Interior Stairs Design

Next, we will see different aspects related to interior stairs design for houses, the minimum measurements to design STAIRS, the relationship between the tread and the riser and how long a staircase is to go up 3 meters.

As you can see, it is very useful technical information when you need to design and build an interior staircase.

Interior Stairs Design

Summary of Aspects about Indoor Stairs Design

  • Measures of stairs for houses (dimensions of stairs)
  • Minimum measurements of stairs (measures for the design of stairs)
  • Width of a stair ( what is the minimum width of a stair ? )
  • Step heights (risers)
  • How to design a concrete staircase
  • Design of stairs in small spaces
  • How to calculate a stairs
  • How to make a staircase with landing ?
  • Every how many steps must a landing be included?
  • What is the ideal height between the stairs and the ceiling?
  • Stair styles

All these technical aspects will be covered in order to make a stair. During the tour, we will be looking at some interesting and modern interior stair design ideas.

Interior Stairs Design

In addition, we will see different shapes and types of stairs, such as spiral, straight, two-branch (sections) or helical staircases , whether they are for interior spaces in the home or in outdoor areas.

Photo of an indoor staircase.
STAIRS of modern interior
Model of a modern interior staircase.
two flight stairs
Straight interior staircase with two branches.
two-section stairs indoors
Interior staircase, straight with two sections.
one flight internal staircase
Second floor stairs ideas

Interior Stairs Design Ideas

Seeing beautiful interior staircases in houses is the best way to be inspired by them and appreciate the details they have.

If you need ideas on how to decorate, or if you just want to admire the architecture of these internal staircase models, looking at this collection can be a great way to start.

The following example is a model built using steel and wood materials. The slope of this interior staircase with a single section, at first glance, looks adequate, being around 33-35 degrees of inclination.

We can also see how it is designed in a reduced space, through the wooden RAILINGS, which do not occupy the entire section, trying to give a greater sensation of spatiality and providing security from a height of one meter.

Interior Stairs Design

Ideally a stair  should have no more than 16-18 steps in a row (for straight stairs) and it is recommended that a landing measure around the sum of 3 treads.

Interior Stairs Design Ideas in Small Spaces

Interior Stairs Design Ideas

U Shaped Interior Stair Design

U Shaped Interior Stair Design

Interior Stairs Styles

The style depends a lot on the design of the house, elements such as handrails, steps (treads and risers), can be, for example, the material and color of the walls. 

If materials such as wood have been used repeatedly in the house, these same elements should be applied to the design of the interior stairs.

Classic Style Interior Staircase Design

Interior Stairs Design

Classic Curved Staircase

Stairs Design

Modern Classic Style Staircase Design

Interior Stairs Design

Modern Style Metal Staircase

Interior Stairs Design

Corner Stairs

Design Stairs for Modern Style Interiors, in Corner

Stairs Design

Interior Stairs with Garden

Interior Stairs with Garden
Interior staircase of work, for second floor.

What Measurements Should a Staircase Have According to the Regulations?

  • The minimum width must be 80 cm, to make comfortable movements, with or without objects and furniture.
  • The footprint should be at least 25 cm, although ideally it should be 28 to 31 cm.
  • The riser must measure 18 cm maximum.

You can see the expanded article on this topic.

THE TREAD AND THE RISE of Staircase, How Much Do They Measure

THE TREAD AND THE RISE of Staircase, How Much Do They Measure

Models of Metallic Interior Stairs for Second Floor

Models of Metallic Interior Stairs for Second Floor

With Modern Steps in Different Materials

Stairs Design
Models of interior stairs for the second floor, in concrete and wood, with floating steps.

Interior Staircase with Wooden Steps

Interior Staircase with Wooden Steps

The design of stairs can also be classified according to the structural design that makes it up and supports it. 

Within these we have the stairs with cantilever steps, slabs or reinforced concrete plates that are supported at their ends, self-supporting stairs, with a central beam that supports the steps, with two support beams, among others .

Curved Interior Stairs Style

Curved Stairs Style

Self-supporting Modern Staircase Style

Design of Self-supporting Stairs

The design of self-supporting stairs refers to those that have two sections (for example, U-shaped stairs) but do not have intermediate support (see previous image). Therefore, the structural element landing on its ends, leaving these embedded on the floor and mezzanine, as rigid elements.

These self-supporting stairs are usually very striking to the eye, and are built in spaces with a greater character that tend to receive a greater number of people, whether they are duplex homes or socio-cultural buildings.

Self-supporting Interior Stair Design with Central Beam

Self-supporting internal staircase

Simple Interior Stairs Styles

Simple Stairs Styles

The design of stairs with solid slab is another way of building this architectural and structural element. The stairs with solid slab is the way of building stairs that has been most used.

The procedure for its design is not very complex, since it is interpreted as the structural calculation of a solid slab supported at its ends, sub-dividing each calculation, according to the number of sections or branches that the staircase in question presents.

These stairs can have a single section (straight stairs), two sections, or 3 sections, generally.

Interior Stairs Models for Second Floor, Simple and Modern

Stairs Design

Design of an Interior Staircase with Wood

How many Steps Before a Landing Stair?

The construction of a  landing  every 16 to 18 steps for straight stairs is recommended, depending on the regulations used. In the following article I explain it in detail.

WHAT ARE THE MEASUREMENTS of an Interior Staircase: according to the Regulations

what are the measurements of a ladder

Interior Stairs with Glass and Aluminum Railings

In the design of stairs for interiors of houses , it is very important, from the point of view of interior design, that there is a correspondence between the design of the staircase with the other elements of the interior space where it is located.

This relationship or correspondence must exist, both in the spatial design, the geometric model and its volumetry, as well as in the other more basic formal aspects, which are color, materials, textures, lighting, etc.

This allows to achieve a general harmony (see images) in the design and interior comfort.

Stairs of Interior Houses with Landing, with Wood and Glass Railings

Interior Stairs Design

Stairs in Double Height Space

Design of Stairs in Reduced Spaces

Stairs that combine Wood Steps and Glass Railings

Design with Support of 2 Beams, Wooden Steps and Metal Railings

What is the Ideal Height for the Handrail?

The height of the handrail can be between 80 to 95 cm, measured vertically from the top edge of each step.

Interior concrete stairs designs with landing.
Interior concrete stairs designs with landing.

What is the ideal height between the Staircase and the ceiling?

The height between the steps and the ceiling, which has been called “runaway”, should be 210 to 215 cm.

Design of wooden stairs for small interiors. You can also see these BEAUTIFUL HOUSE PLANS with interior stairs.

What are the Stairs THAT TAKE UP LESS SPACE?

What are the Stairs that Occupy Less Space

Design of Interior Stairs with Storage

WHERE TO PUT the Stairs in a Small House

how to locate the stairs
Wooden stairs for small interiors.

Two Branch Stairs: Solid and Open

Staircase Design with Drawers

Design of Interior Stairs in Small Houses

houses with internal patio and pool

Ideas to make stairs for small and modern interiors, with reduced space, interior patio and swimming pool.

houses with patio and pool

FORMULA TO CALCULATE Stairs – Blondel’s Law

tread riser ratio

Design of Stairs in Interior Spaces with Double Height

How a Stair is Projected IN 8 STEPS

two flight staircase

You can continue to see more STAIRS IDEAS.

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