We need stairs to live in houses with 2 or more levels, even if we had an elevator inside the house, due to security requirements.

Stairs are structures that have consecutive steps that serve to communicate the levels in a house or construction in general. They are structures, but they can also become true works of art within the space where they are presented.

Beyond simple steps and cute sculptural forms, stairs can be very functional elements within a HOME DESIGN, including storage solutions, interior gardens, attractive interior lighting designs, and even spaces to sit. It is for these various reasons that we must devote all the attention they deserve.

Types of Stairs

Stairs According to their Function and Location

Escaleras de interior
Escaleras de interior
Escaleras de Exterior
Escaleras de Exterior
Escaleras de Trabajo
Escaleras de trabajo
Escaleras de emergencia
De emergencia
Escalera contra incendios
Contra incendios
escaleras Mecánicas

Aluminum Stairs (For Work)

Below we see the main types of work stairs. There are other models with more specific designs and for specialized uses. However, the following are basic.

Escalera telescópica
Escalera telescópica
Escalera De tijera
De tijera
Escalera plegable
Escalera plegable
Escalera Multiposiciones
Escalera Articulada
escalera 3 peldaños
Escalera 3 peldaños

Geometric Shapes of Stairs

Following we will see the different names of stairs according to their geometric shape.

escalera en Forma de L
Escalera en forma de l
escalera recta
Modelos de escaleras rectas
Formas en caracol
escalera en Forma de u
Formas de U
Escalera Curva
Diseños de escalera curva
escalera en Forma de C
En forma de C

According to Architectural Design – Design Stairs

tipos de escaleras
Escaleras modernas
escaleras minimalistas
escaleras de diseño
Escaleras de diseño
tipos de escaleras
Diseño clásico
Escaleras coloniales

Escalera Imperial
Escalera Imperial

Classification of Stairs by the Number of Branches

escaleras De una rama
Escaleras de una rama (de un solo tramo)
escaleras de dos ramas
De dos ramas
escaleras de 3 tramos
De 3 tramos

Types according to Structural Design

Con dos apoyos
tipos de escaleras
Escaleras flotantes
escaleras Autoportantes

By Type of Construction

Escaleras de hormigón in-situ
Escaleras de hormigón in-situ
Escaleras prefabricadas
Prefabricadas de hormigón
escaleras Pre-ensambladas

According to Material

tipos de escaleras
De concreto
escaleras de acero
Metálicas (acero, aluminio)
modelos de escaleras para casas
De madera
tipos de escaleras
De cristal
tipos de escaleras
Materiales varios

Actually there are more forms of classification, however here the main and most widespread have been exposed, showing images of types of stairs for houses.

The Parts of a Staircase… What are they called?

The stairs are made up of different elements. These may have all the elements or only some component parts or elements.

We will see what are THE PARTS OF A LADDER and their names. From the outset I tell you that there are at least 14 component parts of a ladder…

Partes de una Escalera
elementos que componen una escalera
Partes Principales

Stairs that you will love for their design and use of materials. Images of modern stair designs, stair ideas for second floor, minimalist or colonial stair architecture.

Photos of beautiful stairs in different materials, such as metal, concrete or wood, in correspondence to the style of the house you want to have or in which you already live… for small or large houses.

Stair Designs

Stairs Ideas for Second Floor

Diseños de Escaleras
Duplex moderno

Design Stairs

Metallic Design

Escaleras de Diseño

Wood Design Stairs


Interior Stairs Design

Modern Design Stairs

como se hace una escalera

Models of Stairs of a Branch

Straight staircases, with a single section. It is the simplest model. They are used in places with less traffic of people and bridge floor unevenness that are not very high. It is for this reason that they do not need breaks in between. They can be of different materials.

modelos de escaleras para casas
Escaleras de un Tramo

It must be remembered that the stairs of a flight or stairs of a single branch, should not have more than 16 to 18 steps. This number of continuous steps varies slightly from country to country, so it would be a good idea to check the regulations in your country.

Escaleras de un solo tramo
Escalera para segundo piso de concreto
Escalera recta de un solo tramo

In the event that you need the ladder, more than 18 steps, you must put an intermediate landing. So it would be a straight staircase with two flights, or an “L” staircase with two or more flights.

Models of House Stairs

escalera de dos tramos con descanso
imagenes de tipos de escaleras para casa

Simple Stairs

Escaleras Sencillas

Simple and Pretty Stairs

modelos de Escaleras Sencillas
como diseñar una escalera

With interesting information, you can SEE MORE IDEAS about interior staircase design.

Modern Stairs

Escaleras de Diseño
escaleras de obra modernas

Following the link you will see varied and interesting MODERN IDEAS of stair designs in different styles.

Two Branch Stairs

diseño de escaleras de dos tramos
escaleras de dos tramos modernas

What is a two-legged Ladder?

A two-flight staircase is one that has a continuous section + a landing + a section. Each section will be made up of a minimum of 3 steps and a maximum of 18 steps, as this is what is required by most STAIRS DESIGN REGULATIONS. The design can vary, being able to be “straight”, in “L”, “oblique” or spiral.

Pictures of Stairs

Imágenes de Escaleras
Espacio de hall de un duplex moderno
Imágenes de Escaleras
Escaleras de concreto en una caja de escaleras

Images of Stairs for Houses

Photo of Staircase for Small Houses

Foto de Escalera para Casas Pequeñas
Interior de Loft

Stairs Ideas for Small Houses

Ideas de Escaleras
Ideas de Escaleras para Casas Chicas

Images of Stairs for Second Floor

Hall de una casa colonial

Spectacular Stairs Images

Imágenes de Escaleras

Imágenes de Escaleras Espectaculares
Modelo helicoidal de concreto
Escaleras de caracol de concreto
Escaleras para segundo piso de concreto
Imágenes de Escaleras Espectaculares

Ideas of Stairs of 3 Branches (of 3 sections)

Ideas de Escaleras de 3 Ramas

Downstairs Bathroom

Escaleras con Baño Abajo
Baño debajo de las escaleras

With the variety of bathroom furniture assortments offered on the market, it is very likely that in most homes, you can have a half bathroom underneath. Good planning will allow it. SEE MORE examples with bathroom below.

Bleacher Designs with Garden

Escaleras para segundo piso de concreto

With Small Garden

Diseños de Escaleras con Jardín
Escaleras de interior de obra

Garden Under the Stairs

Concrete Bleachers

Concrete stairs are one of the most common, due to the benefits that reinforced concrete offers us, such as better versatility and lower cost, compared to metal stairs, for example.

Reinforced concrete, being moldable and resistant, allows you to build any type of staircase, be it one, two or three sections, whether in “L”, “U” or spiral. In addition, it can be adapted to any architectural style and to any weather or climate condition.

Escaleras Modernas de Concreto
De concreto para segundo piso
Escaleras Modernas de hormigon
De hormigón armado, estilo flotante, para segundo piso

Another factor, in favor of concrete, is that these can be prefabricated or cast “in situ”. This decision will depend on your design, the facilities to build on site, the available budget, and the speed we need in the execution.

In the architecture of a house, it is a great complement to interior decoration, and even exterior, especially when we have large glass surfaces on the facade.

escaleras de hormigon
Grada exterior de concreto
escaleras de concreto
Escalera en U, en un interior, de hormigón, acero y madera

In buildings with a social function, places that are too important and crowded tend to have sculptural stair designs, thus giving a great hierarchy to hotel lobbies, sports centers, stores, among others.

There are several types of stands that are designed according to the place where they are located, the area in which they are arranged, the functionality and their structural and volumetric shape. Within these types, we find the CONCRETE STAIRSYou can follow the link.

Outdoor Stairs

Escalera exterior moderna sin baranda
Escalera exterior moderna sin baranda
Escalera exterior para entrada a la casa
Escalera exterior para entrada a la casa

Outdoor stairs must work in all types of environmental conditions and provide comfortable and safe ascents and descents, for all people: young and not so young… If you want to see MULTIPLE EXAMPLES of outdoor stairs, you can follow the link.

How to Build a Concrete Staircase (Step by Step)

constuir una escalera de concreto

Carrying out a CONSTRUCTION OF STAIRS inside a house is a complex task, since it is necessary to do (most likely) foundations, formwork, place the steel reinforcements, pour the concrete, complete the stairs with floats and cure it and remove the formwork after a certain time.

Different steps must be carried out in the construction sequence, such as, for example, setting out the concrete staircase in elevation, making the formwork, placing the steel covering pieces, placing the reinforcing steel, among others. Follow this methodology of HOW TO BUILD A CONCRETE STAIRCASE step by step.

Stairs that take up Less Space

The design of the interior staircase of a house must be adjusted to the dimensions of the house itself. If the house has little space, it is necessary to design stairs that take up less space, therefore, the model or design of the staircase must be adapted to this conditioning factor.

This is for reasons of occupying less space and avoiding being an obstacle to circulation, but also so that the interior design is adequate, without elements that are loud or out of scale.

Today, many people and families decide to build their houses smaller and smaller and… WHAT ARE THE STAIRS THAT TAKE UP LESS SPACE?

Escalera de dos tramos

What are the Measurements of a Staircase, By Regulations

There are many different types of stairs, each with different characteristics. Some time ago, we published an article showing you 100 stair designs. These examples can be used for inspiration, but when forced to, each staircase is unique.

In the process of designing and building, there are a few things that you need to consider before you start using them. Before you call in a professional, read on and learn everything you need to know.

In small houses and small spaces, we need small stairs that fit the minimum existing space. So we need to know what the minimum measurements of this important architectural element are. Let’s see, the STANDARD STAIRS DIMENSIONS, by regulations.


Floating Stairs

Models of Interior Stairs for Second Floor (floating type)

Escaleras de un Tramo
Escalera volada hormigón
Escaleras de un Tramo
Escaleras de un Tramo

In cantilevered or floating stairs for interiors, the steps do not have a riser and are suspended in the air, with a single point of support, so they must be well anchored to the load-bearing wall or support beam, to resist the weight of the people who they pass through them.

Escaleras de un Tramo
Escalera volada hormigón
Escaleras de un Tramo

The flown stairs seem to float in space, with minimalist designs, ideal for contemporary interiors.

Escaleras de un Tramo

Escaleras de un Tramo
Escaleras Metálicas Modernas

Where to locate the Stairs in a House?

To correctly design a staircase, it is necessary to have analyzed in detail the space where it would be built or placed, and the functional and circulation relationships of all the related spaces, both those on the ground floor (from where the staircase starts), such as the analysis of the spaces of the upper floor(s).

This first analysis is essential and fundamental, so that the location of the staircase of a house is adequate, and then, we could start designing, with good footing, the shape and style of this architectural and structural element, (with possibilities of be sculptural, if it were design stairs), and that will connect the different floors of the house.

Metal Stairs

Generally, today, these are stairs that are totally or partially manufactured industrially. Its steps, at least, are usually produced in a factory in modular pieces of different styles, sizes, and materials.

These stairs made of hot or cold rolled metal can take any shape, whether straight, “L”, “U” or spiral. Its main drawback is its high cost, compared to concrete or wood stairs.

escalera metalica de interior
Metálica de interior
Escaleras metalicas
Escaleras de interior metalicas

They are highly recommended for installation in small house spaces and with modern interior design. Another feature is its great durability, especially in climates that are not humid and indoors.

Models of Modern Metal Stairs

Escaleras Metálicas Modernas
Escaleras Metálicas Modernas
Escaleras Metálicas Modernas
Escaleras Metálicas

Bleacher Ideas to Play with a Slide

Ideas de Escaleras con Tobogán

Spiral Stairs for Duplex Houses

Escaleras de Caracol
Con área de jardín debajo
Escaleras de Caracol

They are generally built in reinforced concrete or metal, although these materials can be combined. The SPIRAL STAIRS are the most spectacular and striking that you can have in a duplex house.

escaleras de caracol

30 Colonial Designs

diseño de Escaleras Coloniales
originales Escaleras Coloniales

The colonial stands will have their own characteristics according to their geometric, architectural and structural design, and at the same time, they will assimilate the colonial decorative style of… See more COLONIAL stairs.

Houses with Stairs Outside

Fachada de casa moderna
Casas con Escaleras Por Fuera
Para Entrada de Casa
Casas con Escaleras Por Fuera
Fachada de casa moderna con escalera de caracol exterior

HOW TO LOCATE Stairs in Small House?

In a small house, the available spaces and areas are smaller, so the designer who tries to design the rooms and the staircase that connects the different floors must be very precise, in each location that he makes, whether they are doors and windows, corridors, stairs, etc.

ubicacion de la escalera en un loft

Locating the steps in a small house with two or more floors may be the most important issue to solve. By having less area and space, you should avoid…

Wooden Stairs

Wood is another material that is commonly used in the design and construction of stairs. It is usually combined very well, especially with concrete (or perhaps it is your own taste), creating aesthetics that are very pleasing to the eye.

Escaleras modernas de Madera
Escalera de madera de caracol
Escaleras modernas de Madera
Escalera de madera moderna

To see MORE EXAMPLES of wooden stairs, you can continue with the link.

Glass Stairs

Elegant glass stairs design for modern interiors.

Escaleras de Cristal

This type of stairs convey lightness, neatness and sophistication, and transfer a very modern and contemporary expression to the space where they are located.

Modern Glass Stairs

They can be designed and built entirely in glass or just glass steps or glass railings. This type of glass design is usually the center of admiration of the space.

Escaleras de Cristal
Vidrio laminado con pasamanos en acero inoxidable
Escalera de cristal templado,  tubos y pasamanos en acero inoxidable
Escalera de cristal templado, tubos y pasamanos en acero inoxidable
Escaleras de Cristal
Escaleras de cristal y acero

Modern Glass Stairs

Escaleras de Cristal
Cristal con luz en la escalera
Diseño de escaleras de caracol con vidrio laminado
Diseño de escaleras de caracol con vidrio laminado
Escaleras de Cristal
Escaleras de cristal y aluminio

Well Lit Stairs

You can illuminate the steps or opt for recessed lights in the steps themselves.

Diseño e iluminación de escaleras
Diseño de iluminación de escaleras

If the staircase is narrow, use white or light colors so that the light reflects the space and makes it appear larger.

iluminación de escaleras

escaleras con luces
20×40 FEET modern house design.
escaleras con luces
SMALL TWO STORY house plan design.

iluminación de escaleras

Ladders for Small Spaces

In this case, it is about stairs for reduced and small spaces, therefore, they will not comply with the general ordinances, with steps of up to 180mm and/or treads of more than 250mm. Sometimes they are necessary.

To make up for the deficiency of some element of the stair design that may affect its safety and comfort, we can do the following:

  • That the materials of the steps are made of wood or another flexible material.
  • That the ladder has handrails on both sides, improving safety and comfort in its use.
  • That the steps of the stairs are well lit.
  • That there is a color contrast between the stairs and the floor and the surrounding walls.
  • That the floor where the stairs come out, be made of a flexible material, wood, etc.
  • That the edges and corners of the steps are rounded
Escaleras para Espacios Reducidos
Escaleras para Espacios Reducidos

Escaleras para Espacios Reducidos
Escaleras para Espacios Reducidos
Escaleras para Espacios Reducidos

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