Modern Stairs

Modern stairs for interiors of small and large houses. If you have a house with two or more floors, interesting models and TYPES OF STAIRS become a most.

Many times we think that they are just a functional complement, however, they are a fundamental part of the interior decoration of a home.

modern stairs

The stairs with contemporary designs are responsible for giving a complete look to our home, especially if they are located in the living room, the hall or other spaces of a social nature.

Let’s move on to see modern and elegant stairs.

Modern Stairs Design for Home

Modern spiral stairs
White and modern living room staircase.
Modern Stairs Design for Home
Simple and modern style design.

Simple model with wooden finishes in soft colors. The two railing designs combine: on the one hand, pieces of wood placed vertically. On the other, a black metal handrail, which combines by contrast and by analogy.

modern staircase decorating ideas
Example of modern small stairs , in black and white color.

The following has a simple, elegant and even intriguing character. In black and white colors, the exterior railing of the staircase twists around its central axis, giving us a view that does nothing but remind us of the organic shape of the snail.

Models of Modern Stairs for Small Houses

modern stairs design images
Example of a simple and elegant staircase.

This image shows another model of a simple and modern staircase. The combination of the bench color with the textures and colors of the wood always create a pleasant formal expression. A section with risers, the second with greater lightness.

modern staircase design ideas
Stairs of modern houses.

If we live in a modern world and our houses are modern, then modern stairs should occupy and decorate the interior of our houses.

Remember to think about all the details when locating and building it, as this would usually be a final decision.

Designs of Modern Interior Stairs

modern indoor stairs
Stairs of modern houses.
modern spiral stairs
Photo of a modern spiral staircase

Modern Wooden Stairs Design Indoor

The design of a modern staircase is not chosen lightly. We must take into account the materials to be used, the type of wood, discreet or striking balustrades, harmonious lines. The interior environment must correspond to the modern stands, and vice versa.

modern wooden stairs design indoor
Modern model with a helical shape, made of wood and metal.

Due to their size, modern bleachers can interfere with your decorative desires. But if you do it right, they can reinforce it, achieving a spectacular result. 

Clean lines and premium materials set standards, although good taste and common sense are defining.

simple modern wooden staircase design
Design staircase for a modern house. The elements that make up the safety railings, take great prominence.

Variety of shapes can achieve functional designs with space limitations. The previous image demonstrates it. Just modern concrete steps, and wooden boards, geometrically cut with intention, can decorate the steps, the balustrade and handrails.

modern wooden and steel staircase design for small spaces
Design with metal central beam. Staircase without stringers or risers, surprising for the lightness of its structure .

In this example, the originality of the design is marked by its proportions: straight, narrow, elongated, combining perfectly with the horizontal plane of the corridor that connects the rooms on the second floor.

modern wood stairs design with storage
Fully lined with laminated wood, with cabinets below to expand storage space.

With central beam and suspended steps. With elegance and lightness, a fixing system that gives the impression of stands placed in a vacuum, in “levitation”.

Made of wood and metal stairs , simple and modern design, with elegant steps for interiors.
Made of wood and metal stairs , simple and modern design, with elegant steps for interiors.

More photos of modern stairs. The following photo stands out for its curved geometric shapes, as if it were a fan.

spectacular Modern Wooden Stairs
Example of modern curved stairs

Modern Concrete Staircase

Modern concrete and marble staircase design
Elegant model with marble finishes.

An example of modern house stairs. The sober finishes are combined, creating a very elegant interior environment. Materials and textures of wood and marble stand out within the set.

Modern Stairs of Steel (Metal)

Photos of Modern Straight Stairs

If you want something modern, different, and that allows you to increase the storage space in the house, look at this model with drawer-shaped steps… this could be a great idea.

Photos of Modern Straight Stairs
Elegant and modern stairs with straight design (single flight).

On the one hand, the railings are made of glass sheets, bolted to the steel and wooden steps. On the other, a tube railing. Everything combines!!

Modern Blacksmith Stairs for Interiors

Modern wooden and blacksmith staircase
Modern wooden and blacksmith staircase.
modern ironwork staircase
modern ironwork staircase

The industrial and resounding expression of a straight and elongated staircase. Generally, designs with metal profiles “prefer” colors like red and black… It will be because they want to protect themselves from corrosion…

modern steel stairs design indoor
Modern steel staircase
Modern Metallic Stairs
Modern straight staircase in red and black colors.
Modern Blacksmith Stairs for Interiors
Simple and modern U-shaped model.
Modern Steel staircase designs for homes
Modern iron staircase (with steel sheet steps).

A very pragmatic design, even cold, as if the series of steps had just been unfolded (like an accordion). A small but strong central beam complements its structural design.

modern staircase with lighting
Modern designs with light and glass railings.

Interesting proposal! We see a series of steps that are highlighted by indirect lighting. The glass railings reflect the light and increase the prominence of this design. The decoration of the floor and walls, somewhat baroque, denote that they are stands for a night recreation center. 

Ideas of Modern Blacksmith Stairs

Do you want the staircase to stand out? You can paint it in a color that contrasts with the wall. The color enhances the modern staircase and creates an attractive combination with the white walls and ceiling. Note the visible corrugation of the metal.

Modern stairs of steel sheets
Modern blacksmith staircase.

This model is undoubtedly elegant, modern and minimalist, but it lacks railings for the safety of users. The proposal of colors and textures, in ocher tones, is very interesting.

modern black staircase design with steel steps
With modern design and floating steps.

A very contemporary design with floating steps, using thick sheets of steel to form the structure (which is also one of the railings). Its black color is complemented by the white, gray and wood tones of the interior space design.

Modern Spiral Staircase Designs

Modern Black Stairs

modern black iron staircase
Modern and elegant design, with subtle lighting of its steps.

Images of Modern and Majestic Black Stairs

modern black iron staircase for modern homes
Modern black ironwork stairs for interiors.
modern black iron spiral staircase design
Elegant design of a modern black staircase.
Modern black concrete stairs model
Modern black concrete stairs model.
modern wood and glass staircase design
With finishing materials in wood and glass.

Model with pieces of wood and laminated glass. The curved shapes twist, making the architectural element a true work of art.

Modern Concrete Staircase

Modern Concrete Staircase
Photo of modern staircase for the interior of a modern house.

In this example of a modern CONCRETE STAIR , the emphasis placed on the handrail throughout the development of the different branches of the steps is striking. The modern design of the lighting once again marks the contemporary expression.

White Staircase with Curved Shapes and Lights

Staircase design with modern lighting
Design of bleachers with modern lighting.

Subtly illuminated curved steps define the design of this model in white. I have the idea that glass railings do nothing more than protect and allow each step to shine.

LED under-stair lighting offers a safe and tasteful solution. The lighting expands over each step. It is not visible when it is turned off, and it looks beautiful and elegant when it is turned on. 

Stairs Model of Modern Houses

With the same idea of ​​emphasizing vertical circulation, the handrail follows the same geometry of each section formed by wooden steps. An intermediate landing protects the user from the extensive ascent and descent.

modern wooden staircase design in india
Model with wooden railings.

Modern Straight Staircase Design in a Classic Style Hall

The following model combines a veining (which tries to simulate stones) in black and white colors. Not pleasing to the eye, the wooden park with the staircase. For tastes, colors and veining.

Concrete bleachers with a veining (that tries to simulate stones).

Modern Concrete Stairs

One Flight Stairs
Image of a modern floating staircase.

Spaces with modern concrete stairs and sculptural design . There are multiple types of stairs but now we will be looking at only modern concrete stairs. Concrete models with a lot of style. 

30 Models of Modern Stairs for Interiors

stair models for small houses

You can see more than 30 models of modern SPIRAL stairs.

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