Kitchen Table Dimensions

There are some differences between kitchen table measurements and dining room tables. The measurements of kitchen tables are usually tighter. In turn, they tend to have a simpler and more practical design.

Next we will see models and measurements of kitchen tables, narrow and small, square, for 2, 4 and 6 people. Kitchen table measures 40, 50, 60 and 70 cm wide.

You will know how much a kitchen table should measure and also where to buy modern and cheap kitchen tables.

How much should the kitchen table measure?

There is not a single answer…

These must be designed for a variety of functions, but also, a kitchen table must adapt to the space we have.

Modern round kitchen table with 4 chairs
Modern kitchen with square table with 4 chairs .
How much should the kitchen table measure?
Minimum floor area: 2.34m² . Table surface: 1.04 m² .
80x80cm extendable table with 4 chairs.
Modern kitchen with round table with 4 chairs .
Measurements of round kitchen tables
Floor area: 2.89m² .
Minimum table surface: 0.64m² .
Standard Kitchen Table Height
Minimun height75cm
Maximum height78cm
Standard Height of a High Kitchen Table
Standard height110 – 115cm

Especially in those small houses, that have MINIMUM KITCHEN SIZE, the table must be made to measure, occupying the exact area that is needed.

Functions of a Kitchen Table

The kitchen-dining room tables help bring the family together and enjoy breakfast or a meal from day to day. In turn, they can allow the development of different tasks, such as a support surface.

Likewise, its design must save space, for example, through the possibility that the chairs can be placed under the table.

The standard height of the chairs should be 40-45 cm above the ground. There must be a free distance, measured vertically, between the table (bottom edge) and the chair (seat) of about 30 cm.

Kitchen table 80 x 50cm
80x53x75cm kitchen table with 2 chairs.
80x80cm extendable table with 4 chairs.
80x53x75cm oval table with 4 chairs.

Oval Kitchen Table for 2 People (80x53x75cm).

Oval kitchen table measures for 2 people.
Minimum surface that occupies: 0.93m² .
Table surface: 0.42m² .

This oval table allows two people to dine, work, study, play cards. Fit perfectly in a small kitchen or other spaces in a house.

Before buying

Before buying, you must establish your needs and goals. Define how many people are going to use the table and ask yourself the following questions :

What size kitchen do you have?
Do you want open or traditional kitchen?
Would it be a kitchen table for breakfast and lunch?
Do I want an office table?
Do you need it to take up little space?
Support table and to work?
What style of kitchen do you have or want?
What shape of table do you want: round, square or rectangular?

To support you in KITCHEN FLOOR PLANS WITH MEASURES, you can continue with the link.

It is also very important to recognize the best opportunities that the different TYPES OF KITCHEN LAYOUTS allow us , since each one has its own characteristics.

Not only the measurements, but also its design…

In small spaces, narrow tables that are not solid are more convenient. In this way they would allow objects to be stored below and create an environment that gives the sensation of being larger.

Narrow kitchen tables for 2 people 450x450
80x40cm extendable table. Height 75cm .
Narrow kitchen tables for 2 people, extendable 40 cm wide on Amazon
80x80cm extendable table with 4 chairs.
Narrow kitchen tables for 2 people 40x80 cm
Occupied area: 0.72m² .
Table area: 0.32m² .

To take advantage of the 4 sides of the table, the legs should be independent, without structural elements that prevent a chair from entering. Another option is that the legs are connected but tucked in.

You can also put a table with a single center support, although these could be unstable. Some options are to use extendable tables and folding tables.

Keep in mind that to spend more time sitting at small tables, there must be enough space for the movement of the feet. The MEASUREMENTS OF THE CHAIRS also influence.

Custom Extendable Kitchen Tables

They do not usually add so much value to the interior design but offer a solution in small spaces. Try to make them practical and functional, but also to add value to the decoration.

Measurements of folding tables for the kitchen
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Measurements of folding kitchen tables
Measurements of folding tables for the kitchen
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Measurements of Work Table in the Kitchen

Standard table dimensions vary depending on the number of people expected to be seated, as well as their location.

If the table is only for cooking-related tasks, it can be smaller, for example, for two seats.

Types of Kitchen Tables

For example, in kitchens with only one front, rectangular and narrow tables are suitable.

In linear kitchens, it is only possible to place the table attached to the wall, leaving a corridor that would separate the table from the kitchen. In this case, the table can normally be supported on 4 legs, it can be extendable or even embedded in the wall.

Different Dimensions of Narrow Tables for the Kitchen

Narrow kitchen tables can be essential in small kitchens. These allow more space to be used, as a second support surface, and that several people can sit down to eat.

50 cm Wide Kitchen Tables

Measurements of Kitchen Tables of 50 cm Width
Floor area: 1.40m² .
Table surface: 0.50m² .
50 cm Wide Kitchen Tables

Kitchen Tables 60 cm Wide

Measurements of Kitchen Tables of 60 cm Width
Floor area: 1.60m² .
Table surface: 0.60m² .
Kitchen Tables 60 cm Wide
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Narrow kitchen tables should be considered based on where they are placed and the proportions of the table.

Measurements of 70 cm Wide Kitchen Tables with 2 Dining Chairs

Minimum floor area: 1.47m² .
Table surface: 0.77m² .


Tables with Shelves for Kitchen

Floor area: 1.44m² .
Table surface: 0.64m² .
Kitchen table with cupboard 80x80 cm

They also solve the problem of little space and can be part of the decoration, with original design ideas.

Standard Measurements of Kitchen Tables

Whether it is a table for 2, 4 and 6 people, let’s look at different types and standard dimensions of kitchen tables, depending on the number of people who are going to use it at the same time.

A good reference is that a person needs a 60 x 40 cm area to eat comfortably.

In the center of the table, a 20 cm strip is needed to place dishes, pots, etc. In tables for only 2 diners, this strip can be considered at the ends of the table, being accessible to both.

Kitchen Tables for 2 People

Measurements of Tables with 2 Chairs for Work and Light Meals

Kitchen Tables for 2 People
Minimum surface: 1.50m² . Table surface: 0.50m² .
kitchen table with two chairs
Minimum floor area: 1.30m² . Table surface: 0.59m² .

Kitchen Tables for 3 People

A rectangular table with a short side of 70 to 80 cm should be considered narrow. However, attached to the wall, they allow 4 people to eat without taking up much space.

Kitchen Table Measurements for 3 People
Minimum floor area: 2.53m² .
Table surface: 0.72 m² .

We can appreciate how the narrow rectangular table, 60 cm wide, takes up less area for 3 people to sit at the table , compared to the round table, even having a smaller support surface, on the table.

Round tables when they are less than 90 cm are considered small and are more appropriate for 2 to 3 people.

Minimum floor area: 2.71m² .
Table surface: 0.44 m² .

High Kitchen Tables

High Kitchen Tables

Standard Kitchen Table Dimensions for 4 People

The measurements shown are standard, resulting in a balance between comfort, minimum necessary area and functionality.

However, some of these sizes could vary, looking for greater width, or with the aim of adjusting it more for small spaces.

Square Kitchen Table for 4 People

Square Kitchen Table Measurements for 4 People
Floor area: 3.24m² .
Table surface: 0.64m² .

It can be seen that the square table with 4 chairs takes up more space than the rectangular table for 4 people, despite having less support surface.

Kitchen Table MeasurementsTable areaFloor area
Rectangular table for 4 people1.04m²2.34m²
Square table for 4 people0.64m²3.24m²

Round Kitchen Table for 4 People

Now we see a round table with a diameter of 90 cm, however, it has the same support surface as the square table with a side of 80 cm.

Round tables take up less area than square tables. Their disadvantage is that, being round, they do not “adapt” as well to orthogonal (rectangle-shaped) interior spaces.

If the chairs are rotated 45 degrees, they take up even less space. You can see the comparison of images.

Round Kitchen Table for 4 People
Floor area: 3.24m² .
Table surface: 0.64m² .
Floor area: 2.89m² .
Table surface: 0.64m² .

Standard Measurements of Kitchen Table for 6 People

Kitchen Table Measurements for 6 People
Minimum floor area: 3.5m² . Table surface: 1.56 m² .
Standard Measurements of Kitchen Table for 6 People
Minimum floor area: 4.5m² . Table surface: 1.12 m² .

Round Kitchen Table Measurements for 6 People

Round tables are very convenient if we want a more pleasant and cozy kitchen-dining room interior . In turn, they have the disadvantage of taking up more space than square or rectangular tables.

A round table is large when it exceeds 120 cm in diameter. Circular tables with measurements between 90cm and 1 meter now allow 4, 6 and 8 people to eat comfortably.

Measures of Round Kitchen Tables for 6 people
Minimum floor area: 4.62m² .
Table surface: 1.04m² .

Large Wooden Kitchen Tables


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