Downstairs Bathroom Ideas

Ideas and features of downstairs bathroom ideas: STAIRS DESIGNS with bathroom below.

Above all, in small houses, bathrooms under stairs are an alternative to make the most of each space. Having the stairwell with a half bath downstairs may be optional, or may be a necessity, due to space limitations in the home.

Modern stairs with SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGNS downstairs, with sink and toilet, with a social or utility function, on the ground floor of the apartment.

Next we will see design options for stairs with a bathroom below and their plans. The minimum measures to be taken into account are specified.

Downstairs Bathroom Ideas
downstairs bathroom ideas classic design
Downstairs bathroom ideas classic design.

Design of Stairs with Bathroom Downstairs

The following image shows a straight tiered layout with a half bath below. What is most striking is the range of colors used, with whites, soft purples and wood.

Classic style environments, reflected by the sink, the railings and some furniture.

downstairs bathroom ideas pinterest

The following design is U-shaped with a bathroom below. In the modern interior, the contrast between black and white colors stands out, with the wood of the floor and railings. This ladder is very “safe”, covering the half bathroom.

Design of Stairs with Bathroom below

Concrete Stairs with Bathroom Below

Another classic style interior, in this case with the stands in 3 sections. The small sanitary space is left with sufficient height.

concrete stairs with bathroom below stairs ideas pinterest
concrete stairs with bathroom below simple design

Types of Stairs with Bathroom Below

The designs of stairs with a bathroom below usually have 2 fundamental variants:

  • straight stairs.
Bathroom plans under the stairs
Bathroom plans under the stairs .
Bathroom plans under the stairs 3d
3D section.
  • Stairs with 2 sections (stairs in “L” and Stairs in “U”).
l-shaped staircase with bathroom below
House plan WITH 2 FLOORS AND 3 BEDROOMS with L-shaped steps.

House Plan of 6.5 × 10 meters with Toilet Below and U-Shaped Steps

house plan with bathroom and stairs below
Low level.
Top floor.

Later we will see it in more detail.

With Wood and Bathroom Below

In the following image, the 2-branch ladder is wide, allowing even a shower below. In staircases WITH STANDARD DIMENSIONS, you can build a complete sanitary room, with BATH TUB or shower.

Stairs with Bathroom Downstairs

Whether they are WOODEN stairs, with concrete or metal, the most important thing is the space limited by the height of the stair branch and the width of it. That is the space that defines the possibility of the (half) bathroom downstairs…

Stairs With Bathroom Downstairs Rustic Style

Stairs with Bathroom Downstairs

Actually, with the variety of assortments of bathroom furniture that are offered in the market, it is very likely that in most houses, it is possible to have a half bathroom underneath. Carrying out a good planning will allow it.

Images of  Stairs with  Bathroom  Below

The toilet under the stairs, does not require too much functional height. A slimline design sink is attached to the low-tank toilet. Shelves are included on the side wall, for added convenience.

Images of Stairs with Bathroom Below
Photo by Taiyo Jutaku
Images of  Stairs with  Bathroom  Below

Stairs With Full Modern Bathroom Downstairs

Continuing, you can see the corner sink, the toilet and the shower space.

Stairs With Full Bath Downstairs

Another example of a full bathroom under the stairs.

Full bathroom under the stairs
Downstairs Bathroom Ideas with shower

The staircase is located on a wall that faces the outside, so a small window can be placed to improve lighting and ventilation, in such a small space.

On many occasions, it will be necessary to install a mechanical exhaust fan.

 Half Bath Downstairs

The cabinet under the sink is lined with ceramic tiles. A mirror with a light and the toilet located in front make up the decoration.

stairs with bathroom underneath with toilet

Minimum spaces where to correctly place the sanitary furniture.

bathroom under stairs design with toilet
Stairs with bathroom underneath with toilet.

In the following image, you can see the sanitary space with a double-leaf door, giving the sensation of greater space.

bathroom under stairs simple design

Bathrooms Under Stairs Feng Shui

bathroom under stairs modern design
Nice bathroom under stairs, modern design.
bathroom under stairs design

Stairs with Bathroom Downstairs Measurements

Bathroom under stairs plan with dimensions
Bathroom under stairs plan.

Sometimes, placing a toilet under the stairs can be a necessity, which must be adapted according to the layout of the rooms around it, as well as the height of the finished floor level of the second level.

The following image shows a cutaway view. It can be seen how there are barely 1.88 meters under the slab inside the toilet.

It is a space that can be used, but it does not have the ideal BATHROOM MEASUREMENTS in terms of its depth or height under the ceiling. However, it is wide of the small toilet, it is adequate for its function.

Stairs with Bathroom Downstairs Measurements
Architectural cut .

This will depend on the height of the upper floor and the length of the sections of the stands.

In many cases it will be necessary to adopt a door design that adapts to the height of the ceiling. This can be an opportunity to achieve a better design and more interesting decoration.

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom without Shower

Bathroom Plans Under Stairs

Bathroom Plans Under Stairs
The slope of the stairs is usually in the region of 33 to 35 degrees of inclination.

The image shows fundamental measures to take into account to build a bathroom under a straight staircase.

The back wall must be built so that it reaches a height of about 1400mm, and from there, locate the toilet, which is usually in the position with the least space.

bathroom plans under stairs with measurements

Place the toilet where the ceiling is lower, but avoid hitting their heads.

This is influenced by the tread-riser relationship. Being a SMALL BATHROOM PLAN, it is convenient to locate a small toilet, no more than 650-670 mm long, with a tank if necessary, helping to avoid bringing the head closer to the ceiling.

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