Column Metal – Round20.06 m³120mm2750
Column Metal – Round20.08 m³120mm3250
Column Concrete-Rectangular10.06 m³150x150mm2700
Column Concrete-Rectangular151.62 m³200x200mm2700
Overall: 20twenty1.82 m³  
Deck BeamsLongSection (bxh)QuantityVolume
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa400mm200x250mm20.016m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa790mm200x250mm10.027m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1600mm200x250mm10.068m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1660mm200x250mm10.074m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa1700mm200x250mm10.068m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2000mm200x250mm40.349m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2100mm200x250mm20.092m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2200mm200x250mm20.195m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa2900mm200x250mm20.132m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa3000mm200x250mm10.137m³
Concrete in situ 25.0MPa3100mm200x250mm50.283m³
 Grand Total   222,088m³
Two Bedroom House Plans Living Room and Kitchen Together Small

Isometric view of a 2 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plan in 3d.

Structural slab 150mmQuantityVolume
Deck Area: 40 m²16.05 m³

Front perspective of the house with 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and garage.

Carport JoistsQuantitySectionOverall Length
6.04m steel profile750x50x6mm42.25m
5.06m steel profile5100x100x10mm25.30m
Light Carport CoverQuantityOverall Length
Metallic corrugated sheets of 0.65×5.35m1053.51m
Garage trussesQuantityBetween SupportsFlight
Steel Profile Trusses2Light of 4.50m900mm
3D model of a house with 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.
3D model
Wall TypeAreaThicknessQuantityVolume
150mm blocks25m²15044.05 m³
200mm blocks93 m²200919.56 m³
 Total119 m² 1323.61 m³

Small 2 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plan

Small 2 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plan
7.3 x 9.3 m HouseAreaArea
Entry22.6 sq ft2.1 sqm
Dining room239.3 sq ft22.2 sqm
Wash44.2 sq ft4.1 sqm
Kitchen72.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Terrace20.5 sq ft1.9 sqm
Hallway19.4 sq ft1.8 sqm
Bedroom 188.4 sq ft8.2 sqm
Bedroom 298.1 sq ft9.1 sqm
Bath37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Total641.4 sq ft59.5 sqm
Low cost 2 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plan

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms House Floor Plan Design 3d with Garage

The construction materials used are reinforced concrete for the structure, block walls (mud bricks) on vertical walls, aluminum and glass carpentry, and smoothed cement. Inside, ceramic veneers are included on the floor and in wet areas.

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms House Floor Plan Design 3d with Garage
Simple house design with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

2 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plan with Car Parking

In the scheme of the house on the ground floor, differentiated areas can be seen. The garage, next to the living room and the portal. 

The living room-dining room-kitchen in the same integrated and fluid space. The bathroom, close to all the spaces in the house, including the access.

Low Cost 2 Bedrooms House Floor Plan Design 3d with Garage
2 Bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plan.

On the other hand, the two bedrooms occupy the private area, arranged to the right. A compact and functional house cloth.

The location of the toilet and sink could be exchanged, although it is always better to locate a piece like the toilet, with its larger diameter installations, towards an exterior wall, since in this way we avoid noise from inside the house.

House of13.8 x 6.8m
Porch8.3 m²
Living room – Dining room – Kitchen31.1 m²
Bedroom 17.9 m²
Bedroom 212.0 m²
Bathroom4.0 m²
Total63.3 m²
low cost 2 bedroom tiny house plans
House model with living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom .

Being a simple house design, the rethinking of the foundations, columns and walls would not be complex. Therefore, with the dimensions or measurements to axes, it would be enough for its construction.

front elevation.
Front elevation .
Left lateral elevation.
Left lateral elevation.
small house facade with garage
Small 1-story 2 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plan design in 3d

Simple Two Bedrooms House Design with Living Room and Kitchen Together

Two Bedroom House Designs Living Room and Kitchen Together Small
3D View of the front facade, in perspective.

Also, the tables with measurements and quantities, sections, areas, etc., of each architectural and structural element, which are broken down below, will serve as a guide.

Structure in perspective.
Structure in perspective.

Concrete Foundation Quantities

FoundationsKindVolumeQuantitySupport AreaBase Depth
Concrete in situ 25.0MPaInsulated Foundation 800x800mm1.14m³53.2m²-1350mm
Concrete in situ 25.0MPaInsulated Foundation 900x900mm3.09m³118.9m²-1350mm
Cyclopean Concrete 15.0MPaRunning shoe 2800x500x500mm0.70m³11.40m²-700mm
Cyclopean Concrete 15.0MPaRun shoe 2050x500x500mm0.51m³11.05m²-700mm
Overall: 18 5.65m³15.1m² 
Structure of small houses with 1 floor
Isometric of skeleton structure .

Quantities of Foundation Beams

Foundation beamsVolume 
Overall Lengthof concreteQuantityType
3D reinforced concrete skeleton of a 2 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plans
3D reinforced concrete skeleton of a 2 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom house plans

Table of Quantities of Concrete Columns

Structural ColumnQuantityConcrete 
SectionBase levelBasis OffsetLong
Column Concrete-Rectangular10.16m³200x200mmNPT 0.00-200mm4050mm
Column Concrete-Rectangular40.65m³200x250mmNPT 0.00-200mm3250mm
Column Concrete-Rectangular10.20m³200x250mmNPT 0.00-200mm4050mm
Column Concrete-Rectangular10.22m³200x300mmNPT 0.00-200mm3630mm
Column Concrete-Rectangular92.19m³200x300mmNPT 0.00-200mm4050mm
Overall: 16163.42m³   

Quantities of Concrete Deck Beams

QuantityVolumeSectionLong Tbase height
288,663m³ 98.05m 
low cost 2 bedroom tiny house plans

Cover Slab Volumes

AreaQuantityConcrete Cover SlabsThicknessVolume
65m²1Inclined Roof (Slope: 10%)150mm9.74m³
33m²1Flat Roof (Portal-Garage)150mm4.90m³

The roof slabs have been considered reinforced concrete, supported by beams and enclosures. The inclined slab could also be built using corrugated metal sheets.

The slope of 10% allows the evacuation of rainwater quickly, using any of these 2 types of materials, mentioned above.

Transversal architectural section.
Transversal architectural section.

Breakdown of Concrete Block Walls

Block Wall 100mm Interior14.2m²3.00m-2003150
Block Wall 150mm Interior16.4m²2.25m-2003150
Block Wall 200mm Exterior118.2m²4.55m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior136.6m²10.35m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior126.4m²6.80m-2003900
Block Wall 200mm Exterior122.1m²6.25m-2003900
Block Wall 200mm Exterior19.0m²2.25m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior112.9m²4.10m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior118.8m²6.25m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior113.0m²4.55m-2003850
Block Wall 200mm Exterior8157.1m²45.10m  
Overall: 1010167.6m²50.35m  

Floor Areas

NPT -0.05Structural slab 150mm23.6m²20.8mGarage
NPT +-0.00Ceramic floor 600x600mm64.4m²35.1mInteriors
NPT -0.05Ceramic floor 600x600mm9.2m²12.7mPorch
Overall: 397.2m²  

Doors and Windows Quantities

Sliding Door 2 Sections1600mm2200mm3.52m²27.04m²
Swing Door800mm2100mm1.68m²23.36m²
Swing Door700mm2100mm1.47m²11.47m²
Total  511.87m²
Sliding Window 2 Sections1000mm800mm0.80m²21.6m²
Sliding Window 2 Sections1000mm1200mm1.20m²33.6m²
Total  55.2m²

You can see many HOUSE PLANS to build, WITH TWO BEDROOMS.

Likewise, you will find more ideas of SMALL HOUSE PLANS with one and two bedrooms.

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