Tiny Narrow House Designs – Plans with Elevations

Ideas of narrow and long house plans designs with facades and plans with measurements. Multiple examples of one- and two-story homes for narrow and long lots are shown.

A description of each example is made, showing its most important characteristics. Let’s see…

10 Feet Wide Houses, Plans and Facades

Tiny Narrow Houses

Several ideas about 10 FEET WIDE norrow house designs are presented , with 1 or 2 bedrooms.

They are small and cheap apartments with simple and beautiful designs, which have 1 or two bathrooms (a half bathroom for the social spaces and a full bathroom for the bedrooms)…

12 Feet Tiny Norrow House Designs, Plans and Facades

Tiny Norrow House Designs, Plans and Facades

You will be able to see small houses whose plans can be located on narrow lots of 4 meters wide.

12 FEET WIDE houses with plans, facades and interior design, refers to various house models that have 4 meters in front, with variable length… This house with 4 meters wide by 10 meters long has a useful area of 36.0 m²…

5 Designs of 5×15 Houses, with Plans and Facades

5x15 Narrow House Designs

With 5 examples of narrow and long houses, in this case, 16×50 FEET tiny norrow houses with 1 and 2 floors.

The first example has a useful area of ​​58.8 square meters and has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

It turns out to be an interesting design because despite being a small house, it has 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms inside… One of the rooms is a master suite with its own bathroom and a kind of walking closet behind the bed…about:blank

Tiny Narrow House Plan Designs with 4×20 meters House Plans

4×20 2 Story House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and Garage

An elongated house with 2 floors is shown with the central zone occupied by the vertical circulation and a small skate, which separate the floor in general into 2.

Narrow House Plans
4 x 20 house plan, ground floor
narrow house plans
4 x 20 house plan, top floor

You can see more 13×70 FEET narrow house plans.

Examples of 6 meter Wide Narrow House Designs

Narrow House Designs
Facades of Houses of 6 meters of Front of two floors

Several examples with 20 FEET WIDE house plans. You will be able to see many MODERN HOUSE PLANS AND DESIGNS.

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