Concrete Stairs: 50 Examples of Stylish Concrete

Spaces with concrete stairs with landing, modern, with simple or sculptural designs. We will see more than 50 examples of cement stairs of different styles.

concrete stairs

There are MANY TYPES of stairs, but for now we will be looking at only concrete stairs with landing. Fixed cement stairs, which are part of the structure of a construction, and therefore cannot move.

One flight concrete staircase
Straight concrete staircase .
concrete stairs with rest
Model of a cement staircase with landing.

Concrete and Wood Staircase with Minimalist Style

A modern and minimalist concrete staircase solution, which combines concrete steps alternating them with wooden steps.

The following design is an example of flown concrete stairs, whose floating steps have been covered in wood.

cement stairs
Cement and wood staircase design.

It is a form widely used to make blasted concrete stairs, with an interior reinforcement of steel, hydraulic concrete and a wood finish.

There are different ways to build a staircase, with this system, having slight differences between them.

Concrete Stairs with Landing

Concrete stairs with landing, straight or in the shape of a “U”, are the most used in residential buildings , since they need less space to join and climb a new branch or section.

Two-section concrete staircase
U-shaped concrete staircase .
stairs of two concrete sections with rest
Typical concrete staircase with a landing, with two branches (“round trip” or “U” shape) .
Concrete stairs with rest for interiors.
Concrete stairs with landing for interiors.
Concrete stairs with rest for home interiors
Massive concrete interior staircase.

Cement Stairs for Small Houses

The next one is a modern concrete staircase that has been supported on a base in the form of steps.

This variant is usually used to prioritize the design or to make a differentiation of color or texture, between the stairs and the floor of the house.

Modern Concrete Stairs
Design of modern concrete staircase.

In this case, it is rather the starting step of the staircase, even though it has the appearance of a landing.

concrete flown stairs
U-shaped staircase, modern, concrete with landing.

Also mention that a reinforced concrete staircase assumes all the qualities of concrete, such as the ease of combining very well with other materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood or glass.

Modern Concrete Stairs

Interior view with a modern concrete staircase. A bit of improvisation is seen , by placing blocks on the edge of the second stair branch.

Minimalist Concrete Staircase, with Design for Small Spaces

Perhaps MINIMALIST STYLE houses are not for everyone, but they are always striking.

In this small house with a minimalist interior design, there is a concrete and wood staircase, of the “samba” type, which alternates its steps to save space and go up to the mezzanine of this unique loft.

Minimalist concrete and wood staircase
Concrete and wood staircase.

A minimalist concrete straight staircase, designed by British architect John Pawson, for Paros House III.

Straight Cement Stairs

minimalist staircase
Straight concrete bleachers with aluminum handrails.

How much space is needed to Build a Concrete Staircase?

It depends on the type of stairs. For spiral staircases, a minimum area of ​​3 to 4 square meters is required (spiral staircases with a diameter of 180 to 200 cm).

In round-trip stairs, a total width of 170 cm is needed (80 cm wide on each branch plus the eye of the ladder, which would be 10 cm).

Images of Concrete Staircase with Landing

Images of Concrete Stairs with Rest
Stairs in concrete with u shaped, with landing.

Models of Concrete Staircase with Garden

stairs for small concrete houses
Concrete staircase with central support beam .
concrete stairs
Exterior concrete staircase with structural slab.

What Kind of Stairs is Cheaper?

Undoubtedly, the cheapest and most economical stairs are the stairs made of concrete .

This is due to the characteristics of concrete. Concrete is a strong, durable, and cheap material that requires little maintenance.

concrete spiral stairs
Modern concrete staircase in spiral shape.

Concrete is a material that can take any shape and with a smooth appearance that makes it perfect for use in the design and construction of stairs.

In addition, concrete combines very well with other materials, such as wood, glass and steel.

Concrete Stairs with Landing for Interior

Concrete Stairs with Landing for Interior
Concrete staircase model with start and landing .
stairs for small concrete houses

Concrete Stairs as Seats

The stairs are used to go up and down, allowing access to places that are on different levels.

Although they can also serve as a seating area inside the home or in open spaces. These images show an example of a concrete staircase covered in wood.

Concrete Stairs as Seats
concrete staircase

When you go to build, it is very important to have good STAIR PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS. This will ensure a better quality of execution, especially when staking.

Concrete and Wood Stairs for Houses, Brutalist Style

Next we see an example of design of concrete stairs for houses, with a totally brutalist expression. The staircase corresponds to Casa ES, located in Argentina in Tigre, Barrio Privado.

The project corresponds to the FAARQ  –  Facundo Arana Architect studio.

Brutalist Stair Design, Concrete and Wood
Interior staircase of concrete and wood.
Interior staircase with landing, concrete and wood, modern.
U-shaped staircase top view, with landing.
U-shaped staircase top view, with landing.
Detail of how to make a staircase with concrete and wood rest.
Detail of how to make a staircase with concrete and wood landing.

Modern Concrete Stairs

Design of Concrete Stairs with U-shaped Landing

Another amazing solution for small spaces. This U-shaped design combines various materials in two stair flights.

We have concrete, wood and metal. The space under the stairs is also used to place a kind of bench with some plants.

Modern Concrete Stairs
Concrete, wood and steel stairs, with landing.

Spiral Concrete Stairs

Among these concrete stairs we can find  spiral or circular stairs, round-trip, one-flight stairs, U-shaped concrete stairs, among many others.

In the image below, we see a model of a modern staircase with concrete beams on each side, supporting concrete steps with wood veneer in their treads (this staircase does not have risers).

A modern and elegant spiral design.

Modern Concrete Stairs
Modern concrete stairs design: concrete spiral staircase.

Now we see a modern concrete staircase, with beams on both sides, a wooden start and metal steps.

The shape of this modern staircase, which is neither straight nor circular, tries to adapt to the available space. It seems that the height of the stairs does not have the necessary minimum.

Modern Concrete Stairs
Model of modern staircase, concrete curve .

Design of Cement Stairs, in Spiral Shape for Interiors

An interesting proposal, where the shape of the staircase and the circular glass curtain wall are combined.

This spiral staircase has the support beams and its steps completely made of concrete. The lamp that hangs from the ceiling could have had another design.

Design of Modern Concrete Stairs
Concrete spiral staircase of modern design.

Circular concrete staircase with acrylic railings, which is located in a double-height space, being the main point of attraction, together with the work of art with human figures hanging from the ceiling.

The way to illuminate the steps of the stairs is subtle, without attracting a higher attention.

Indoor Concrete Spiral Stairs
Model of modern reinforced concrete spiral stairs.

Circular Concrete Staircase

A semi-circular concrete staircase that needs railings, at least to one side. Aesthetics should not be above people’s safety.

Interior Circular Concrete Staircase
Curved concrete staircase, interior.

Outdoor Concrete Spiral Stairs

A model of an outdoor concrete spiral staircase, with a sculptural design. The entire staircase, including the railings, are made of exposed cement.

Outdoor Concrete Spiral Stairs
Model of reinforced concrete spiral stairs, for exteriors.
Image of concrete stairs for exteriors.
Image of concrete stairs for exteriors .

Materials to Build a Concrete Staircase

Among the materials needed to build a concrete staircase, several can be mentioned.

Some of them are fundamental and essential, such as wooden slats, wooden boards, steel rods for reinforcement, nails and nails, tie wire, hydraulic concrete (stone, gravel, cement, sand, additives, water, etc.), string nylon, tape, among others.

exterior concrete stairs with landing
Design of exterior concrete stairs.

There are other materials, second level of importance (not essential), such as paints, waterproofing, and others, that if you have the possibility of acquiring them, you will be able to carry out the work with much higher quality and comfort. The various work tools have not been included here.

Do you want to know how to CALCULATE THE AMOUNT OF MATERIALS of a staircase?

Concrete Stairs with Landing for Buildings

U-shaped concrete stairs. U-shaped stairs are the most used in residential buildings, as they need less space to join and climb a new branch or section.

Design of U-shaped Concrete Stairs
View of u-shaped concrete bleachers, with landing.
Concrete stairs flown .

This staircase with cantilevered steps could well be built of concrete, and covered with sheets of wood.

interior concrete stairs
Internal concrete staircase .

Skill and technical discipline are required to build a concrete staircase inside a home, a complex task, since multiple aspects must be taken into account and coordinated in the best way during the construction process.

Outdoor Concrete Stairs

Types of Concrete Stairs
Exterior concrete staircase forming a roof and a floor .
Outdoor cement bleachers .
Outdoor cement bleachers .

To see many ideas of stairs FOR OUTDOORS, you can follow the link.

outdoor concrete stairs images.
concrete steps in curved shapes
Concrete steps in curved shapes

How to Build a Concrete Staircase (Step by Step)

HOW TO BUILD STEP BY STEP a concrete staircase for the interior of a house, is a complex task, since you have to make (most likely) foundations, formwork, place the REINFORCEMENT of the staircase , pour the concrete, complete the stairs with floats and heal it and remove the shuttering after a certain amount of time…

Concrete staircase with two branches, in "L" .
Concrete staircase with two branches, in “L” .

If you wish, you can continue to see more STAIRS DESIGN ideas.

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