There really is a variety of window types for modern houses, with different designs, sizes and colors. The main window materials are aluminium, wood and PVC.

pictures of pretty arched windows

Types and Designs of Windows for Modern Houses

Modern Fixed Glass Windows

Fixed glass windows, also called light windows, have the main objective of illuminating the interior space. Their measurements can be large or small, so they can provide a view of the outside.

Fixed glass windows for modern houses
Design of fixed floor-to-ceiling windows, aluminum and glass.

Its most usual location is on top of walls, in corridors, passageways. They are also placed on dividing walls, to another plot. They can have different materials.

fixed glass window
Fixed glass window .

Notwithstanding this, with creativity and good taste, a simple fixed window can become a great element of design and functional decoration.

Fixed window in a modern house
Design of a modern window with fixed glass, with a seat function.

The glass of a fixed glass window can be single or double, depending on its acoustic characteristics.

Fixed windows, do not open. Obviously, it won’t provide ventilation, but permanent seals have the added benefit of being more energy efficient, so they don’t require… SEE MORE features with photos.

Panoramic Window Types

They are windows with large openings, with large, continuous glass surfaces. Its main feature is to provide a panoramic view to the outside. They are found in very large sizes if desired.

Wide panoramic windows for modern style room
Panoramic window for a modern room Outside, the landscape as a decorative element (picture).

They carry laminated glass with enhanced safety features, as its different layers block harmful UV rays and protect against breakage and impact.

Bay windows, depending on their design, can give the possibility of opening a small area for occasional ventilation.

Window Designs for Modern Houses
Window with fixed glass for modern houses, and gazebo function, which you can put to give style to your house.

They have resistance to wind and rain, which makes it an ideal solution for a safe and beautiful home.

Bay windows are perfect for any type of room, as they add space, light and style, while they can be combined with other types of windows

Panoramic modern window, aluminum and glass, with the possibility of opening.

These types of panoramic windows, or bay windows, are not recommended for tropical regions on facades where the Sun directly shines (although there are always exceptions), as it can cause a greenhouse effect, greatly increasing energy consumption.

Aluminum and glass panoramic windows for modern houses
Bay window with vertical central frame (and blinds). In places where there may be strong winds, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the glass panes of a bay window.

The glass of a bay window is generally thicker, around thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, with single, double or even 3 glass sheets.

Likewise, it can have different levels of… SEE MORE features with photos.

Sash Windows Types (Vertical Sliding)

Guillotine or vertical sliding windows are usually installed in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, that is, generally small spaces.

They can be of the simple type (where only the lower section opens) or double-hung, where both the lower and upper part can be opened, always alternately.

Guillotine window.
Sash window in a modern and classic house.

Single-hung windows are generally less expensive than double-hung models. This type of windows also offers the possibility of great natural lighting.

Modern vertical sliding window.
Modern vertical sliding window, single hung (bottom).

They can be found with 2, 3 or 4 continuous sections horizontally. They are very common on kitchen countertops.

Double Hung Sash Windows

In this case the sash window has two sections that slide vertically up and down the frame. They can open from the top or bottom, and always stay within the frame.

double hung wooden sash windows
Guillotine type windows with double hung in wood .

SEE MORE features with photos.

Hinged, Folding or Practicable Windows

Casement windows or casement window(s) that open, to the side (left or right) and inwards or outwards, depending on the design of the same.

2-section casement window for modern houses
Casement window with 2 sections, hinged.

Casement windows also offer great natural lighting inside, with the possibility of achieving almost 100% use of natural ventilation, since it can be fully opened.

Windows for modern houses of the practicable type
Modern opening window with 3 sections.

Also called practicable windows, these have handles towards the bottom, to make a comfortable opening, so they can be installed in high or more difficult places.

They are found in specialized stores, with window designs for modern houses, in shapes combined with other types of windows, with caissons, or for DIFFERENT TYPES OF HOUSES. To achieve a greater… SEE MORE features with photos.

Casement windows are sealed around all sides of the casement window pane, so all things being equal, they are generally slightly more energy efficient than casement windows.

Although quality casement windows can generally be expected to function smoothly over their lifetime, the crank mechanism on some older casement windows can eventually wear out and require repair.

Another point to consider is that it may be difficult or impossible to reach the outside of the windows to clean them (from inside the house).

Awning Type Windows (Projecting)

Awning windows are essentially casement windows that are oriented to open vertically (almost always out). Like casement windows, awning windows generally seal well.

Projecting window, awning type.
Projecting window, awning type.

Awning windows are often found in small spaces, with a lower level of demand in their decoration. It is very common to find them in bathrooms, technical premises, kitchens or service areas.

Vertically folding windows, all type.
Vertically folding windows, awning type.

They can also be installed in high or narrow places (such as above doors or other windows), since the crank mechanism is relatively easy to operate even while reaching.

Modern 2-leaf folding awning windows.
Modern 2-leaf folding awning windows.

Each type of window has a different purpose, with a certain functionality for each space. To achieve a greater… SEE MORE features with photos.

Windows for Modern Houses (Bay Windows)

Bay windows extend outward from the façade, that is, they protrude beyond the walls of the house, in the form of a cantilever. They are composed of several panels or sections of windows, which form angles between them.

Their objective is to expand the interior space, while serving as a decorative element for the exterior of the building.

House with protruding windows.
House with protruding window.

They can be found in common and private spaces (living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms).

They have the advantage of providing peripheral views without the need to open any leaves.

Windows for modern 3-story houses
Modern protruding windows, with fixed glass, for a 3-story house.

They can mostly be seen in a classic façade style, but they also exist in modern protruding window designs.

Windows with Shutters (Miami Type, Tropical Windows)

Louvered windows are common in tropical regions. These have the advantage of protecting against the sun’s rays, filtering natural light, while allowing air to enter naturally.

Windows with wooden shutters
Tropical windows, with wooden shutters.

With an attractive traditional look, tropical miami windows can add style and unique character to colonial homes and tropical hotels.

Large Miami-style windows not only filter light naturally, but their wide boards add visual interest and make this type of window incredibly eye-catching.

Windows for SOl, with aluminum shutters.
Windows with shutters (for Sun), aluminum.

They can be found both in wood, aluminum and glass, and combined with fixed or practicable glass windows.

French Window Types

French windows are windows with shutters that function as doors. This type of traditional windows are designed to ventilate interior spaces in the best way, managing to gain light.

french windows
Wooden French windows, hinged, 2 leaves.

Being able to be wide open, they maximize the interior-exterior visual exchange, and allow to take better advantage of the entrance of the breezes.

In tropical climates they can be seen from floor to ceiling, occupying a large part of the wall.

house with wooden french windows
House with wooden French windows (doors).

In most cases, they are used in rooms that open onto a garden, patio or balcony. In addition, they offer easy access to outdoor spaces and terraces.

French windows are eye-catching and can add beauty to any room.

Garden Window Types

This is another of the window options for modern and cozy houses. Garden windows have the peculiarity of allowing potted plants to be placed, creating a small green strip inside the home.

Garden windows for modern houses
Garden windows require indoor plant types.

They tend to be very common in winter climate regions, where going outside the house may not be appropriate in very cold seasons.

Likewise, we all have days when we just want to relax and enjoy nature. A garden window offers beautiful views, while allowing you to stay inside and enjoy from the comfort of your easy chair.

You can watch the birds and wildlife, breathe in the fresh air, and even watch the sun rise over the horizon. With a garden window, you can make the most of your indoor space.

Windows with flower boxes, to the outside.
Windows with flower boxes, to the outside.

To enjoy a better view, large windows can be installed, with outdoor planters, which allow natural light to enter during the day, and a beautiful view at night.

This can really create the perfect ambience, with a mix of modern and classic decorative elements giving a feeling of maximum splendor.

Models of Modern Exterior Aluminum Windows

Modern Folding Window Types

Modern houses use window design as a way to optimize energy efficiency, introducing sustainable solutions that help reduce climate impact.

This can be achieved with special coatings, reflective films and energy efficient frames, among others.

modern aluminum folding windows for exterior
Modern aluminum folding windows for exterior. There is a great color contrast between the kitchen furniture and the aluminum and glass windows and doors.

The windows also serve aesthetic purposes, providing an attractive architectural and interior design, with traditional or modern concepts.

Floor to ceiling, folding, aluminum and glass windows.
Design of floor-to-ceiling windows, folding, aluminum and glass, imitation wood.

Modern houses with double-glazed windows, among other technological advances, offer great advantages.

On the one hand, these systems improve the aesthetic aspect and the climate of the interiors. On the other, this type of window can substantially reduce energy costs thanks to its specific characteristics that allow greater insulation, both acoustic and thermal.

Models of Modern Exterior Aluminum Windows
Models of modern folding windows, from floor to ceiling, aluminum and glass, for exteriors .

Windows can vary in size, thickness, glass type, material, mechanism, sealing method, and degree of transparency.

Aluminum Pivot Window Types

Pivot Windows (Vertical )

Aluminum and glass vertical pivot windows in a modern mansion.
Aluminum and glass vertical pivot windows in a modern mansion.

Advances in glass technology have allowed architects to use windows with varying levels of efficiency in terms of energy performance, home climate control, fire-retardant panels, and soundproofing and security properties.

vertical pivot window of an aluminum sheet
Vertical pivot window of a wood and glass leaf.

With such a wide range of options, a homeowner looking for the best solution to maximize the interior comfort of their home, while keeping costs down, can find it through the use of modern windows.

Design of Modern Horizontal Pivot Windows

Design of Modern Horizontal Pivot Windows
Designs of pivot and awning type windows, made of wood.

Taking into account, functionality, aesthetic language and energy efficiency, surely you can achieve, considerably improve THE DESIGN OF YOUR HOME .

Tilting Window Types

Tilt-and-turn windows are incredibly versatile, offering the perfect combination of natural ventilation, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning.

modern windows for houses

Tilt-and-turn window technology provides a high level of comfort, as the angle at which they open allows air circulation and protects against rain and dust. They offer high levels of security, ventilation and natural light.

Modern Reticulated Window Designs

Two fundamental characteristics provide this type of window for modern houses: lots of light and style.

Generally with several sections of windows, which cover a large area, they bring a lot of light into the interior of the spaces.

Modern Reticulated Window Designs
Designs of modern aluminum and glass reticulated windows.

Also called French windows, its grids give it a certain style and exclusivity, adding a lot of value to the decoration of the home.

To be considered French, they must also have two leaves that open outwards, allowing a lot of light to enter the room.

modern Grid Windows, which enhance any space and bring a classic look to the house.
Grid windows, which enhance any space and bring a classic look to the house.

With the right placement, French windows can create a warm and welcoming environment, with incredible natural lighting, while offering a beautiful view of the outdoors.

French windows are an ideal solution for luxury homes, they provide a luxurious and classic atmosphere, while remaining functional and efficient.

Windows with Round Arch

Arched window designs for modern houses
Designs of Windows with Round Arch
Designs of windows with a semicircular arch, in a modern bathroom.
arched window openings in a modern house.
Arched window openings in a modern house. The great thickness of the walls (in old houses) helps to diffuse the entrance of natural light, creating a spectacular interior atmosphere.
houses with pretty arch window designs
arched window designs for modern houses
wooden arch window designs

Modern Circular Window Types

Skylight Window Types

Skylight Window Designs for Modern Houses

skylight roof window designs

Windows with Hojival Arch Design

Windows with Hojival Arch

Windows with Forged

windows with bars for modern houses
Window designs with bars for modern houses

Modern Frameless Glass Windows Design

These types of windows are very modern. Frameless glass windows provide large areas with views to the outside, as well as natural lighting. In addition, they can improve the exterior appearance of the building or home.

Modern Frameless Glass Windows

However, they contain several drawbacks. Among them we can cite the following:

  • They entail a higher cost of installation and maintenance,
  • Replacing the glass can be tricky.
  • It is more difficult to guarantee impermeability to wind and water.
  • The glass must be thicker and more resistant.
  • Placed on terraces with notable incidence of the Sun, and in large panels, it may be more convenient, from the energy point of view, to use some level of tempering, limiting the views to the outside.
Glass windows without profiles
Glass windows without profiles, on a terrace.

Windows without profiles are more appropriate as fixed elements that do not fold down and as long as impermeability to wind and rain is guaranteed, and only when necessary.

Glazed Windows


With technological development, simple glazing has fallen out of use, although it is less expensive and requires less maintenance.

If you have a room that does not require much insulation or energy efficiency, single glazing may be a good option.

Modern Windows with Glazing
Modern windows with single, double and triple glazing. The simple glasses are the simplest and least recommended, since they allow the maximum transfer of solar energy, and their thickness is only 3 to 4 millimeters.

However, single-glazed windows have some disadvantages compared to double-glazed windows, such as sound insulation and energy efficiency, as well as being less wind resistant.

Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows are currently preferred for those seeking comfort and well-being in their homes.

The advantages of double-glazed windows make them a great option, as they offer an important insulating barrier and energy efficiency.

Acoustic protection, security and a quality visual aspect are also some of the advantages offered by double glazing.

However, double glazing also has some disadvantages. Among them is the cost of installation and maintenance. Also, being thicker, its installation can be more complex.

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