4 Bedrooms 2 Story House Plans

Ideas for building 4 bedrooms 2 story house plans with measurements. Different designs to build with 2 story 4 bedrooms house plan.

Modern 4 Bedrooms 2 Story House Plans in 3d

The architectural plan was designed to create simple and functional spaces on a small sloping lot with dimensions of 30×45 feet (9 x 13.5 meters).

The structure of the house is metallic, with a reinforced concrete mezzanine and roof, resulting in a beautiful and functional two-story house.

Modern 4 Bedrooms 2 Story House Plans in 3d
Modern 4 bedrooms 2 story house plan in 3d.

The main access is through a long corridor that leads to the entrance, where we find a small hall and a half bathroom.

The house has on the first level a spacious living room – dining room and an independent kitchen that is linked to a laundry room and access to a rear terrace.

4 Bedrooms 2 Story House Plans
Ground floor.
Large 2-Story House Plans with Modern Facade
Top floor.

To access the second floor we have a straight staircase design, which has been located on the opposite wall, with the aim of being able to admire it entirely. KNOWING WHERE TO LOCATE THE STAIRS IN A HOUSE is a very important detail .

The second level has the 4 bedrooms, all of them designed with their own full bathroom. A small living room on the second floor would allow watching TV without disturbing the interior of the bedrooms.

30×45 ft House
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Wardrobe70.1 sq ft6.5 sqm
Bedroom 4105.6 sq ft9.8 sqm
Bedroom 1114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Bathroom 435.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Hall218.8 sq ft20.3 sqm
Bedroom 2176.8 sq ft16.4 sqm
Bedroom 3199.4 sq ft18.5 sqm
Wardrobe50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Dressing room60.4 sq ft5.6 sqm
Bathroom 227.0 sq ft2.5 sqm
Bathroom 129.1 sq ft2.7 sqm
Bathroom 335.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Total Upper Floor1122.2 sq ft104.1 sqm
Low levelNet AreaNet Area
Kitchen106.7 sq ft9.9 sqm
Dining room715.8 sq ft66.4 sqm
Bath53.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Washed66.8 sq ft6.2 sqm
Roofed Access114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Hall59.3 sq ft5.5 sqm
Whole Ground Floor37.7 sq ft103.5 sqm
Grand Total2238 sq ft207.6 sqm
plans for two-story houses with 4 bedrooms
Plans for two-story houses with 4 bedrooms.

Two Story Four Bedroom House Plans with 3.5 Bath

26×32 ft House Plans with 2 Floors and 4 Bedrooms

Two Story Four Bedroom House Plans with 3.5 Bath
Ground floor.
Plans of 2 Story Houses with Terrace
Upper floor.
26×32 ft House
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Hall90.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Hallway75.5 sq ft7.0 sqm
Bathroom 431.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Bedroom 2134.7 sq ft12.5 sqm
Wardrobe52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Bedroom 4112.1 sq ft10.4 sqm
Bathroom 238.8 sq ft3.6 sqm
Bathroom 341.0sq ft3.8 sqm
Bedroom 3141.2 sq ft13.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor719.1 sq ft66.7 sqm
Low levelNet AreaNet Area
Stairs68.9 sq ft6.4 sqm
Dining room285.7 sq ft26.5 sqm
Kitchen86.2 sq ft8.0 sqm
Hallway34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Bath31.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Washed60.4 sq ft5.6 sqm
Terrace161.7 sq ft15.0 sqm
Cleanliness23.7 sq ft2.2 sqm
Bedroom 1112.1 sq ft10.4 sqm
Hall35.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Whole Ground Floor900.1 sq ft83.5 sqm
Grand Total1619.2 sq ft150.2 sqm
2-Storey House Plans with 3 Bedrooms
2 level 4 bedroom house plans.

Simple Two-Story House Plans 4 Bedrooms with Balcony

2 Story 4 Bedroom House Floor Plans with 2.5 Bath

Simple Two-Story House Plans 4 Bedrooms with Balcony
Ground floor.
Plans of Simple Two-Story Houses with Balcony
Upper floor.
32×40 ft House
Top floor Net Area Net Area
Hall74.4 sq ft6.9 sqm
Bedroom 2198.4 sq ft18.4 sqm
Wardrobe67.9 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bedroom 3159.5 sq ft14.8 sqm
Bathroom 279.8 sq ft7.4 sqm
Bedroom 4148.8 sq ft13.8 sqm
Bathroom 170.1 sq ft6.5 sqm
Balcony266.3 sq ft24.7 sqm
Total Upper Floor1066.1 sq ft98.9 sqm
Low level Net Area Net Area
Porch266.3 sq ft24.7 sqm
Living room273.8 sq ft25.4 sqm
Stairs38.8 sq ft3.6 sqm
Hallway90.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Dinning room159.5 sq ft14.8 sqm
Kitchen116.4 sq ft10.8 sqm
Cleanliness35.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Bedroom148.8 sq ft13.8 sqm
Terrace71.2 sq ft6.6 sqm
Whole Ground Floor299.2 sq ft111.4 sqm
Grand Total2267.1 sq ft210.3 sqm
Plans of Houses of 10 x 12 two floors with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms
Floor plans of a two-story house with 4 bedrooms.

Two Story Floor Plans 4 Bedrooms in 3D

A simple facade that combines perfectly, as seen in the following image. Elements such as walls and concrete slabs with a cement finish and wooden veneers, together with the carpentry, glass doors and windows, which have been arranged with a certain geometric game , reaching an elegant solution for the façade.

Two Story house Plan design with 4 Bedrooms in 3D
Facade of a 2-story house with measurements of 20×40 feet (6×12 meters).

One of the main characteristics is that on the ground floor, the social spaces are located at the end of the floor, while in front, an office or study, a half bathroom and several storage closets have been arranged.

Two-story Modern House Plans
Small 4 bedrooms 2 story house plans.

The U-shaped staircase design allows vertical circulation, reaching a distributor hall on the second level.

On the top floor, the distribution shows three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The main bedroom is located towards the front façade and has its own bathroom.

Designs of Small 2-Story Houses with 4 Bedrooms

Another example of a house plan with measurements and facades of 2 floors, in this case, a 21×41 feet (6.5 x 12.5 meters) duplex, which houses 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a balcony.

Plans of Houses with Measurements and Facades of Two Floors
Design of 2-Story small house with 4 bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms is located on the ground floor, as well as a full bathroom. In this way, you can build the house in two stages.

Plans of Houses with Measurements and Facades of Two Floors
Small house plan 12.5 x 6.5 m ground floor.
Plans of Houses with Measurements and Facades of Two Floors
Small house plan of 12.5 x 6.5 m upper floor.

4 Bed 2 Story House Plans

2 Story House Floor Plan with 4 Bedroom and Garage

Having a house with a bedroom downstairs, planning to build the second level or a second floor later.

These types of details or strategic plan are those small variations with which you can do more with the same budget. Design and build the house with planning

2 Story House Floor Plan with 4 Bedroom and Garage
Small 4 bedrooms 2 story house plans, ground floor.

In this way, improvements can be achieved both in the distribution of interior environments, as well as in the frontal design of the façade, both when it is a one-story façade and when you already have two floors.

Small 4 bedrooms 2 story house plans, second level.
Small 4 bedrooms 2 story house plans, second level.
Low levelNet AreaNet Area
Access63.6 sq ft5.9 sqm
Garage186.5 sq ft17.3 sqm
Access Hall100.3 sq ft9.3 sqm
Cleanliness34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Wardrobe22.6 sq ft2.1 sqm
Kitchen87.3 sq ft8.1 sqm
Dining room348.2 sq ft32.3 sqm
Bedroom 1130.4 sq ft12.1 sqm
Bathroom 132.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Terrace78.7 sq ft7.3 sqm
 Whole Ground Floor1086.6 sq ft100.8 sqm
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Bedroom 4183.3 sq ft17.0 sqm
Bedroom 3105.6 sq ft9.8 sqm
Circulation142.3 sq ft13.2 sqm
Bathroom 344.2 sq ft4.1 sqm
Bathroom 456.1 sq ft5.2 sqm
Dressing room71.1 sq ft6.6 sqm
Hall30.2 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bedroom 283.0 sq ft7.7 sqm
Bedroom 5130.4 sq ft12.1 sqm
Balcony 276.5 sq ft7.4 sqm
Bathroom 233.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Balcony 163.6 sq ft5.9 sqm
  Total Upper Floor1023.0 sq ft94.9 sqm
  Grand Total2109.6 sq ft195.7 sqm

Small 4 Bedroom 2 Story House Plans

2 Story 4 Bedroom House Plans 3D
Small 2 story house facade.

2 Story 4 Bedroom House Plans 3D

Small House Facade
Images of Small Houses.
Exterior view of a Small House
Facade of 2-story 4-bedroom house.
two story house plans 4 bedrooms
Low level.
two story house plans 4 bedrooms
Top floor.

Plans and Facades of Houses 4 Bedrooms 2 Floors

Facades of Houses 4 bedrooms and 2 floors
Small house elevation.
5.25×14 m House
Top floorNet Area Net Area 
Bedroom 2170.3 sq ft15.8 sqm
Hall85.2 sq ft7.9 sqm
Bathroom 330.2 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bathroom 432.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom 378.7 sq ft7.3 sqm
Bedroom 499.2 sq ft9.2 sqm
Bathroom 235.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Total Upper Floor531.5 sq ft49.3 sqm
Low levelNet Area  Net Area  
Dining room366.5 sq ft34.0 sqm
Bedroom 1113.19 sq ft10.5 sqm
Kitchen88.4 sq ft8.2 sqm
Wardrobe5.4 sq ft0.5 sqm
Bathroom 135.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Entry48.5 sq ft4.5 sqm
Whole Ground Floor656.5 sq ft60.9 sqm
Grand Total1187.9 sq ft110.2 sqm
Sketch of a small house
Sketch of a small house
Elevation of a small house
Elevation of a small house.

4 Bedroom 3 Bath House Plans 2 Story

2 Story House with 4 Bedrooms Upstairs

The following example of MODERN 2-STORY HOUSE PLANS has two living rooms on the first level, one with a more social character and the second more private room with an adequate DISTANCE TO WATCH TV. This is very important, to enjoy TV for a long time without getting tired. In addition, you can decorate it with interesting ideas to place TV on the wall.

4 bedroom 2 bath 1 car garage house plans
Low level

Having two living rooms allows for social gatherings on the first floor, directly linking to areas such as the terrace located at the end of the ground floor.

Two Story House Plans with 4 Bedrooms
Top floor

The dining space is connected to the kitchen area and the second living room, in addition to having large sliding doors on both sides, which, when opened, let in a lot of light and connect with the outdoor natural environment (interior patio).

Also, on the ground floor we have a study room, garage, a complete bathroom and a place to wash clothes.

32 x 75 feet House
Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Hallway44.2 sq ft4.1 sqm
Circulation53.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Bedroom 1258.7 sq ft24.0 sqm
Wardrobe64.7 sq ft6.0 sqm
Bathroom 167.9 sq ft6.3 sqm
Study43.2 sq ft4.0 sqm
Balcony44.2 sq ft4.1 sqm
Terrace254.4 sq ft23.6 sqm
Tv Hall 157.4 sq ft14.6 sqm
Bedroom 4157.4 sq ft14.6 sqm
Bedroom 3195.1 sq ft18.1 sqm
Bedroom 2265.2 sq ft24.6 sqm
Dressing room89.5 sq ft8.3 sqm
Bathroom 251.7 sq ft4.8 sqm
Bathroom 333.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor1781.9 sq ft165.3 sqm
Low level Net AreaNet Area
Porch50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Hall31.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Study105.6 sq ft9.8 sqm
Living296.5 sq ft27.5 sqm
Stairs121.8 sq ft11.3 sqm
Dinning room220.9 sq ft20.5 sqm
TV room241.5 sq ft22.4 sqm
Kitchen191.9 sq ft17.8 sqm
Hallway93.8 sq ft8.7 sqm
Terrace212.4 sq ft19.7 sqm
Wash74.4 sq ft6.9 sqm
Garage254.4 sq ft23.6 sqm
Bath34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Whole Ground Floor1929.6 sq ft179.0 sqm
 Grand Total3710.5 sq ft344.2 sqm

The upper floor includes the spaces for bedrooms, in this case 4 bedrooms, and full bathrooms that include showers and sinks. There is also space for a TV stand.

For its part, the master bedroom has a walk-in closet, bathroom, study and access to the balcony and a separate terrace.

4 bedrooms 2 story house plans and Terrace
4 Bedrooms 2 story house plans.

If it were necessary to add another bedroom, and convert the design into a HOUSE PLAN WITH 2 FLOORS AND 5 BEDROOMS, the terrace area could be taken on the second level.

You can continue seeing more HOUSE PLAN DESIGNS of 2-STOREY HOUSES.

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