Small Space Stair Design

This article shows ideas about small space stair design, suitable for homes with reduced spaces, in addition to other innovative, minimalist and original models.

Nowadays, many people and families decide to build their homes smaller and smaller and it is essential to find alternatives related to the design of stairs, to make the most of the available surfaces without losing functionality or quality in interior design.

Small Space Stair Design

The design of INTERIOR STAIRS must be adjusted to the dimensions of the house itself. 

If the house has a small area, it is necessary to design stairs that take up less space, therefore, the model or design of the stairs must be suitable for this condition.

Modern Stairs Design for Small Space Houses

A Duplex with Small Space Stair Design

We can find strategic points for the location of stairs in small spaces, as shown in the following example. 

It is a small duplex house, measuring 5×10 meters, and the stairs are located in the living room, not necessarily in a corner.

Loft Stairs for Small Spaces

Modern Stairs Design for Small Space Houses
Spiral staircase located in the living room.
Small Space Stair Design
Spiral staircase. See the project for this 5X10 METERS house.

These two photos (above) show a modern, elegant and understated spiral staircase that takes up relatively little space. 

Its steps are 80 cm long (elliptical branch 80 cm wide), thus complying with the design standards for stairs for indoor living spaces. In addition, it does not stand in the corner, so it is a suitable ladder for small to medium-sized rooms and homes.

stairs that take up less space
Floor plan.
Loft Stairs for Small Spaces
3d view of a spiral staircase .

Sometimes it’s not a matter of lack of space, but a little care and creativity.

What are the Stairs that Take up Less Space?

This is for the sake of taking up less space and avoiding being an obstacle to circulation, but also for the interior design to be adequate, without grandiose or disproportionate elements.

 But then…  what are the stairs that take up the least space?

How Much Space Does a Small Space Ladder Take Up?

Most countries have in their regulations a minimum width of 80 cm for stairs inside single-family homes and a minimum width of 1.20 cm for stairs in stairwells inside residential buildings. 

In the case of spiral staircases, these normally occupy around 2 square meters.

Clever Stairs for Small Spaces

The staircase that occupies the least space is the spiral staircase, as it develops from a central axis, and the steps, in the area closest to the center, are smaller. Therefore, these types of stairs take up less space. They usually occupy an area around 2 square meters.

Small Space Stair Design
Spiral stairs have the smallest steps toward the center, saving space.

A good place to place the stairs, which take up less space, is in the corners of the room.

stairs that take up less space
Spiral staircase located in one corner .

In the following staircase model, a combination of a straight staircase design and a spiral staircase design has been made, resulting in a very striking and original staircase. 

clever stairs for small spaces
Spiral staircase located on one side of the room.

The straight part occupies one side of the room and is finished off with the circular design in the corner. Really a very interesting staircase design for small spaces.

Spiral stairs for small spaces.
Staircase with combined design, straight spiral.
spiral staircase for small spaces
Spiral stairs for small spaces .

In this image, the spiral staircase occupies a very small area and is not located in the corner, but allows circulation around it. 

Its steps are 50 cm long, although it is better to have 80 cm steps, and thus allow for better functionality.

Limited Space Small Space Stairs Design

Limited Space Small Space Stairs Design
Corner spiral: staircase design for small house

Stairs Dimensions for Small Spaces

Most countries have regulations for architectural design, and that includes stairs in homes. In general, the following dimensions are considered minimum for interior staircase designs in homes:

  • Section or branch width: 80cm (32 inches)
  • Steps: 26 – 28cm (10 to 11 inches)
  • Risers: 15 – 18cm (6 to 7 inches)
  • Handrail Height: 90 cm (35 inches)
  • Clear Height under ceiling: 2.10 – 2.20cm (82 to 86 inches)
  • Stair ramp Slope: 35-45 degrees

However, drawings and PLANS OF SMALL HOUSES with a smaller area than usual are sometimes presented, making it necessary to resort to models of stairs for very limited spaces.

This leads to those recommendations contained in the regulation must be changed, despite the risk of accidents, that may result from non-compliance with certain design and safety standards.

When this happens, one can resort to the rules of existing room space, for example, in a ship room, where all objects must be very small, for obvious reasons. 

Small Space Stair Design
Design of an open samba-type staircase.

It should be noted that small time is spent in a ship room, as they are for relatively short periods, from one to two months.

For these cases, the regulation recommends the following measures in confined spaces:

  • Handrail Height: 90 cm (35 inches)
  • Clear Height under ceiling: 2.00cm (78 inches)
  • Risers: 20 cm (8 inches)
  • Stuck: 25cm (10 inches)
  • Section width: 60cm (24 inches)
  • Stair Ramp Inclination: 45-55 degrees

Straight Stairs for Small Spaces

On stairs with limited space, it is recommended that the step does not exceed 20 cm. 

Another aspect to highlight in the design of stairs for small spaces are the steps, which must be placed alternately (see image below).

Straight stairs for small spaces
Project for a staircase called Samba, with alternating steps.

Since a ladder for confined spaces does not comply with the recommended standards, the steps must be of the “Samba” type, which allows keeping the step of at least 20cm, without requiring a longer ladder.

Simple Straight Stair for Small Space Design

Stairs for small spaces
Samba type staircase design, with lower cabinet.
Small Space Stair Design
Modern staircase design for small house.

How to Locate Stairs for Small Spaces?

The designer who tries to design the rooms and the stairs that connect the different floors must be very precise, in every place he does, be it doors and windows, corridors, stairs, etc. 

Locating STAIRCASES in a small house with two or more stories may be the most important issue to resolve.

Stairs for small 2-storey houses should be compact stairs, straight stairs, spiral stairs or stairs with a maximum of two flights. 

For small two-story houses, 3-section stairs are not suitable, as they require two landings and this makes them occupy more area and space inside the house.

modern staircase design for small house
Small space stair design for a loft.

The design of the stairs must be functional and must be combined with the style of the interior design of the house.

It is very important that the stairs is secure. Generally, the structure that supports the stair is made of reinforced concrete or metal, steel or aluminum. 

The stair frame can be made from one material, but the outside finish of the stair can be different, such as natural wood or plywood.

Simple stairs that take up little space
Simple metal and wood staircase.

It is important to be aware that if you make a sloped staircase, it will take up more space than a steeper staircase. 

However, too steep a staircase can become a possible accident and a source of injury.

compact stairs
How to locate the stairs in a small house?

First of all, you should study different types of stairs designs, made of different materials and shapes. This will help you a lot in deciding on a particular type of staircase, as well as its final style.

In small houses, as there is less area and space, stairs with more than two flights (two flights at most) should be avoided. 

This is because stairs with two or more sections require landing, therefore, tend to occupy a larger area for their development. 

Spiral stairs for small houses
Stairs that take up little space.
How to locate the stairs in a small house?

So, imagine a 3-flight staircase, which would need at least 2 landings to connect its 3 flights and would take up a lot of area and space, which is not available.

Small Space Stair Design for 2-Story Houses

The most recommended stairs for small 2-storey houses are the straight or spiral ones, as they do not require a rest, saving construction area and space.

Small Space Stair Design for 2-Story Houses

Therefore, in small houses, it is preferable to use straight stairs with a single flight or a maximum of 2 flights.

Another type of stairs, very convenient in the case of small homes, are the spiral or elliptical stairs, as they tend to take up less space and rarely need intermediate rest.

How to locate the stairs in a small house?

How to Place a Staircase in a Small Space

So… How to locate the stairs in a small house?

Place the Staircase in the Corner

By locating the stairs in the corner, for example a two-armed staircase, it allows leaving the rest of the room space free, to place furniture and circulate. 

In addition, the corner ladder will allow you to take advantage of the space under it, to store household items or place decorative objects.

How to place a ladder on a plane
Corner ladder .
How to place a ladder on a plane
Staircase for small room.
How to place a ladder on a plane
Corner ladder.
corner stairs
Corner staircase design in a small home.

Locate the Stair attached to the Wall

It is important to take into account the dimensions of the room and the functional relationships with adjacent rooms. 

By placing the ladder against the wall, you leave a lot of free space, but you can also obstruct the passage through the wall where it is located.

modern staircase design for small house
Stairs for little space.
stairs that take up little space
Staircase for small space.

Small Space Simple Stairs Design

Below we will see several types of internal stairs for small houses with different locations inside the house.

Space Saving Staircase Ideas

Compact stairs for small houses are very convenient, as they occupy less area, being able to accommodate functions below them, such as a toilet, drawers, among other possibilities.

interior stairs for small spaces
Wooden ladder for small spaces.
compact stairs for small houses
Minimalist compact ladder that takes up little space.
compact stairs for small houses
Concrete stair.
stairs that take up little space
Concrete stair with saving space.
compact stairs for small houses
2-flight concrete staircase.
How to locate the stairs in a small house?
Compact ladder with storage space.

Simple Stairs for Spaces in Small Houses

Simple stairs in small houses make the space where they are located seem wider, due to their lightness, since they do not obstruct the views. 

Likewise, objects can be stored under them, without the need for them to be closed.

Simple Stairs for Small Houses
Simple staircase to a small 2-storey house.
modern staircase design for small house
Simple metal and wood staircase for a small room.
stairs that take up little space
Simple floating metal ladder .

Locate Spiral Stairs for Small Spaces

Spiral staircases for small homes can usually be placed at various points in the room, as they tend to take up little space. 

indoor stairs ideas for small spaces
Ideas for stairs that take up little space.

This type of staircase fulfills a vertical circulation function, but also a decorative and sculptural function in most of the interior spaces where it is inserted.

idea of ​​stairs that take up little space
Iron ladder for small space.
spiral staircase for small spaces

You can keep seeing STAIR DESIGNS.

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